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From: “Mahesh Deva”
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Subject: Baba Story: Baba Saved Life of Infant



Note: The following is a first-hand account from a senior margii, Ramshreya Prasad Srivastava of Narkatiya Ganj, West Champaron Dist (Bihar).

In 1971, after my first son was born, we planned to host a baby naming ceremony at our house. After all, as an initiated and practicing Ananda Margii, I felt it was our family duty to follow the Ananda Marga system. So we set the date for the baby naming gathering and arranged for a local family acarya to perform the ceremony.


I invited local villagers to the program. But they refused to attend as they thought my outlook and way of living was against the vedas and puranas. They felt I had turned my back on the traditions and rituals of the Karmakand (vedas ) and the Hindu religion. So they told me they would not attend.

Not only that, those villagers thought a very unfortunate and tragic episode would befall the child and / or my family because of my “sinful ways.” They predicted the Almighty would punish me. With that fear also they did not participate.

I told them, “This is my child and my family and if something happens then I will face consequences. But this is what I am going to do.”

I was determined to follow the AM system. By Baba’s grace the ceremony was performed and everything went quite smoothly.


The next day we were sitting outside the house by the fire to warm ourselves. After some time my wife wanted to pass the baby to me. I was sitting directly opposite her – across the fire. She stood up and I stood and she started to hand the child to me.

Our infant was wrapped in a cloth and as my wife began to pass me the baby, suddenly the child fell from in between our arms directly onto the fire. The fire was burning with flames upwards of 2 ft high. The child started crying loudly and violently.

I was frozen, panic-stricken, and in shock. Temporarily I lost sight of what to do. In a moment, my senses returned and I readied to pull my dear baby from the burning flames.

Taking Baba’s name, I reached into the fire and grabbed my son, along with the cloth. I then did a quick check of him – expecting the worst. By Baba’s grace nothing happened – my boy was neither burned nor hurt from the fall. I just closed my eyes surrendering to Baba, knowing that He watches over everything.

Seeing my son saved from this life-threatening tragedy was most astonishing for my whole family and the entire village. Nobody could believe their eyes. They were incredulous – totally in awe of what had just transpired. Especially those villagers who had been watching directly and saw the incident first-hand.

My neighbor said, “Your Guru must have done something to save child.”

I replied, “It is Baba’s grace. He has blessed me with the inspiration to follow His commandments and it is His duty to save us from such a tragedy.”

Today my son is a strong and devoted margii.


All in all it was quite a moving scene. Before that incident my family was opposed to Ananda Marga and after that my entire family took initiation and became devotees of Baba, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.

Everyone understood that everything happens according to the sweet will of Parama Purusa. What He wants, that happens. Without His permission nothing can happen.

I fully appreciate this Prabhat Samgiita:

“Ta’r man jodi ca’y saba kichu hay dhu’limaya e dharan’iite” (PS #207)

Meaning: If His mind desires, when He wishes, anything can happen on this dusty earth – the impossible become possible.


According to Baba’s guideline, I tried to follow His teaching and by His grace the tragedy was averted. Actually, I did not have the strength to follow – He gave me the strength, so all credit goes to Baba.

Dharma rakśati rakśitah

Baba says, ““One who protects dharma is protected by dharma.” Dharma saves the dhármika [the upholder of dharma] in the material sphere, in the subtle sphere and in the causal sphere. When dharma saves people in the material sphere, they experience it before their very eyes, they hear it with their ears, they feel it with the tenderness of touch. When dharma helps them in the causal sphere, they experience it by loving Parama Puruśa with all the sweetness of their hearts. This feeling has no external expression. When dharma saves people in the subtle sphere, they experience it through deep reflection.” (Namah Shiváya Shántáya, Disc 11: Shivokti 11)



“Maner ma’jhe kon se ka’je a’cho balo na’…” (P.S. #2033)


Baba, You are hiding in my mind. What do You go on doing there? You are sitting in the depths of my mind, and listening to all my thoughts. Nothing can remain hidden from You. Baba, it is impossible to hide anything from You — what a torture this is.

Your liila, Your divine play, is very vast– verily immeasurable like the infinite ocean. To understand Your divine liila is very difficult. When I go to measure the depth of Your liila, then my whole existence is lost. Only consciousness remains floating. By Your grace my mind becomes one with You. My “I feeling” gets lost.
Baba, if You do not want to get held, please tell me what You want. If I know Your desire, then I will change my desire and make it parallel to Your desire. What You like, that will be my desire. Baba, You are eternally hiding in my mind and heart. Nothing remains unknown to You…


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Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2009 22:05:06
Subject: Boon or Curse – Depending


“Ei vanaviithika’y pus’pama’ya’y nije ese dhara’ dile a’ma’y…” P.S. 2108


Baba, You have graced me and You have come in my mind– in my mental garden You have appeared. Baba, You have shown me the magical display of flowers and You have allowed me to hold You. Baba, whatever You have taught and whatever You have told, everything I have kept in my mind, in my mental plate, by Your grace.

