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Subject: Baba Story: Curiosity About Fortune Telling



When it seemed like Baba had a free moment, I decided to approach Him about reading my palm. I sought His permission and gently extended my hand. Baba looked at me.

In a soft and reverential tone, I said, “Baba, I humbly seek Your guidance. If You desire, I respectfully request You to read my palm.”

What happened after that is of great interest to each and every Ananda Margii. Indeed, the below story of Tarachand Ganguli’s interaction with Baba on this topic of palmistry is of great significance. We should all know Baba’s response.

Here following is that story…



Those days, in the 1950’s, I, Tarachand Ganguli, was working in the Jamalpur Railway office alongside Baba. In due course I was initiated, became a practicing margii, and went on to become a family acarya, by His grace. But in the 1950s I was a relatively new margii.

While working in the railway office, I personally witnessed how Baba would help everyone with their personal problems and family matters. He would regularly solve all kinds of issues.

Naturally word about this spread, and gradually more people from the area would seek out Baba for His counsel. Baba was of course very gracious and would lovingly guide them in various ways. Not a day passed where He did not relieve someone of their troubles and worries.

In fact, Baba would employ distinct avenues for imparting guidance. Sometimes He would simply speak kind words and calm their concerns that way, and sometimes He would guide them in various other ways such as palmistry.

Of course Baba would not need to see the palm to know that person’s past, present and future. Already that was in His mind. But since palmistry was an accepted and valued technique those days in India, in the name of palmistry Baba would perfectly guide those who came seeking help. They trusted Him as a great palmist.

As more people from the general society were coming to have their palms read, Baba maintained a distinct window of when He would see them. Often it had to be early in the morning, on a particular day and those coming had to follow certain rules and restrictions such as arriving on an empty stomach. In that way, Baba would accommodate and give advice and guidelines. The people were very grateful to Baba after meeting with Him.


Seeing all this, I too became intrigued. I thought I too should have my palm read. One day, when it seemed like He had a free moment, I decided to approach Baba about this.

I sought His permission and gently extended my hand towards Him. Baba looked at me.

In a soft and reverential tone, I said, “Baba, I humbly seek Your guidance. If You desire, I respectfully request You to read my palm.”

Immediately Baba’s mood changed.

Baba looked at me, “What! You are an Ananda Margii! You have come under My shelter. Things like fortune telling and palmistry have no meaning for you. You are a sadhaka so these things are not relevant for you. For non-margiis it is different. Being an Ananda Margii, you should not resort to things like palmistry and fortune-telling.”

I immediately withdrew my hand in shame and mentally begged His forgiveness. Baba then smiled at me.

Internally I thought, “Yes, this is quite clear. I should not do this. When I am under Baba’s eternal shelter then He is managing everything. He is watching out for me in all kinds of ways. My future is safe and secure in Him. There is no need for me to resort to palmistry, i.e. bowing down to my own samskara from past life.”

Again I closed my eyes, and mentally offered my everything to Baba. I thought, “How blessed I am to have come under You divine shelter. With You by my side, there is no need for anything else. Baba, You are so gracious.”

Such was the story of our dear, respected brother, Tarachand Ganguli.


As you may be aware, here is a very simple and rational explanation why palmistry and fortune-telling have no value in the life of an Ananda Margii.

Everyone who receives tantric diiksa and practices AM sadhana is burning samskaras at an incredibly fast rate. They are going to get mukti in this life, per Baba’s guarantee in the Supreme Command. Just one needs to be sincere in their sadhana. That is Baba’s expressed guarantee.

So it is not possible to predict the future course of events of margiis because their samskaras are getting expressed too rapidly. Plus, Baba being Hari, steals the samskaras of His devotees. That is why for sincere Ananda Margiis, palmistry and fortune telling are totally meaningless.

And here are some further thoughts about this.

1. Curiosity: Just because a person has curiosity about something does not mean one should actually partake in that activity. For instance, some become curious about smoking, or doing drugs or watching crude movies etc. So curiosity in and of itself is not a justification or rationale for participating in something. This applies to palmistry as well. It is very easy to think how one might be curious about their future and/or how palmistry works, but that is no rationale for getting one’s palm read. As Ananda Margiis we do not do that. Rather with our viveka, we adhere to the path of dharma. We should not be curious about nor guided by animalistic desires. After all, our sole aim is to follow that singular propensity towards Parama Purusa, not any other.

2. Worry: If one is worried about their future and resorts to palmistry for an answer or consolation, then it means that sadhaka is not at all depending on Parama Purusa. It means that person is more concerned about their own petty actions and the ensuing reactions than surrendering to the sweet will of the Divine Entity, Baba.

