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Date: 08 Oct 2011 21:32:08 -0000
From: “Bhiim Mahato”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Baba Story: Poor & Illiterate Devotees


“Jyoti-ujjval pra’n’occhal tumi priyo…” (P.S. 2229)


Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, You are the Divine Controller of this vast universe. You are the brilliant effulgence– full of vitality & saturated & with the love. Baba, You are my dearmost. By Your own glory You are glorified. O’ Parama Purusa You are ever-adorable.

Baba, I do not have the strength to catch hold of You. With my little strength and with whatever means I have, I try to catch You– but it is impossible for me. Instead I remain engrossed in my own self– unit “I”. This ‘unit I’ is preventing me from coming close to You. Baba, please transform my ‘I-feeling’, make it Yours.

Baba, with my own strength I will not be able to get You. With the thread of the spider’s net I will not be able to bind You and hold You. Because of this, please by Your causeless grace, allow Yourself to get held. This is my only request to You. Please keep this open for Your consideration.

Baba, in my mind & in my heart, I have deep longing for You– to have You close. Please grant me this by Your causeless grace. Baba please come in my shravan, manan, niddidhyasan, & dhyana and make me Yours…


It is the accepted international standard and our way not to copy another’s work and publish it in your own name. Baba Himself has given a very strict rule on plagiarism.

Baba says, “It is not possible to guide others merely with cheap, superficial knowledge, like a half-baked pandit who reads a half-a-dozen books and then spouts a few mouthfuls of grandiloquence, and who has obtained a doctorate degree by plagiarising others’ works.” (PNS-10)

So please do not circulate this letter on any other network without keeping the full and complete letter including the header. In addition, it would be proper to introduce the letter as “Courtesy of…”. Then everyone will clearly understand from where you got the letter. This is the accepted standard.

Why is Baba against this type of plagiarism or stealing someone’s work? There are many reasons:
1) It is against the code of asteya (non-stealing).
2) The individual who steals gets degenerated and it sets a bad example on the social sphere.
3) It will impede social progress as others will not be inclined to pursue new and original work as they think that others will just steal it.
4) Countless stories of devotees need to be published. But some do not want to do the hard work of compiling and writing these stories, so they just steal them from others. But new stories need to be told, otherwise so many unpublished stories of sadhakas will be lost and forgotten forever.
5) Here the sole motivation is to publish the maximum amount of Baba stories. Everyone should work hard and try to contribute original material in this respect. All unpublished stories should be written.
6) In addition, by following this code then fake stories will not be circulated as everyone will be responsible for demonstrating the authenticity of each story.
7) Thank you for abiding by this ethic and code that is both today’s international standard as well as Baba’s given system. Again, it is our formal request not to plagiarise this story. – Eds.


The following story is from respected margii Bhiim Mahato of Harva Dih, Kita, Ranchi.

From our very small, remote, tribal village 4 of us traveled to attend Midnapore DMC in 1967.

When we reached we saw that a huge crowd of so many highly respected officials, scholarly professors, wealthy businessmen, and so many other officers and persons of high repute. Many were in queue for getting PC with Baba and so many more were moving around the compound.

In comparison, we felt that we were basically illiterate, poor folk, without proper attire, living in a very backwards village. We felt totally overwhelmed and thought: “We do not have money – nobody knows us here – how can we get the opportunity to see Baba.” We were thinking that the situation was totally hopeless.

With this complex looming in the mind, we were just sitting in a distant corner of the campus. We were four: Bhiim Mahato, Labin Mahato, Jharu Mahato, and Kashinath Mahato. We did not dare go close and interact with anyone.

Suddenly, we heard the announcement over the public address system: “All those who arrived from Harva Dih should come and report to the main booth.”

We were completely surprised to hear the name or our small, remote village that is several hundred kilometers away called over the public address system. We thought that we are only 4 persons so then why are they calling us. We were feeling insecure and worried. Have we done something wrong by sitting down in the corner of the campus? Why are they calling us? These were the thoughts going on in our minds.

When we reached there, Dada immediately grabbed us and told us to quickly go because Baba is calling you. We were then hurried and pushed into Baba’s room.

With great happiness and sheer astonishment, we entered and did sastaunga pranam.

Baba was smiling. He gently asked each of us how we got there, and how many of us had arrived. Then He inquired about our sadhana, health, and asked about the work and activities going on in our village.

Then Baba became serious and said, “How long will you keep your head down. There is no time left. Never think you are lowly.”

Then in a very gracious manner He said, “You should not think that you are inferior. You should know that you are the worthy sons of Parama Purusa and He loves you very much.” Then He blessed us.

Seeing Baba we started crying, thinking how He is so loving. Since then we got the message that we are not worthless but rather respected members of society and that we should not entertain any kind of inferiority complex.

Bhiim Mahato
(Harva Dih, Kita, Ranchi)


The above story told by respected margii Bhiim Mahato is very moving and meaningful on multiple levels. Here are a few points for reflection.

First we should understand that Parama Purusa sees us only for our inner quality: How much sincere love does one have for Him. That is the only aspect He considers. He does not give any credence to any worldly qualification like social status, wealth, nationality, title or any other mundane quality. He only sees one’s inner heart. That is the only qualification He considers. Baba tells this fact in many discourses.

Secondly, here below Baba guides us not to fall prey to any type of inferiority complex.

Baba says, “An inferiority complex which generally arises due to a sense of imperfection or inadequacy. The poor feel inferior before the rich, the weak feel inferior before the strong and the sinners feel inferior in the presence of the Lord. This expression of fear is most harmful to human beings as it creates formidable obstacles on the path of progress…What humans should think is, “Whatever I may be, good or bad, I belong to Paramátma, so why should my mind be weakened by hesitation, confusion or an inferiority complex?…One should be free of any kind of inferiority complex or sin. Whatever you may be, you belong to Parama Puruśa.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 8, Do Not Entertain Any Inferiority Complex)


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