O’ my dearmost, how can I forget that very special memorable day when I saw You. I could tell that that Your whole heart was saturated with the deep feeling of mineness and love towards me. With the mental flower and in the cycle of the seasons and months, with the passage of time, that very love is getting stronger & stronger, more serene and pure.

Baba, by Your grace I have got You in my heart. Up till now I was just searching You externally– moving here and there– but I could not get You. But now You have come in my heart, so I have everything. In the secret, solitary, depths of my mind– all my desires are getting satiated. Baba, You have graced me and You have come directly into my heart. You have made my life meaningful…


A man at the peak of his career, with a good wife, social respect, and financial power opts to carouse around with a young woman and risk everything, thinking that he will never be caught.

A popular leader – a man of the people – grabs congressional control only to turn his back on the masses and rule with an iron fist.

A pious woman who has led a simple life, gets hit by a bus when crossing the street and loses both her legs.

A young man shocks everyone by stepping away from a life of “guaranteed worldly success” in order to dedicate himself to a noble cause with seemingly little rewards.


So many things happen in life – good things and bad things, smart choices and foolish ones. And it is all distinctly linked with the expression of our samskaras – reactions from our past actions & past lives, or yoga’s theory of cause and effect.

For some, their good samskaras can be a gateway to liberation, while for others their good samskaras can ricochet them onto the path to hell, if they abuse the fruits of their pious past actions.

Good then does not always signify future greatness or liberation, and bad does not mean terrible things. A man suffering from bad samskaras may reflect more deeply and vow to lead a virtuous life.

All that can be said is that all samskaras – whether they be good ones or bad ones – are binding, keeping one forever tied to the cycle of life and death.

This letter investigates some of the many nuances of the ways of karma and at the same time presents Baba’s guideline for how to escape the endless cycle or noose of action and reaction.


While at some point or another we have all learned about karma theory – let’s take a moment to review some fundamental rules.

(A) Must Have Free Will to Create Samskaras

Only human beings can create samskaras, whether good or bad. Someone may decide to steal a chocolate bar or a sports car, while another may volunteer in a literacy center. By exercising our free will and making life choices, we create our samskaras, or unexpressed reactions.

In contrast, animals cannot create any (new) samskaras because they do not have free will. Everything they do is according to instinct, nature, and the Cosmic operative principle, or prakrti. If a monkey bites a small human baby, then that monkey will not incur any samskara.

The only thing that can be said is that that monkey may have been born into animal life because of their previous bad samskaras from human life, but during that animal life no new samskaras can be created.

From the time one first emerges from the Supreme Hub in the form of fire or water, or wood etc up until one’s highest expression of animal life – i.e. along the path of saincara – one will not have any samskaras. It is only during one’s first human life – that first step into the arena of pratisaincara – that samskaras get created based on what one does.

One may then may bounce back and forth between various grades of human and animal life, between pratisaincara, negative pratisaincara, and saincara. It all depends upon how one exercises their free will when in human form.

A despotic ruler will most assuredly be reborn as a lower being or even as a piece of iron, depending upon the nature of their sins etc.

(B) Samskaras Carry Over From Life to Life

We must always remember that ours is a part life – we have been coming and going from one life to the next for ions. We may be 50, or 35, or 71 years old, so unless this is our first human life, we are carrying around a big bundle of samskaras from our past lives.

And that can take shape in so many ways and explain why a very good person my undergo a terrible problem in life. It may seem totally unfair, yet what they are undergoing may be the result of a samskara from 2 or even 5 or 10 lives ago.

Thus there is no set time frame for when a Samskara will take expression, nor is there an easy escape from those unexpressed reactions – they have to take form. Not even a man of extraordinary wealth can free himself from those reactions. In addition, those samskaras are more than we can ever undergo in one life – and in this life also we will create even more samskaras.

Hence the cycle is unending: Birth to death and then rebirth, until one is blessed to enter the path of sadhana. Even then it is not an easy ride. It takes tremendous effort, coupled with His divine grace, to achieve liberation.

So ours is a part life, linked with a whole chain of past lives and hence old samskaras.


We all then enter this world with so much baggage – and just having good samskaras alone does not ensure that one’s movement will be proper. Actually, it is usually those who are enjoying the fruits of their past good actions who then inflict the most harm on others.

Most often it is due to the expression of our good samskaras that we then create such a nasty pile of bad samskaras. The real culprit is our false sense of vanity. Just see.

For most of us, our life choices do not dramatically effect entire populations of people. Just a few people hold such positions – often due to their good deeds in the past.

Because of their honesty or service in the past, in this life they have taken on a high stature. And then what happens: Ego grows and grows.

