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Subject: One Person’s Choice Invites Other’s Death
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 21:58:01 -0000



In our human society, there are so many “special interest groups” and each invent their own vocabulary according to their planned agenda. All done in order to make themselves and their message appear to be good, rational, or wholesome etc.

One such group are those in favor of abortion and they have created their own special terminology: “pro-choice”.

Indeed, under the banner of their “pro-choice” slogan, they have confused many common citizens into thinking that theirs is the rational and logical pathway.

However according to the outlook of Ananda Marga – according to Baba – the entire practice of abortion is sinful and must not be done. So none should get duped by their “pro-choice” slogan.


One can make all kinds of choices in life. A person can choose what clothes to wear, which school to attend, what career path to select – there are many, many choices to be made.

However, one cannot make a choice to destroy another’s existence. Yet that is what an abortion does.

As has been detailed before in so many postings referenced below in Note 3, the baby in the womb is a living, breathing entity. It is not that a baby magically comes alive when it suddenly emerges from the womb. Human life starts as soon as the egg gets fertilised by the spermatoza. From that moment forward, the baby starts to grow, eat, drink, and breathe. It is carrying out all kinds of life functions. Plus the baby has its own mind, own set of samskaras, and it has it own inherent desire to live. It is not just a body part of the mother that can be clipped away like a finger nail etc. That baby has its own independent existence.

The baby is merely taking shelter, temporarily, under the mother’s care for a short while until that baby is able to emerge from the womb. Just as parents cannot murder their baby children who are living under their roof and depending upon them for food, care, and guidance, similarly, no mother has the right to choose to end the life of the baby that is in the womb and depending on mother for food, safety, nourishment, and care. To kill that baby is wholly wrong, in both instances.

Thus to say that the mother of that baby has a “choice” about whether that baby is destroyed or not is a totally defective approach. Yet that is what those in favor of abortion advocate.

In their crafty manner, they say “pro-choice” to make their agenda sound reasonable.

But when that so-called choice involves the permanent destruction of another being, then such a “choice” cannot be supported – not in any way shape or form. Rather it is a sin, as it infringes on another being’s God-given right to live.


These days in the internet and mass-media marketing, there are some who are “spin doctors” – they earn their keep by making a message sound good to the public’s ears. They spin and manipulate an agenda into a so-called credible sound bite.

It is all about glitz and glamor, about presenting falsehoods as truth and presenting crude ideas as something P.C., politically correct.

That is exactly what the selfish agents of abortion have resorted to when they selected their slick slogan, “pro-choice”. By this way they have attracted many so-called open-minded and “broad-minded” people into thinking this was the cosmopolitan perspective.

But that is all nonsense. Engaging in abortion is nothing but sin as one is wholly robbing a living entity of their God-given right to live. In some states or lands abortion may be lawful, but one cannot escape the grave samskara that will be attached with this sinful practice. Both father and mother will be forced to face the consequences. Because abortion is tantamount to murder.

It is no different than what happens in India and China when parents may drown their new-born baby girl because they see her as a burden. Just as that is unconscionable and against all codes of human rights, same is the case for killing the baby inside the womb for equally selfish or dogmatic reasons.



According to the rational and logical ways of Ananda Marga, Baba has declared that there is one & only one occasion wherein an abortion is justified.

If the mother’s life is in danger, then and only then may a pregnancy be aborted. Only to save the human life of the mother is an abortion the ethical choice.

That is the sole condition – if the mother’s life is in danger. That is Baba’s guideline.

If the mother is poor, if the mother was raped, if the mother does not want the baby, if the father has left – none of these are valid reasons for an abortion. They may be unfortunate circumstances, they may be heinous as in the case of rape, but none of them are proper justification for murdering the baby. The baby should not be the one to
suffer for other’s crimes. Committing one more ruthless injustice (i.e. abortion) on top of a lesser evil does not resolve the problem – it only makes things worse.

Only if the mother’s life is in danger due to the birth itself, may an abortion be supported.

Beyond that, there is no scope for “pro-choice” in any other decision-making process.


The religious coalition adamantly opposes abortion and proclaims their approach as “pro-life” or “right-to-life”.

But none should then think that such persons are true neo-humanists. On this point they are alright, but they are also inconsistent.

They are not neo-humanists as their churches have caused harm and alienated so many populations. Thus they do not honor human life per se, just because of their church dogma, they happen to oppose abortion.

