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Subject: How to Root Out & Save Yourself



You are walking down the street and an undesirable thought floods the mind.

Earlier you were surfing the net and a crude image flashed on the screen, and now all of a sudden you are walking down the street and that very image is pouring into your mental plate. You do not want it to happen but it is happening.

In that case what to do? How to root out that negative image and save your mental sanctity.

This can happen to anyone anytime: Undesirable thoughts enter the mind – we do not want those thoughts to be there – but instead of dissipating they are multiplying, disturbing our mental peace and composure.

An old argument with a friend – the chance to tell a lie to save your prestige – the time you got pulled over & hassled by the police – the desire to watch a unsavory movie – the day your spouse divorced you – or whatever.

All these types unwanted thoughts can flash into the mind any second and disturb our mental peace by making us angry, sad, frustrated, aghast, sexually allured, pained, jealous or otherwise. Even if we do not want those thoughts to come, they seem to cloud the mind until we feel there is no recourse we can take.

How to get victory in such a circumstance?

We should know the answer because in one way, shape, or form such incidents occur to most of us on a daily basis.


The life of a sadhaka is so dynamic – so many trials, tribulations – and yes – successes, by His grace. In one life, we have to move so far and overcome so many bad habits, maladies, and afflictions.

Indeed part of our growth as sadhakas, is when we acquire the inner feeling or awakening (samvit) that, “I really need to stop this crude habit or negative activity or negative thought.”

This urge or feeling comes in the life of every Ananda Margii.

The key point then is to make that moment of awakening a reality and rid ourselves of that bad habit or undesirable tendency. Then we can really become great in this life, i.e. a medium of AM ideology.

With Baba’s grace and special guidance, we can get success, cent-per-cent of the time.

In His unique discourse, general darshan in Patna (1968), Baba gives us the perfect step-by-step process for ridding ourselves of any bad habit, mental weakness, or unwanted random thoughts.


Baba’s divine guidance is for anyone and everyone. Because we all experience events or thoughts that hover in the mind, when we really do not want those ideas to be there.

For instance: That painful memory of when our young child died, the day we got fired from our job, the time we were unfaithful to our spouse or our spouse was unfaithful to us, the moment we saw the boy get hit by the car, etc.

All kinds of unwanted thoughts may flood the mind without any warning.


Basically whenever there is a good thing that we know we should do but somehow fail to do it, or whenever there is a bad thing that we know we should not do or think but we succumb to it anyway, then this letter will help you overcome that tendency.

After all, everyone of us has tendencies of mind that we need to overcome – that is part of the path of sadhana – and, by His grace, when we acquire the samvit (spiritual awakening) to get rid of those things, then that is a blessing and we need to put that idea into action.

Here is how to do it. This is Baba’s personal instruction from one His general darshan in Patna during the year 1968.



Often times we think we are too weak to overcome a particular habit. A habit is an extension of our flow of mind, and that flow happens automatically within. So it is not at all easy to change.

Having the mere knowledge that we should change is not enough to get us over the hump or hurdle. Something more is needed.

By Baba’s grace, in His Patna general darshan (1968), He has given us this very practical step-by-step process.


#1: We have to take the strong determination (vishvas) to overcome that habit.

Baba’s teachings from that day is that we have to cultivate the strong internal desire to not skip asanas, or not see crude pictures on the internet, or not eat on fasting day, or not recall that painful memory. Whatever the tendency is, we need to first take the firm determination to overcome it. That is the first step.


#2: We have to divert the mind towards Parama Purusa. This does two things. It (a) creates psychic pressure, and (b) changes the flow of the mind.

For instance, before 1990, Baba Himself was forcing us to think of Him. If anybody did anything wrong or thought anything bad, then they knew that when going in front of Baba that He would point out their defect. This type of pressure saved people from doing so many misdeeds and engaging in so many crude thoughts. Because who wants to commit a negative act or think of something undesirable when they know Baba is watching.

Today that same pressure is present – only in a different way. If one thinks and feels inside that Baba is always present and watching their every action, then that creates the requisite pressure to not fall prey to negative habits and degrading thoughts. Then one cannot do or think something that they feel is not good. Because who wants to do something undesirable when they feel inside that Baba is watching everything that they are doing and thinking.

Another way that pressure is present is do learn His teachings and feel that “I must not go against AM ideology”. That is also a very good technique for ridding oneself of a bad habit.

