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Date: 19 Oct 2011 22:34:18 -0000
From: “Pramod Dev”
Subject: AN College Issue: Procedural Order




These days some are “up-in-arms” and angered over the recent decision that our Ananda Nagar college will not be open to women. Many are upset that PRS Dada Kalyneshvarananda (Kolkata) announced the decision not to allow females to attend the college.

On this matter, we wholly support and appreciate Kalayneshvarananda Dada’s dharmic stand. While we may disagree with him (and the Kolkata group) on various other matters, but in this circumstance his decision is consistent with Baba’s guideline. In AM we do not condone co-education with students who have reached the age of puberty, i.e. 12 or so. That is why we support Dadaji. And indeed a totally separate university for women can be founded.

Since this is a heated matter, best is to set our emotions aside and follow Guru’s guideline. After all, what Baba says is best for today and for time immemorial as well.

Let us first then review Baba’s teaching and proceed accordingly.

Let us also remember that our AM way of life fully supports and encourages women to be educated up to the highest rank. There is no question of women being denied the opportunity to be educated.


Here following is Baba own Procedural Order which states that our AM schools must not be co-ed once children have reached the age of puberty.

PLO no. 1A/4.2.1969

As per rules, co-education is allowed in our Schools up to Standard V. but boys who are learning in Std. V or below but have crossed twelve years of age will not be permitted to study in any of our lady managed Schools. Similarly girls who are learning in Std. V or below but have crossed 12 years of age, shall not be allowed to study in our Schools (for boys).

Feb 4, 1969

Note: Standard V is the equivalent of 5th grade or 5th class in the western system.

Baba’s guideline then is crystal clear. Once children reach 12 years of age or enter into puberty then boys and girls must not be allowed to study together. That is a mandate within our AM system of education.

Furthermore, in this present era, when children are reaching puberty as early as 9 years of age due to unhealthy living patterns (processed foods, chemicals, meat etc), then we have to be acutely aware and not concern ourselves with age but with whether they have entered puberty or not.

That is Baba’s expressed directive.

So with the college at Ananda Nagar, the situation is extremely straight-forward. There is no room for debate. The college was first opened as an all-male institution as per Baba’s direction. In that case it should remain as such since we do not support co-education after students reach the age of puberty.

Side by side, Baba’s wish is that other similar institutions be opened for women at Uma Nivas and other master units etc. And that is further detailed in Baba’s next teaching; please continue reading.



Here below is Baba’s exact talk about how in AM there are always separate, parallel learning institutions for men and women.

Baba says, “From today itself, a Homeo-College, Electro-Homeo College and Ayurvedic College have been opened in Anandanagar. From tomorrow, a medical school is being opened for the training in different “pathies” A separate institution for girls is being opened at Uma Nivas. Certificate courses in NATAC (Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Chandsi) are also going to be offered soon. I hear that from 3rd October, 1990, a music college and fine arts college will be opened. A Textile Institute is also to be started soon in order to provide the textile-training for improving the self-reliance of the people. A branch of the same can also be opened for ladies.” (Disc NH Education, Gurukul: History and Planning)

Baba has made everything extremely clear. Our institutions of higher education should be single-sex. That means an institution for gents and one for ladies. They must not both study in the same institution under the same faculty.

In one institution, male instructors will teach the male students, and in a separate institution in a different location, female instructors will teach female students.

That is Baba’s designated system – period. To advocate any other position is to directly contravene Guru’s guideline.


Here are more thoughts and ideas on this topic which we help those feeling confused or upset about the decision taken about Ananda Nagar college. Please read the following and share your views.

1. Nothing but Pseudo-Culture Talk:

In today’s world that is being ravaged by pseudo-culture, many propagate co-education because materialists always advocates the mixing of the sexes, in all kinds of circumstances including education. They like to see society plunged into degrading ways and habits. Why? Because then they too can do as they please. And that is what we see happening in materialistic nations.

2. No Free Mixing of the Sexes:

In Ananda Marga, we represent a new civlisation – a new society – based on the divine teachings of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. According to Baba, we are to keep the sexes separate in almost all situations including higher education like university studies. And in general we do not support the pseudo-culture ways of open sexuality and the mixing of male and females.