3. Lethargy: Those who believe in palmistry often become lethargic. If the prediction is unfavourable, they think that there is nothing they can do and they resign themselves to their poor plight. And if they get a positive reading then they think that since everything is good there is nothing more they need to do. So in both cases people become totally lethargic and inactive. But in AM, our manner is to stay ever-active and always engage in positive endeavours. We always move forward in life; we never resign ourselves to fate.

4. Fate: In essence, those who resort to palmistry become fatalists. They surrender to fate, i.e. their past samskaras. We do not surrender to fate or past samsksaras, we surrender to Baba. One should never chase after fate.

Baba says, “A fatalist means a worshipper of fate – a worshipper of fortune or fate. They are worse than nature-worshippers. What is fate? There is nothing such as fate in this universe.. No, a person must not be a fatalist, a fate-worshipper, a person must be bold and bravely face all troubles, all consequences. No one should be a fatalist. So fate cannot be the object of meditation. Fight against fate.” (SS-12, Microcosm and Its Object of Ideation)

More about Baba’s above guideline is posted in the not below.


As sadhakas, we should always ask for and seek His grace. There is no other aim or shelter in life. He is everything. We should rely on Him completely.

Baba says, “He is your nearest and dearest one. You may depend on Him completely, and your dependence on Him is called sharańágati. This sharańágati is the only reply to all spiritual questions.” (SS-11, Who Is the Liberating Entity of Human Society)



Here is more from Baba’s discourse on fate and worshiping fate. As sadhakas, we should never give in to such a mentality. We are to take active and pointed steps in life. That is how we are to proceed.

Baba says, “Fate. There are many people who are fatalists. They are worshippers of fate. A fatalist means a worshipper of fate – a worshipper of fortune or fate. They are worse than nature-worshippers. What is fate? There is nothing such as fate in this universe. So far as the philosophy is concerned there cannot be anything called fate. What is fate? Everyone has to undergo the reaction of his or her past actions, the reaction of the original action. Suppose your finger comes in contact with fire; you will feel pain, you will have to suffer but, at that moment one will say that because your finger came in contact with fire, that’s why you are suffering. But when the reaction takes place after a long gap, and when the original action is not known or has been forgotten, or when the original action took place in another past life, and you do not know what was the original action – in that case you say, it is fate, it is fate. But actually there is no fate. What you call fate is actually the reaction of our past actions. In saḿskrta, it is called saḿskára, in Latin “reactive momenta”. So the third thing is, fate cannot be the object of ideation – fate is simply the reaction of the original action. So when there is no original action, there cannot be any reaction. The reaction is a creation of your own action. When the reaction is a creation of your own action, you are the creator of the action. So, how can the reaction be your object of ideation? No, a person must not be a fatalist, a fate-worshipper, a person must be bold and bravely face all troubles, all consequences. No one should be a fatalist. So fate cannot be the object of meditation. Fight against fate.” (SS-12, Microcosm and Its Object of Ideation)


“Tumi tamisra’ ma’jhe u’s’a’, tumi shoka’ashrute sa’ntvana’…” (PS 4619)


Baba, in the deep cimmerian darkness, You are the smiling dawn. Baba, in the tears of sorrow, You are the controlling Entity. Baba, You always grace me by removing all my sorrows and agonies. Baba, in what way can I be useful for Your work. Why are You not telling me how I can be useful in Your work. Please tell me.

Baba, You have given me abundant grace; my whole existence is filled with the sweetness of flowers and honey. In my mental sky– in my world– You are the incomparable moon. You are my Polestar. My mind is clear now– there is no question of duality; I have no other desires. My whole existence is revolving around You. O’ Baba, You are so charming and so gracious– Your divine touch is like the soothing spring breeze, refreshing and cool. Baba You have brought me on this divine path and
taught me sadhana. Baba You have given me everything. You are my Goal.

Baba, in Your thundering voice, You told me that, ‘you are not alone. I (Baba) am with you through My ota-prota yoga. I am always with you. Can’t you hear the sound of the wheels of My running chariot. Don’t You hear its call. Always I am along with you.’

Baba, You are the divine Entity. And You always grace me in all the conditions– whenever it is needed. And You are always giving me the assurance that I am not alone. That You are constantly along with me…

Spiritual Progress in Future Humans & Animals

Baba says, “The human beings of that future age will be very sensitive…The functional jurisdiction of the brain will also increase. Similarly, many animals will become more sensitive and their vocabulary will increase. With intellectual development vocabulary increases, and the number of words in a language also increases. The functional
jurisdiction of the brain of animals will increase too. With the help of spiritual practices, the human beings of the future will increase the functional jurisdiction of their brains with accelerating speed.” (PNS-17, p.36)

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