The problem only comes when either someone feels that Baba is not watching or they are not adequately aware about His teachings. In that case that aspirant will always fall prey to negative tendencies of mind

Then they have to impose the idea that Baba is watching, even if they think it is an imaginary notion. By this way, by His grace, soon the inner feeling that really He is watching will enter their psychic domain.

When we feel He is watching then that creates the pressure not to do bad things and do good things.

The other aspect that is more important it to goad the mind towards Him and change the flow of mind. So if one is thinking about the day their mother suddenly died or the time their baby girl fell from the table disfigured her face, if that idea is racing in the mind, then the best thing is to think of Baba.

With firm determination one should do japa, see His image, and fix the mind on Him. Then that disturbing, unwanted thought will go away. And it will not come back either. Where as if we allow that thought to sit in the mind it will stay there and return more and more frequently.


So the way to root out negative thoughts and save ourselves from such torment is:
1) Take the firm determination to solve the matter.
2) Create psychic pressure and feel that Baba is watching.
3) Goad the mind unto Him and let the mind feel His sweet grace.

These three things, strong determination, His watchful prescence, and changing the flow of mind will free us from all kinds of negative thoughts, mental tendencies, and bad habits. That is the way to permanently solve the problem.


By His grace, we are all divine and living examples of His reflection, but we have dirt attached to us. We must clean the dirt off and that happens if mind is diverted to Parama Purusa. That is the only way for spiritual soldiers to move ahead.

Baba says, “Mind moves on. And the culminating point, the desideratum is the Parama Purus’a – the eternal love, the universal love, personified. Your march, your movement, is towards Him. That is, your mind moves from crude to subtle, from matter to Parama Purus’a, and it is the birthright of everybody to march in this universal march, to move along this path of righteousness. Just show the path to all – just tell them, “Oh human beings, the path is ready for you, just come!” Whoever is endowed with a human mind and a human body is entitled to follow this path, and at the end of the journey one is destined to attain Parama Purus’a one day. When Parama Purus’a, the Cosmic Cognition, is your goal, success is a must. Success is with you.” (‘Existential Flow and Its Culminating Point’)



Baba’s above teaching will not just protect us from unwanted random thoughts, but it can also help us overcome all kinds of ingrained habits.

So Baba’s above instructions will also save us from these following ailments, addictions, and bad practices.

(a) Sits for sadhana but sometimes does not finish all their lessons;
(b) Overeats at some meals;
(c) Falls prey to lustful thoughts (i.e. opposite sex) on occasion;
(d) Eats rajasik food (tea, coffee, chocolate) when they know they should only eat sentient food;
(e) Listens to pop music or watches pop TV shows or Holly/Bolly-wood movies;
(f) Resorts to lying or excessive exaggeration once in a while;
(g) Skips or shortens their asana practice & dances on some days;
(h) Surfs the internet reading useless articles or seeing degrading pictures;
(i) Wishes to observe ekadashii but then eats or drinks that day;
(j) Gossips uselessly on their cell phone instead of doing kiirtan or sadhana;
(k) Sleeps more than the body needs, i.e. more than 4 or 6 hours;
(l) And so many other things…

By taking strong determination, feeling that Baba is there watching us, and goading the mind unto Him, then all the above tendencies can easily obliterated and we can march ahead in a new way: Adhering to all AM principles, radiating with His love.


“A’loker jharana’-dha’ra’y sna’n kara’yecho tumi saba’ka’r man…” (PS 611)


Baba You have showered Your causeless grace on everyone. With the spring flow of effulgence You have drenched one and all. Everyone is enjoying in the bliss of Your grace and proximity. This whole universe is vibrated in Your vibration. Now the difference between close and far & own and other has been lost. Everyone has become close– intimate. You have wreathed everyone’s life with the bond of love. Irrespective of their qualities everyone is feeling close to one another. By Your grace You have vibrated this universe. Knowingly or unknowingly people are ready to follow Ananda Marga Ideology. Rationality is developing and the general common understanding is getting changed. The darkness of dogma is vanishing away. Baba You are gracious to one and all…

Behind the Curtain

Baba says, “How one person sings melodious songs, how another dances beautiful rhythmic dances, how another delivers wonderful discourses, etc. But we cannot see the entity who pulls the strings from behind and runs the show. And the funniest thing is this: the speaker, the singer, the dancer thinks that he or she is the agent, the doer, and takes the entire credit for the performance. People do not care to think of the entity that pulls the strings from behind, or if they are even more foolish, they think that others see them alone, not the entity who pulls the strings from behind.”
(NKS, 97 Edn, p.181)

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