Baba says, “It should be remembered that a woman’s friend is a woman and
a man’s friend is a man.” (CC-1)

Baba says, “Men and women…should not engage in gossip as its results are not beneficial.” (CC-1)

Baba says, ‘Unrelated men and women should not touch one another as far as possible” (CC-1)

To allow a college to accept both male and females students is to invite behaviours that will invariably contravene Baba’s above teachings.

3. School is for Learning not Animalistic Propensities:

Our Ananda Marga system of education is for the all-round growth of human beings in all spheres of life. We want to encourage proper learning and sentient conduct. In contrast, in those lands where males and females study together in colleges and universities, the entire college campus becomes a breeding ground for rampant sexual behaviour, date-rape and deviant activity. Animal behaviours are encouraged in such schools as they are only interested in collecting a high tuition and do not concern themselves with moral codes. But this is not our way. We are interested in educating the whole human personality so students develop into high-minded citizens. We do not want our students drowned in sexual dealings as happens in co-ed institutions.

4. During Puberty Nature Dominates

In those pubescent years, boys and girls are overrun by nature and all kinds of hormonal reactions. This continues up to 18 to even 20 years of age or more, i.e. the traditional age of college students. To put males and females in the same institution on the same campus is to invite serious problems. Their minds are easy captivated by lower propensities. We should not encourage this by having them live and study together.

5. Soon to be Leaders:

Today’s youths are tomorrow’s leaders. While they are young we should not allow them to indulge in sensual dealings or encourage this in any way. We must not create the environment where they may indulge. Since for all practical purposes youths are full-time students, we should ensure that our institutions of education are single-sex. This is a foundational piece for imparting proper education and transforming our kids into proper leaders. That is what Baba wants.

6. Problems Now in the US:

For decades the US has been the recognised world leader in pseudo-culture living. So many of the trends and dealings are born in the US and spread all around the globe. But now the US is seeing first-hand the negative results, including in the education system. The US schools suffer from so many problems including rampant sexual misconduct. That is why some of the leaders in US in education are re-thinking this formula and coming to the conclusion that education should not be mixed. Yet already the US has exported its old model of co-education all around the globe. We too should not fall prey to this.

7. Not on Par with the Religions:

The religions like Islam & Catholicism have all kinds of illogical and dogmatic rules, but on the point of single-sex education their approach is admirable. Baba says if anyone is doing something good we should appreciate them on that point. Tragically, our rules also mandate that we should not offer co-education past a certain age, but we are falling away from that gold standard. We are compromising on our ideals while those in the dogmatic religions are shining brightly on this point. This is a real tragedy: Failing to reflect our AM teachings. By such compromises, people start eating meat, skip asanas, fail to do AM dances and so many problems. Thus this manner of falling into compromise on the point of co-education is not at all good.

8. Vocal People ~ Give Money:

Those people who are adamantly opposed to Dada’s decision about not admitting female students to our university at Ananda Nagar should aim to donate time or energy into creating a proper women’s institution in another location. That will be the right resolution to this issue. That would be a constructive approach to the situation.

At the same time we must bear in mind that there must not be any government intervention within our AM institutions of learning. We must not give way to the West Bengal government – or any government – and have state officials on our Board of Directors for the college. That will be very bad and set a horrible precedent.

9. Must Follow Guru, Not Our Emotions:

We must recall that this is not an emotive issue; we must not bow down to emotion. Rather as sadhakas of the Marga we are to adhere to Guru’s guideline. So when Baba has given a system of education that is what we should follow. If anyone does not want to follow it then they can attend the hundreds or even thousands of other types of schools that are on this earth. But no one should try to dismantle the AM system as given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.

10. All Women Have a Right to Higher Education:

In Ananda Marga, we fully support the right for women to have the ability to progress in all spheres of life and receive the highest standard of education available. Indeed it is for this reason that Baba wants separate institutions of education. They we can ensure that the highest standard of learning is available to all students, males and females.


Part A

For all these reasons and more we support Kalyaneshvarananda’s decision not to allow women at the college at Ananda Nagar. The key point of course is Baba’s pointed guideline that males and females above 12 years of age must not attend the same school. This mandate is for the welfare of all – the entire humanity.

