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From: “Jitendra Deva”
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Subject: Baba Story: How CBI Lawyer Got Lesson



Note: Ac Ramtanuk jii of Begu Sarai (Bihar) is a founding member of AMPS as well as a family acarya. As a lawyer, he worked assiduously throughout his life for Ananda Marga court cases and defending Baba. That was one of his great contributions. Here following is his first-hand account of one of his experiences in the courtroom.

“As a lawyer, I was quite involved in Baba’s court case during the Emergency period in India when He was unjustly incarcerated.”

“In that case the prosecuting attorney – i.e the CBI lawyer representing Mrs Gandhi’s regime – was Mahadeva Babu. When the case opened and witnesses were being called, then Mahadeva Babu used to guide his witnesses while they were on the witness stand itself, right in front of the judge.”

“As the designated AM lawyer, I vehemently made objection to this tactic, as it was against the ethic.”

“After one such objection, Mahadeva told the judge, “Ramtanuk is a margii – not a lawyer – that is why he is objecting. He has special interest in Ananda Marga.””

“Hearing this I became totally disturbed.”

“At the first opportunity, I went to see Baba to inform Him of what was going on.”

“(Aside: During the Emergency I used to get approval from the court to go and see Baba in my capacity as a lawyer.)”

“I recounted to Baba all that was going on in the courtroom and in particular told Him of this the problem with attorney Mahadeva. Mentally I was thinking that Baba will give His solution.”

“Baba replied, “The CBI agents are externally very polite but internally they focus on their agenda. You should also be externally polite but internally dedicated to your cause. That is the way to deal with these people.””

“Baba furthermore told, “When any problem arises then remember your mantra and the proper answer will come.””

“I understood Baba’s message and guidance. Thereafter, externally I maintained good relations with CBI personnel, and internally kept strict vigilance to our AM discipline.”

“One day when the court was in session, the CBI lawyer, Mahadeva Babu, was again giving explicit hints to his witnesses while they were on the stand.”

“Seeing this I felt completely disturbed and started repeating my mantra as per Baba’s guideline. Then one idea came to mind.”

“I objected and told, “Your Honour, Mahadeva Babu was an Ananda Margii but he left and now he is a CBI man. That is why he has special interest in this case and that is why he is coaxing his witnesses in front of you.””

“The judge smiled and nodded in affirmation.”

“The judge replied, “A new convert to Islam usually eats more onions to prove himself worthy.” (Note: Everyone knows that muslims in India must eat onions with every meal.)”

“Hearing this everyone in the courthouse started laughing. They understood that Mahadeva was formerly in AM and now as a new convert in the CBI, he has to prove his loyalty. So he is doing extra, going beyond, and coaxing his witness in the court itself to show his allegiance to the government. Everyone clearly understood the joke that the judge was making.”

“Mahadeva Babu kept quiet and drowned in shame.”

“From the moment forward, the problem was permanently solved and Mahadava never hinted or coaxed his witnesses again while they were on the stand and he never lodged a complaint against me, Ramtanuk, for being a margii.”


There are many things to be learned from Ac Ramtanukji’s above story. The main guideline is that when encountering any tough and difficult situation, where the odds are stacked against you, then repeat your mantra and surrender to Baba. Then one is sure to receive Cosmic help and get His guidance about what to do. That will come in the mind, by His grace. That is what every sadhaka should take away from this story.

We should also keep Baba’s below teaching in mind.

Vicaeti cánte vishvamádaya sa deva
Sa no budhyá shubhayá saḿyunaktu.

Baba says, “And if you are to say anything you should say – what? You may use only one sentence. “O Supreme Father, guide my intellect unto the path of bliss. I want nothing else, nothing more.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, Part 12, He Knows His Duty)

We should follow this in our practical life and use our inner devotional treasure to link our unit mind with His Divine Cosmic Mind. Then one is sure to get the proper guideline at the proper time.

Lastly, Baba is not far. He is always sitting in your heart. He has not gone away as some dogmatic people believe. He is in the heart. With ideation, one make that inner link with Him, by His grace. Devoid of that one is lonely, weak, and helpless.

When a person thinks of themselves as a unit entity then they are weak, and when a person is linked with the Cosmic Entity then they are powerful.

Jitendra Deva


Usually lawyers coach their witness before the trial, or before they take the stand. But Mahadeva was coaching and coaxing his witnesses while they were on the stand itself, directly in front of the judge. The only reason this was allowed to happen was that this case was being held during the period of martial law / Emergency in India.


PS Intro: In this following song the devotee is talking to Baba, all the while indirectly referring about himself.

“Jeo na’, shon’o katha, bojha vytha’, abujha hoyo na’…” (PS 660)


Baba, please be gracious, please do not leave me all alone, please do not go far away; please keep me in Your shelter. Baba, please listen to the tale of my aching heart; please understand my pain and suffering– because of my deep longing for You. Baba, I beg You not to remain aloof about my yearning and crying for You. Baba, You have graced me and have made the flower of devotion blossom in my heart. And these flowers are solely for making one beautiful garland for You– ultimately surrendering them at Your lotus feet. Baba, please do not mercilessly crush those flowers. Baba, please be gracious.

Baba, by Your infinite grace please keep me close. Please do not permanently forget about that person who is under shelter day and night. Baba, it seems You have removed him from Your memory. Baba, please recall how in the past You loved him deeply up to his heart’s content. That time You saturated his mind with bliss and filled his eyes with Your loving gaze. You were so gracious those days. Baba, You know that very person was with You in each and every rhythm of the song, he was also with You in all kinds of works– always remaining by Your side. Baba, please do not forget him.

Baba, by Your grace I never forget this eternal truth that You are everything. You are the effulgence of the day as well as the darkness of the night. Baba, in this life of mine I have loved only You. Baba, You are the heart of my heart. Please shower Your divine grace on me day and night, incessantly. Baba, even if You always remain forgetful of me, that I can tolerate. Only I ask one thing of You. Baba, please do not push me away from Your holy, lotus feet.

Baba, You are my closest & dearest One. You are my everything. Baba, please keep me in Your shelter…

Ultravarious to Ideology

Baba says, “You should remember that a situation will never arise in this world which will give you cause for fear. It has been said that Parama Purusa is the fear of fear. That is, fear is as afraid of Parama Purusa as humans are afraid of fear.”

“Ananda Marga is essentially Tantra-orientated, it too, has a few special features of its own. As I have said previously, our ideology maintains that no-one need be afraid of anything under any circumstances. If anyone does get afraid, it should be understood that he is doing something ultravarious to our ideology.” (Kolkata, 14 November 1978)

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