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From: Manoranjan Deva
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 20:45:37
Subject: Baba Appeared in my Midnight Cemetery Sadhana



Note: The following story was told by Ac Vaedyanath Jha – a family acarya from Muzaffarpur who was initiated in the 1950’s. The below account is his direct narration. I did not add any words or phrases; it is printed exactly how he spoke.

In my younger years, during the 1950’s, I was initiated by an acarya. Shortly thereafter, I was blessed to have Baba’s dharshan. On that occasion, He corrected my sadhana.

At that time, I requested Him, “Baba, my desire is that You should teach me the entire meditation process. You are my Guru and I do not want to learn from any middle-man.”

Baba smiled and replied, “When the time comes I will teach you.”


Time passed and I forgot about it. Then one day I got a message from GS Dada.

I was told, “Baba is calling you – go see Him immediately.”

I made the journey from my village near Muzaffarpur and reached to Jamalpur as quickly as possible. Soon I was called inside to see Him. Upon entering, I did sastaunga pranam.

In due course, as usual, Baba went for field walk and we reached to the Tiger’s Grave. It was a dark, lonely night. Nobody was around for miles and miles and there was no hint of light in any direction. It was pitch dark.

Baba turned towards me and said, “Sometime back you expressed the desire to learn sadhana directly from Me. Such was your request and that is why I have called you here today.”

Immediately, that memory flashed in my mind. I recalled my words to Baba. I had totally forgotten about my request but Baba had graciously remembered. Since that time I realized that human beings forget, but Baba never forgets His promise. I forgot my own desire but Baba remembered, called me and reminded me.

Baba then taught me the entire process of kapalika sadhana. When He finished, per His direction, I repeated the instructions back to Him and He gave His approval.

Baba furthermore instructed me, “Initially, you must do kapalika sadhana for 30 days in a row; thereafter you must do it for one of the 3 days of amavasya each month – that will be sufficient.”

I felt truly blessed to receive my sadhana instructions directly from Him.


Baba furthermore guided exactly how to go to the cemetery in my village near Muzaffarpur. Baba told me which path I should take from my house during the night, as well as which left turn and right turn I should make. He told me everything meticulously.

Thereafter Baba began to explain where I would sit for sadhana.

Baba told, “In the cemetery near your village, there is a banyan tree. Near the banyan tree, some feet away, there is a mango tree; and then, after another short distance, there is a wood apple tree.”

Although it was my village cemetery I was not aware about those two other trees.

I said, “Baba, there is indeed a banyan tree, but I do not believe that there is a mango nor a wood apple tree in that area.”

Hearing this, Baba expressed His sentient anger [1] and started scolding me.

He told, “When you go to that banyan tree, after exactly 49 feet to the northeast you will see the other two trees. Nearby you will sit and do your kapalika sadhana.”

Mentally I thought, “When I reach Muzaffarpur I will see how far this is correct.”



While still in His divine presence, I began thinking that going to the cemetery alone in that pitch-dark, midnight hour – totally devoid of any reflected or refracted light. Plus I would be away from human habitation, with the apparatus, and sitting there by myself. It would be a difficult, if not dangerous, proposition. Some problem could come. In that case what would I do? I was thinking it would be very good if Baba could also be there.

I then requested, “Baba, generally the Guru goes along with the disciple to the cemetery to protect him.”

Baba replied, “Those ordinary gurus do so – but for Me there is no need.”

I made a direct appeal, “Baba, what is the need for me to go to Muzaffarpur. You are here and I can stay here. Then You could always come along with me for night sadhana. Plus You could directly revise my sadhana lessons as needed.”

Baba replied, “No, go to your village and do your sadhana there. And always remember that regardless of the time of day, all the 24hrs, whenever there is a need, you will see Me.”


I inquired, “Baba, You have taught kapalika sadhana to so many people who live in so many different places like Kolkata, Bombay, throughout Delhi sector and indeed around the globe. If all these people have a problem at the same time in different cemeteries – all over the globe – then how will You be able to intervene? You will be forced to attend to one particular sadhaka and leave the others to fend for themselves. It is not possible to go everywhere and help everyone at the same time, in thousands of different places, when they are in crisis.”

Baba told me in a firm voice, “I can go wherever there is a need – all at the same time.”

I replied, “Baba, people say like this just for the sake of saying it. But I cannot believe this. I can’t believe it. I cannot fathom how You will be in all places at the same time.”

Baba paused, “When you see me there then You are going to believe.

Baba started scolding me, “You do not believe what I am saying. You will see me there – You can test this. But there is one condition: You must always start your cemetery sadhana without fail by exactly midnight. Then you will be able to see Me with your own eyes.”



I went back to my village. The first thing I wanted to do was confirm where to sit and see the 3 trees which Baba was talking about. In broad daylight I went to the cemetery. Lo and behold, I saw that those 3 trees were exactly as Baba described. Mentally I begged apology from Baba.

I felt ready to begin my night sadhana routine.

That night itself I thought to start going in the night for my kapalika sadhana. I thought I should do night sadhana and follow Baba’s system and ultimately verify what Baba said, i.e. that He saves His sadhakas if there is any problem or danger during night sadhana.

After my long walk, I reached the cemetery at the proper time so I could start my sadhana 15min before midnight. I was determined that there should not be any delay at all, not ever.