Unfortunately some are either not aware of Baba’s teaching or they are too emotionally involved to view the situation rationally with a balanced mind. Hence some very senior people in the Marga are going against Baba on this view. This is what happens when sentiment gets in the way.

For instance, one person has suggested even putting a wall down the middle of the classroom with males on one side and females on the other, yet both parties able to view the instructor. But such a suggestion is just like taking an onion and frying it in pakora batter or coating that onion with molasses. Here the point is that tamasik food is still tamasik no matter how you coat it.

Similarly, if one allows males and females into the same college then no matter what tricks you employ and no matter how slick you make it, the point remains that male and females are wrongly enrolled in the same school. And that is fundamentally against our AM way of life. There is no hiding that fact and no one should try to “out-smart” Baba’s designated guidelines.

If Baba wanted males and females studying in the same institution He would have said so. But He did not; rather He explicitly warned us against doing this. So those trying to cicrcumvent Baba’s guidelines are treading dangerous ground; they are on a slippery slope.


Part B

Here is the direct public comment of one senior margii made in response to the college issue at AN. This person wrote:

“For your information, we in Ananda Marga Polytechnic follow co-ed.”
— SS Goenka

So this person is just doing what he likes irrespective of Guru’s teaching and he is encouraging others to do the same.

All I wish to say is that now I understand why Baba declared on one fine afternoon: Our philosophy is perfect but our cadres are not up to the mark – that is the problem.


Baba’s teachings are perfect. When Baba says that males and females above 12 years should of age not be educated at the same institution, this is most assuredly for the betterment of all. But some with their small craniums think otherwise.

Once again I applaud Kalyaneshvaranandji for sticking by Baba’s declared system. On the point of ideology we should not compromise at all.

Baba says, ‘Where the question of benevolence and malevolence is concerned we will not deviate an inch from our ideology.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc 14: Shiva’s Teachings – 2)



Here the point is that we keep our sanctity by maintaining our proper standard, not by compromising with our values. And in the realm of male-female relations, our proper standard is separation, not free and sensuous mixing of the sexes.

Baba has mandated that everything in AM should be separate: For example WWD. Our relief activities (AMURTL), reportings, social service projects, LFT trainings, and so much more are also separate along gender lines. This you know well.

Plus there are these points:

1. Jagrtis are not shared between males and females.
2. Co-education is not practiced with students above 10 years of age.
3. During dharmacakra sadhana is done in distinctly different rows.
4. The organisation itself has an entire separate wing for females, WWD or Women’s Welfare Department.
5. Prout, AMURT, VSS etc also have separate sections for males and females.
6. Reporting is done separately.
7. LFT, Tattvika, and Acarya training is separate for males and females.
8. In-Charges are not mixed. Males are in-charges of males and females of females.
Note: Only in Central Office will the head of WWD be controlled by the General Secretary.
9. During DMC Kaoshikii was also performed separately. And still this practice is maintained.
10. Females doing guard duty for females and males for males; Not mixed.
11. Akhanda kiirtana is also done in a separate manner.

Thus, when our entire AM way of life is separated along gender lines, it is shameful that some are going against Baba’s edict and advocating co-education in our AM college at Ananda Nagar.


“Jeo na’ ogo prabhu, anek katha’ a’che ba’kii…” -P.S. #683


Baba, oh Prabhu please do not go away. Please remain with me– I have many a tale to tell You. Please come to my home. Please understand this unique opportunity: I am all alone in the house. Nobody is here, so please come.
Baba, in pleasure and pain, during both negative and positive situations, all the time I am calling You. And always I am remembering Your name. During all the 24 hours, whatever I do, my hands are always busy in work but my mind is at Your lotus feet. I remember You; it is Your grace. Even if I risk losing everything I want You to my heart’s content.
Baba, You understand my entire situation but You never console me. I am surrounded by the darkness these days. I do not have any happiness. Baba I do not want anything from You, only this much I want: That You please come close and sit beside me. The doors & windows of my mind are always open in longing for You, waiting for Your arrival.
Baba my Lord, please do not go away leaving me deserted. Always remain in my heart…

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