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Date: 20 Dec 2011 21:26:54 -0000
From: “K Lingappa”
Subject: Baba Story: Graced Me by Tobacco Impersonation




Note: The following is a first-hand account as told by family acarya Brahmadevaji of Medininagar (Daltonganj). More about Ac. Brahmadevaji’s background in AM including his role in securing the Ananda Nagar land is noted after the signature.

In the 1960’s I was a very active margii and became a family acarya, but in the 70’s & 80’s I was not at all active in AM – rather inactive.

Then in 1984, Daltonganj was declared as a site for holding DMC. As that was my home area, all the margiis told me to come and attend. I did not know what to do. I was feeling very hesitant; after all, how could I show my face in front of Baba after being absent for so long. In the end, Baba gave me the requisite inspiration and courage to come and see Him.

As I had not been strictly following the various do’s and don’ts of AM, I did not dare go and sit directly before Baba. When attending any program at that DMC, I would sit and watch from a distance.


One day during that DMC gathering, Baba was walking outside His residence in the courtyard. All the margiis had assembled there and were standing around the courtyard watching Him. I was also watching, but from further back, hiding behind the crowd. I could see Baba but I was not within His direct sight.

While walking Baba started making a big drama of how people chew tobacco. He reached and placed His right hand in His shirt pocket and pretended to take out a small tobacco container.

As many know, most tobacco containers have two parts. One side for the calcium hydroxide (chuna or hydrated lime powder), and the other side for the tobacco.

Baba then pretended to put some tobacco and chuna (calcium hydroxide) in His left palm. Then with His right thumb He started pressing and mixing vigorously. All the margiis were smiling, watching His drama.

After mixing the tobacco and chuna for two minutes, Baba then began to shake the mixture and hitting it into His palm making that slapping noise on the palm – as is usually done. Baba was perfectly mimicking those tobacco chewers. Baba’s impersonation was exactly the same as how those addicts always do.

When He was satisfied it was properly mixed, Baba collected it all with His right hand and pretended to place the mixture between His front lip and gum by tilting His head slightly back and raising His jaw. He pulled His lower lip out and “inserted” the tobacco mixture between His lower lip and gum. Of course there was no real tobacco involved – just it was an impersonation.

Baba was making the drama perfectly and doing everything meticulously. All present were enjoying His marvelous performance.

Then Baba called my name, “Brahmadeva, how was that – isn’t that how it is done?”

Hearing this I started crying.


That drama and His calling touched the deep core of my heart. I realised how Baba watches me always. No margii knew I was chewing tobacco those days, but Baba knew. I had not seen Him for years and years and still He knew.

That day I realised that Baba watches everything and He is Parama Purusa – God. No human being can watch everyone all of the time. Only Baba can. And not only does He watch but He cares deeply.

Chewing tobacco is not at all good. He pointed it out so I would give up this harmful habit.

By Baba’s grace, that day three distinct ideas crystalised in my mind:
(1) Baba watches whatever I do all the 24hrs, whether I am an active margii or an inactive one He watches and He cares deeply about my well-being.
(2) Baba is all-merciful as He took the time to point out my bad habit by making a drama – all done for my welfare so I would not die prematurely of mouth cancer.
(3) Furthermore, that moment Baba removed my guilt and I felt so light and burden-free. This was the most important aspect of all.

By the medium of this drama, He graced me and since then my attraction towards Him has multiplied more and more and I became closer to Baba. It is His grace.

Those who watched all this from a distance may only think that Baba pointed out my mistake. But I felt deep inside that He removed all my sins and filled my mind with devotion. That was the miraculous effect of His special drama.


All I can say is that Baba graces His disciples in countless ways: By pointing out our misdeeds, punishing us for our sins, encouraging us to follow dharma, and guiding us on each and every big or small event in life. Verily He graces in all sorts of ways.

Externally it may look quite mundane to the unknowing observer; but, in reality, when He was making that drama, His wee-bit of grace, which no one else could see, changed my entire being. Externally He was pointing out a bad habit, and internally it was so much more. This type of pointing out was just an excuse in order to grace me.

All done for our betterment and progress along the path of Supreme Benevolence. By this way He blessed me with more and more devotion and attraction for Him.




In case you are not aware, Ac. Brahmadevaji played an instrumental role in securing the land for Ananda Nagar. Initially some Wts tried to approach the King of Garh-Jaipur of Purulia about getting some land but the king did not even receive them. Then Baba told Brahmadeva to go and by Baba’s grace, he was able to convince the king of Garh Jaipur to donate land for Ananda Nagar. It did not end there. After the king gave his approval, Ac Brahmadevaji fought to physically capture the land and clear away all squatters, transients, and others. Then the Ananda Nagar MU program began.


PS Intro: Here the devotee is immersed in His divine love and he is thinking to himself in the following way.

“A’ma’y d’a’k diye ja’y kon aja’na’y, kii snigdhata’r bha’s’a’…” (PS 2343)


Which unknown Divine Entity is calling me in my heart. What a sweetness is saturating His voice which intoxicates my heart with divine love. That Divine Entity is coming with His sweet and attractive form & with His infinite rhythm and melody.

I was hoping that I will get Him and also that I will go on doing His task. With His inspiration and grace, I will go on moving forward forgetting the pain and pleasure of this material world.

In the deep corner of my mind & in the sacred place of my heart which holds all my inner desires and ideation, I only long for You. O’ Lord, please come in my mental lotus and fill it with Your color. Baba, please come…

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