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Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2011 15:37:16 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: “Let Masters Decide”



This letter is in reply to the following statement written by one sincere margii on 04 Dec 2011:

“This talk about Mahaprayan is useless, as we do not have the power to decide. It is the leadership that’ll have to do that.”

Actually this is an outdated notion. We should refrain from adopting this type of mentality.

Long back, in the middle ages during the ksattriyan and vipran eras, the common people did not have any voice. They were subjected to whatever rules and edits the ruling and religious exploiters imposed. The people were forced into submission and made to follow. In that dark age, slaves had to do what their masters ordered.

But now the era has totally changed.

Baba has given neo-humanism and has guided us to use our brain. We should not believe that we have only potatoes inside our head. The human intellect should be liberated.

Regarding so-called mahaprayan, the decision must be based on Baba’s teachings, i.e. AM shastra. The leaders could easily be wrong. We should create the conducive environment and propagate the idea that Parama Purusa resides in the heart of His devotees. This is what we should propagate. Wherever dogma exists, we should fight against it.

We should not adopt the slave mentality and think, “my master will decide”, nor should we adopt other similar faulty approaches like “my husband will decide”, or “my priest will decide”. These are outdated and useless ideas created by cheats and exploiters of past eras. Such mentalities died out a long time back.

It seems the sincere margii who has written the above quoted line has come onto this earth at the wrong time. It seems he would have enjoyed that old, outdated mindset of a few hundred years ago if he was on the earth back then.

Today things are different.

In this era, each and every person is responsible for bringing change across the entire human society. Baba has given the weapon of neo-humanism. We should use that and eradicate all kinds of dogma including that of so-called mahaprayan.



Here is the email address of that sincere margii who is confused and wrote the aforementioned cited line:


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