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From: Cinmay Deva
Subject: Smell Coming from the Bag
Date: Mon 19 Dec 2011 20:44:03 -0400


“A’jake sa’njhe madhur sa’jhe ke else go, ke ele…” (P.S. 5006)


In this sweet and intoxicated evening, Who has come, Who has come? Who is that Entity Who has created this new wave in everyone’s life and in everyone’s heart. Those who are sitting with their doors and windows closed, please come out and forget about the differences of own and other. That divine Entity Who is always sitting in the mind has come in front of us. We should enjoy His august arrival all together…


Note: This entire letter is related with one senior Dada and a letter he recently wrote.

The more people think about themselves, the smaller and smaller their mind becomes. We all know the yogic theorem – “as you think so you become.” Thus if one is thinking only about their unit self, and not thinking about the Cosmic Self, then naturally their mind will become narrow, selfish, and crude.

Those with such an ego become immersed in their own petty “I'” and develop a superiority complex. They think that they are so great. And when this continues for years and years, major problems emerge.

The main cause of an inflated ego is when people give you respect due to your post, power, dress, or stature. Such as if people respect you just because of being a wt or purodha etc – not because of your conduct, but just your post.

Then the crude ego develops and it becomes so big like puffed rice or styrofoam. In that case, the personality gets more and more hollow. At that point people start thinking that they are the greatest among all. Not because of high sadhana or samadhi or some deep realisation, just they are intoxicated with their own petty ego.

This is not anything new. In every era, in every society, there are those who lose their sense due to a grossly inflated ego. Then their ruination comes.


Here are come examples of those who had out-sized egos and what became of them.

(1) The mythological king Hiranyakashipu gave the order in his kingdom that no one should sing the Lord’s name; only his own name was to be sung. Such was the king’s crude edict. Because of this psychic disease of an inflated ego, he was destroyed in the worst way imaginable.

There are countless examples and here is another one.

(2) The former Prime Minister of India, Mrs Indhira Gandhi, had this same disease. She hired artists, writers, and musicians to compose songs of her glory. She claimed herself as the incarnation of the divine goddess Durga, and demanded that people sing kiirtan in her name. Then she openly challenged in the mass media that she will root out Ananda Marga. Due to this outrageous ego, she faced her annihilation.

(3) In our Marga there are countless cases of those who suffered from an inflated ego.
The defectors like Madhavananda who challenged Parama Purusa are but some of many. In all cases they faced their demise. There are many like this – if you want a list please write me.

In all these instances and more, the ego grows to varying degrees. It starts relatively small and gets bigger until it gets completely overblown which brings one’s annihilation.


Those who get huge respect are prime candidates for developing an over-sized ego. In ascending order we can cite family acaryas, wts, post-holders, purodhas, and so on. The higher up, the bigger the ego.

Of course this does not apply to all wts, acaryas and purodhas. Just we find that those posts tend to be fertile ground for developing a huge ego. But all do not fall into this manner.

For those who do succumb to pride, ego and vanity, it happens to varying degrees. If one’s ego is relatively small then it will be present to some degree in one’s speech. If their egoistic way of thinking gets bigger and bigger then it results in their complete delirium. It seems that the Dada K falls in this latter category, unfortunately.


What is our duty? Of course we should help and lend our support. To do that we must know more.

When a person suffers from a physical problem such as getting into minor a motor vehicle accident, then one can help a lot by treating their cuts and wounds and bringing that person to the hospital for a check-up. The pathway is quite clear-cut.

Treating psychic ailments is far more difficult. They are hard to diagnose and it is a tough job to cure people of their problem. Even then, Baba has graciously given all the needed tools and guidelines in His chapter, The Faculty of Knowledge – 3, and related discourses.

We should try to help and one of the best ways is to simply save ourselves from the contamination of a psychic disease. If you are getting respect from others then be aware. It is contagious but those suffering will not notice whereas others will notice. The disease grows and others do not say anything because the diseased person does not want to hear about the problem. So it is a very tricky situation. One develops a certain degree of audacity.

The main difficulty with psychic diseases, and, in particular, an inflated ego is that when a person really thinks that they themselves are great then by their outlook God is not great – only the person is great. So long as there is ego one cannot go close to Parama Purusa. It is the ego that stands between a person and the Lord.

Baba says, “Vanity harms the mind in three ways: abhimána or inflated ego, gaorava or self-aggrandizement, and pratiśt́ha or prestige…towards the Entity who is so close to you, is it proper for you to entertain such false feelings of abhimána, gaorava and pratiśt́há?” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life, Part 11, Taking the Opposite Stance in Battle)

That is why Baba says that after giving up abhimána (inflated ego), gaorava
(self-aggrandizement), and pratiśt́ha (prestige) one should sing the Lord’s name. Then He will be gracious on you.