In that way, every day I was doing midnight sadhana in the cemetery according to His guideline: I took the designated path, reached the place at the correct time, and sat for sadhana according to His instruction. I was doing this every day. Fifteen days passed in this way.


Then one day as I approached the cemetery, I heard a very clear voice in my ear: “Where are you going – why are you doing sadhana – there is no need to do this – what do you want – I can grant it – whatever you want I can grant it – do not waste your time in sadhana – you are quite young – go and enjoy the world – why waste your time in sadhana.”

I looked all around but could not see anything or anyone around me; yet this voice was very clear. Since it was such an unusual phenomenon I was listened very carefully. This was a new experience in my life and I was quite intrigued. I continued to listen. Then I thought that it is getting late and I should get to my spot in the cemetery for sadhana.

In this way I got caught up & delayed. I had no idea that this was a ploy of avidya maya to disturb my sadhana. The whole episode lasted about 10 – 15 minutes.


When I reached my place in the cemetery, I saw that Baba was standing there smiling. As I approached Him to do sastaunga pranam, He moved 50 feet further away. It was extremely dark but His face and entire body were very clear. There was a bright light around Him; I could see His smile. Beyond His figure, the area was enveloped in total darkness.

I saw Him and thought to go close. I approached Him again to do sastaunga pranam, but no matter how hard I tried I could not get closer than 50 feet. I started walking to Him but the distance was not decreasing. I could not catch Him. When I began calling Him, He did not respond – He would only smile. I was running to catch Him, but I could not get closer than 50 feet. I could not get Him. In this way the time passed. I became tired.

After chasing Baba for approximately 20 minutes, Baba again scolded me and said: “Go and complete your sadhana.”

At that point I had no option but to follow His order. When I turned to go to my spot for sadhana, Baba went away.

I finished my sadhana and returned to my house but could not sleep because of what had transpired. I was happy to see Baba but sad that He did not allow me to do sastaunga pranam or feed Him. I was also not happy that He did not stay.



In the morning, I left my house and traveled to Jamalpur. I felt that I must complain to Baba about the events of last night.

I reached Jamalpur and was called in to see Baba. Upon entering the room, I immediately did sastaunga pranam, but did not get the opportunity to tell Him anything; rather He started scolding me: “Why were you late for sadhana last night. I did my inspection to see if you started on time and you were not there.”

Baba continued, “You failed to do your duty and and now you must start over from the very beginning and do night sadhana for 30 days in a row starting from tonight.”

That was my punishment for being late. Then Baba was quiet. He was graciously giving me the opportunity to speak.

“Certainly I committed a mistake last night in the cemetery. Then I saw You and wanted to do sastaunga pranam but I could not get close enough to You. I wanted to take You to my home and called You, but You just smiled and did not reply. Again I tried to go close to You and again You went further away. This went on for 20 minutes. And then in the end You did not stay. I do not understand.”

“The reason I was late for my night sadhana was because when I entered the cemetery I was disturbed by some negative talk. I got caught up in listening to one invisible entity who was talking in my ear. He was discouraging me from doing sadhana and I became 5 minutes late.”

Baba replied, “That was just Karn’a Pisha’cii. He can’t harm you or do anything bad to you. He is just full of tall talks. He has one very small type of occult power or siddhi – a very ordinary siddhi. In the future if Karn’a Pischa’cii creates any type of nuisance for you, then tell him, “I want Parama Purusa – bring Him here”.”

Hearing Baba’s words I understood that on the path of sadhana, we are confronted by so many obstacles. Yet we have to fight back and overcome such hurdles. I failed this time but vowed that next time I must not get caught up.


Since then my mind changed and I realized that my Guru is not at all ordinary; rather He is indeed Parama Purusa. He always remains with me. Whether I see Him or not, He is there. And when the need arises He will show Himself, otherwise He will remain invisible, watching me.

For those who cannot perceive Him, they may think that Baba is no more or that He went to a different planet and star. But for me, there is no change from those days before 1990 and now. In the very same way, my Baba is with me, showering His grace and smiling.


The above story was told by Ac Vaedyanath Jha – a family acarya from Muzaffarpur who was initiated in the 1950’s. The above is his direct narration. I am merely posting it “as is” for your review – I did not add or change anything.



[1] Sentient Anger: As we know Baba never really gets angry, rather He feigns anger in order to teach others. In that drama, devotees describe it as “anger” but really it is not anger. That is why we call it sentient anger. If really that was anger then it would not dissipate in a flash. But Baba always did like that. That is why we know it is just His divine drama.

Furthermore, as we know, Baba is dharma personified – He is the abode of dharma. Since akrodha (non-anger) is one of the ten characteristics of dharma, then this furthermore proves that Baba cannot ever become angry.

Sometime Dadas write that “Baba became angry” in their books and essays etc, but such writers (and readers) should be careful about that. Writing that “Baba became angry” is nothing but to mislead others about Baba’s true Self.


“A’mi toma’r tare kichu kari ni…” (P.S. 1344)


Baba, I never do anything for You. Yet You have graced me and lifted me from the dust where I was lying, and You have graciously kept me in Your lap. I never pay heed to Your call but You always grace me with Your compassion. You have granted me everything with Your two full hands. You have blessed me with Your overflowing heartfelt love. You have done everything for me, big and small. I do not know anything which You did not do for me. My entire existence– physical, psychic and spiritual– from small to big, everything You have arranged for me. Baba, it is Your causeless grace…

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