Yet when we evaluate their approach on the whole, their ways are full of contradictions and choices that harm others.

In contrast, the approach of AM is based on human cardinal values and rationality.


By His grace He has blessed us with the answer to all of today’s social issues, including that of abortion. As Ananda Margiis, we should unitedly be aware of and support Baba’s viewpoint – none should be swayed into the so-called open-minded camp of “pro-choice”. Such a slogan is a mere euphemism for killing others based on self-interest. There is not an ounce of welfare motive in their manner.

Baba says, “Have mercy on all living beings.”

Pra’n’a’h yatha’tmano…

“Just as your life is extremely dear to you, similarly the lives of others are equally dear to them. A person who thinks thus and shows mercy on other creatures is really a sa’dhu, or virtuous person.” (Yoga Psychology, ‘Instinct & Devotion)



There are so many slogans in society that sound good but are quite harmful.

For example, the term “Eco-Friendly” or “Environmentally Friendly” often means “less destructive”, it does not really mean friendly or sustainable. A gasoline engine may be termed as eco-friendly because it gets better gas mileage, yet still it is creating harm to the environment. Same is the case with so many household cleaners and other corporate products.

So we should be astute when considering any group or company’s chosen slogan.

One group in AM also has their chosen slogans for mahaprayan (MPD) yet we know MPD – i.e. Baba is gone – is in totally opposition to the spiritual approach of Ananda Marga which states that Baba is in our heart. But for their own selfish agenda and geo-religious sentiment, this group creates all kinds of spins and slogans to make their dogmatic program sound “enlightening” when in fact it destroy’s one’s devotional link with Parama Purusa.


In the ‘Pranayama’ chapter of our Acarya Diary, Baba describes the process of breathing and how it relates with life and death.

Baba tells how death occurs on the exhale and life begins on an inhale.

Now here comes the critical point: Baba tells that when an old person dies upon their final exhalation, then their next inhalation occurs when their next life begins as an embryo in the mother’s womb. That is Baba’s direct guideline.

The key point then is that Baba is clearly defining that life begins inside the mothers womb. That developing embryo, that unborn babe, is indeed alive. That human embryo is a living, breathing being.

In that case, we have no right to curtail or destroy the life of that unborn child, irregardless of the circumstances.

So every abortion is a direct contravention of Baba’s divine teaching.










“A’mi toma’r na’me toma’r gane jiivan ka’t’a’bo…” (P.S. 2455)


Baba, You are the be-all and end all of my life. You are my everything. I will spend my whole life singing Your song and propagating Your glory, by Your grace. I will satiate my heart, by pleasing You in all the ways: doing Your sadhana and executing the work that You like.
Baba, it is the eternal law of this creation that whoever has taken birth will one day leave. Coming and going is Cosmic law. Nobody can take anything along with them. Only one thing goes along with — Your love & Your devotion. That remains always along with– in this world as well as that. Baba, I will only get You when I move on Your path ceaselessly, by Your grace.
Baba, I do not know where You reside. Wherever You are, close or distant, please always keep me next to Your eyes. Baba, by Your grace, with the pull of my longing and love, I will bring You close. And when You are sitting next to me then I will sing the song for You to listen to, up to Your heart’s content.
Baba, let every moment of my life pass in pleasing You. Baba, please shower Your karuna on me so I can march forward on the path which reaches to You…

Sentient Income

Baba says, “It is clear here too that one’s ajiiva or physical occupation should be sentient…No one should be a trader in religion, because in the name of religion, many people are exploited…The scriptures stipulate that people should not accept food from such people, because their occupations are despicable.” (SS-11, p. 24-25)

Note 1: In the past when Lord Buddha first gave this teaching there were 4 categories of negative occupations; but now the world is so complex that this group has expanded in multiple despicable directions. Through it all the central idea is the same: That people should not make their livelihood by depraved means.

In this present era these following “professions” also fall into this negative category: crude film-makers, drug dealers, politicians, stock brokers, pornography dealers, casino owners, lottery makers, religious traders who are propagators of dogma like Mahaprayan (MPD), and gangsters etc.

In today’s capitalist society, the middle-man is also a negative occupation. Because such persons do not produce anything of value for the society. All they do is take what is produced in one place and pass on that same product to someone else for a sizeable profit. Thus such middle men are just the leeches of society– just sucking money from the common people without doing any constructive work of their own. Everyone is hereby invited to add more undesirable professions to the
above list.

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