After all, Parama Purusa is Darpaharii – the destroyer of ego. For the welfare of human beings He destroys the ego.


This – i.e. Dada K’s below letter – is a wake-up call for everyone.

Suppose a horrible drunk-driving accident happens in your area wherein the driver drove his vehicle off a bridge and plunged into the river below and drowned. When such a terrible tragedy happens nearby then everyone around becomes alert not to drink alcohol and drive their car. That is the wake-up call they get.

Similarly we should take Dadaji’s below letter as a wake-up call. No one should fall prey to this type of ego and accuse Guru. To prevent this from happening to us, we should watch out and see how far, “I have an ego and think I am great.”


Following is the sample of what happens when the ego is so big and people express their mental feeling. Look what has happened to one of our Dadas. If we are blind we may not understand.



When a bag is full or garbage then the smell of garbaged is emitted from the bag, not the sweet smell of sandalwood.

Similarly, by reading Dada Krtashivananda’s letter below you can understand what is in his mind.


If you see a well-to-do person on the street and suddenly they start moving naked and claiming that they are president of universe and challenging everyone, then you understand that this person has a screw loose. That is the type of transformation that took place with Dada Krtashivananda by the letter he wrote on Sunday 18 Dec 2011. If you have not seen it, please write.


Seeing Dadaji’s expression one can only wonder how did he even stayed in the organisation and did not become defector like Madhavananda.

We can think of it this way.

During a cyclone, all the trees without strong root systems fall while some with disease roots remain standing, only to fall some time later, maybe even after decades.

That seems to be the case with Dada Krtashivananda. It is surprising that he even continued in AM up until this time. We can only wonder why did he not defect back in 1970 with the others.

If he believes that Ananda Marga is really junk then why he has he misguided so many onto the path of AM for so long.

Which is the truth: Either what he was doing before was a lie by bringing so many people into AM when in truth he thought it was junk; or what he is telling now is junk and the path of AM is really great.

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Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 07:11:28 +0530
From: “Deva_Sudhakar”
Subject: Prabhat Samgiita as Film Songs



Every Ananda Margii knows that Prabhat Samgiita stands as one of the great, golden treasures given by our Guru, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji.

As His disciples, it is our bounden duty to ensure that this treasure is maintained and presented in the proper way – as Baba intended. We all understand that.


Recently, one person was wondering why the words “Baba” or “Parama Purusa” are used in our Prabhat Samgiita purports.

To best understand this matter, let’s select a sample Prabhat Samgiita:

Bha’loba’siya’chi toma’re
Pra’n’er ma’jhe maner ma’jhe… (PS 323)

Some suggest just to just write the meaning like this:

I love You, You are in my heart and mind

But this type of literal expression causes so many problems. Some will sing this line to their girlfriend, boyfriend or lover in a sexual way and various films might adopt this song to depict a character’s infatuation with the opposite sex. All this and more can happen when the meaning of Prabhat Samgiita #323 is written without using the term, “Baba”.

If we do not put the term “Baba” in the purport then the common people will naturally think that this is just some mundane song of crude infatuation. They will not understand that this Prabhat Samgiita is a devotional song for Parama Purusa Baba. That is why it is so important to qualify that these songs are exclusively for Parama Purusa by using His name in the purport. More about this notion is written below.

First let’s examine what the purport of that line should be.

What the purport should be:

Baba, O’ My Lord, I love You
in the depths of mind and
in the core of my heart

By using His name, it is unmistakably clear that this is a devotional song for Baba. Otherwise, without His name in the purport, in this era of sensual materialism where sex is everything, the mass population will distort Prabhat Samgiita #323 for their own crude needs and desires.

This matter will be clearly understood by reading the following as many new and unique points are raised.


1) It is very important to address the purport of Prabhat Samgiita to Baba, Lord, or Divine Entity etc in order to qualify to whom the song is for. These songs express a devotee’s love and longing for Him; these compositions enable the bhakta to share the feeling of their heart with Parama Purusa Baba.

However, low-minded people are not going to think in this way. They cannot comprehend this devotional feeling.

Thus when they see the phrase, “I love You” or “You are my Dearest”, or “You are my one and only”, they will immediately use this song for their worldly lover, i.e. their girlfriend or mistress etc. It is far beyond their thought process to think that these loving Prabhat Samgiita compositions are for the Divine Entity Baba who is the nearest and dearest one of the heart.

This is not some some far-fetched idea – just continue reading below and see what some have done.


2) After all let us not forget that certain people in Tiljala have already marketed Baba’s divine Prabhat Samgiita collection as filmy songs. They are doing this to entice the general public and make money by heightened sales by using filmy singers and presenting the composition to the public as a filmy song. They are doing this to boost sales and earn a profit.

If any Prabhat Samgiita is used for devotional purposes then that is fine – there is no objection – but when Baba’s divine compositions are being used for sexual allurement, then that cannot be tolerated. Yet that is what the Tiljala camp has done and indeed continues to do.

They want to become rich by selling our devotional treasure of Prabhat Samgiita as worldly love songs. And verily they are filling their pockets this way.

So when some of our Dadas are using our holy Prabhat Samgiita collection in this gross manner, then certainly members of the general public are inclined towards using the songs in this degenerated way as well.


3) If by our purports, we make it cent-per-cent clear that these songs are directed towards our Beloved Baba and no one else, by placing His exact name in the purport itself, then that will safeguard the integrity and honor of Prabhat Samgiita.

Let us never forget that Baba forbid His divine songs of Prabhat Samgiita to be played on the radio or for crude Bollywood movies. He vehemently opposed this. No one should ever forget this.

Thus, by using the address “Baba” or “Lord” in the Prabhat Samgiita purport, there is no scope for low-minded people to misinterpret the song and use it for their own lustful ways and relations.

The songs should be written like this.

What the purport should be:

Baba, O’ My Lord, I love You
in the depths of mind and
in the core of my heart

Not like this…

I love You, You are in my heart and mind


4) After all, just see what happened with Ravindra Samgiita. Rabindranath Tagore wrote so many devotional songs yet those compositions have been adopted and hijacked by the general public to express their infatuation with the opposite sex. Most of his songs are used in this way.

Ravindra Samgiita compositions are commonly used in to express sexual desire in film, dance, theater, and all kinds of pseudo-culture entertainment venues. People use his songs to express sexual desire and allurement for the opposite sex.

We must not allow a similar fate to happen to Baba’s divine Prabhat Samgiita collection. By addressing the purports of the song to Parama Purusa or the Divine Entity or Baba, then the meaning the intention is clear and lowly people cannot twist the song for the own mundane attraction or desire.

Here is below is another reason…


5) Adding the address, Baba or Lord, to the Prabhat Samgiita purport is also very important because when Baba first gave guru puja then some naive people thought that Baba Himself was doing guru puja to His Guru. Similarly when Baba started Prabhat Samgiita in 1982, then some ignorant people thought that Baba is praying or giving homage to His Lord Parama Purusa.

They thought that Baba is also a great devotee addressing His lord through song like other bhaktas have done. Dumb people could not conceive of the idea that our Divine Guru always teaches us how to do spiritual practices. Prabhat Samgiita is just His way of teaching us how devotees should remember the Lord.

Such are the misguided ways people can interpret Prabhat Samgiita. By addressing the purport of the song to Baba Himself, then no one can ever foolishly think that Baba is a great devotee. Rather one will understand that these compositions are directed towards Baba as the Parama Purusa.

Here again is a review of that Prabhat Samgiita.

What the purport should be:

Baba, O’ My Lord, I love You
in the depths of mind and
in the core of my heart

Not like this…

I love You, You are in my heart and mind


6) Here it should be added that some are already writing their own purports for Prabhat Samgiita on the internet and they are not addressing the meaning to Baba. They simply write, “I love you” or “You are my dearest”. By this way they are making it confusing and ambiguous; their approach is not at all good because crude people will find those translations and songs on-line and use them in the wrong way.

Why has this negative tendency developed? Because in this cycle of brahmacakra, every human being has passed through countless animal lives and those old patterns and ways are very familiar to them. One is easily drawn to the baser propensities like sex. That is what they know due to past life experience – so they gravitate towards crude dealings.

In contrast, the path to the Divine is essentially unknown to them. That takes pointed discipline and a higher mind. Hence people revert to their old patterns of behaviour and crude propensities.


7) These songs are Baba’s divine boon to all bhaktas. In these compositions, He is teaching sadhakas how to communicate and address Him. Baba’s divine compositions are very loving and are directed toward Parama Purusa. Our duty is to ensure that these songs are used only in a sanctified and spiritual manner.


We should all be crystal-clear on this important topic.

In review, the main question was why is Baba’s name – or other terms like Lord or Parama Purusa – being used in our Prabhat Samgiita purports.

And the answer is that so people understand that these songs are for the Divine Entity Baba, and not for lowly sensual relations and the opposite sex.

If people fail to write Baba’s name or Lord in the purports for Prabhat Samgiita then we should point them out and warn them not to do this. Our duty is to maintain the high devotional standard of Baba’s divine compositions.

What the purport should be:

Baba, O’ My Lord, I love You
in the depths of mind and
in the core of my heart

Not like this…

I love You, You are in my heart and mind

I think now the point is perfectly clear. Should anyone have any question or otherwise, please do write it. Those with a devotional mind will surely understand.


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