Hey may begin to think that they have the world in the palm of their hand, or feel that they are invincible etc. In that seemingly unbeatable – yet precarious and vulnerable position – they may commit so many wrongs that they will put themselves on the fast track to hell.

They may drop a bomb on an entire city or nation, or they may suppress millions, or they may declare an entire people to be slaves. So many things one may do under that false sense of vanity. In their blindness they think that no harm can come their way, but in the due course they will undergo each and every reaction. And so many times those harsh reactions begin in this very life.

How many times have we witnessed those at the height of power fall to the depths of hell within a few years. Their names are endless and come in so many shapes and sizes: Mrs. Indira Gandhi, O.J. Simpson, Bernie Madoff, Adolf Hitler, Christopher Reeve, Saddam Hussein, and the list goes on and on.

Thus even if one has good samskaras from the past, that is not necessarily a key for greatness. One may tumble at any moment if one is not careful.


All in all, we never know when a good or bad samskara may take expression. There is no fixed time frame – it may be this life or the next. Just a conducive environment is needed.

When we are young and feeling strong and healthy then we may only reap our past good samskaras and our bad ones are just waiting for the proper moment to come forth. A man in his youth may marry a beautiful woman only to watch that woman run off with another man, or vice versa. So many things can happen – it just depends on when the ground is fertile.


And of course, one’s good samskaras can lead one further along the path of righteousness.

Baba says, “Vaedikii diiks’a’ is to request God, request the Lord, to show one the right path. And after a long time, when the Lord is satisfied, He arranges for Ta’ntrikii diiks’a’. Ananda Marga diiks’a’ is Ta’ntrikii diiks’a’.” (AV-3)

By Baba’s grace, many of us have come onto the path of Ananda Marga due to some proper effort in the past. Yet we all know, we must all put forth the right effort to keep on this path. The moment we think that we ourselves are great or the moment we look to material satisfaction for our happiness, we may fall from the path.

Here the point then is that good samskaras are not just a liability such as in the case of Mrs Gandhi or OJ Simpson etc, because of one’s past samskaras with proper feeling one can become a great sadhaka, as we se in so many examples.


The main problem comes when people think, “I will take the good samskaras and Parama Purusa should take my bad ones.”

This is when vanity, ego, lust, and all kinds of degenerative properties take shape in the mind. Because that outlook is devoid of any service mentality.

Then one asserts their free will in a negative direction. Most or Hollywood, sports stars, and political leaders fall in this category. Due to their past good deeds they got some qualification in this life, yet due to ego they end up tumbling far, far below.

What they fail to realise is that getting human life again is not an easy task. Again one will have to go through countless animals lives.


So this whole entire samskara theory is quite complex. It may bring us fame and fortune or it may remain hidden for decades and then crop up one day, dramatically changing the course of our lives.

One other critical point is that samskaras may take physical expression or psychic expression. At this point in the advanced societies, most undergo mental torment and torture in the form of anxiety, stress, depression, or so many other psychic ailments.

Whereas in the poor countries, people suffer in the material sphere but not necessarily in the mental realm.


By Baba’s grace, He has blessed us by bringing us on the path. We understand that we this world is not our eternal abode and it cannot offer us endless bliss. Rather we are to become one with Him – in this very life itself. That is our aim; that is our destiny. Yet we have so many samskaras.

So in sadhaka life, our samskaras ripen very quickly for they must get expressed in this life itself – as there will not be future lives. So we must undergo a huge number of reactions. Even then, they cannot all take expression. There just is not enough time.

Baba says, “So Parama Purus’a says to His devotees, “Just see how difficult it is for you to carry such a heavy load of sam’skaras. You are small children. The load weighs more than you. How long will you be able to carry such a burden? You have accumulated so many sam’skaras that you will have to carry the load for many lives, for thousands of years. One life will certainly be insufficient. So I have a proposition. Give me the entire load of your accumulated sam’skaras. I will carry it for you”.

“The devotees reply, “How can we possibly give our heavy burden to You? No, we must carry the load ourselves. We will sing songs and dance for you, but we will never give you such a heavy load of sins”.”

“But Parama Purus’a knows that His dear devotees cannot carry such a heavy load of sins. If they do not give away the load it will be a constant strain for them. So what does Parama Purus’a do in such circumstances? He takes their sins without their permission. If someone takes things from others without their permission, what is it called? It is called theft. Thus, as Parama Purus’a takes the load of sins from the devotees without their permission, He is certainly a thief “Harati pa’pah yah sah Harih.” One who steals others sins is called Hari. So, one of His names is Hari.” (AV-8)



There are many angles and aspects to this our samskara theory. In the above letter, only certain elements were touched on. Others should write in with more points.

Deserts Needed

Baba says, “Ecologists claim that some deserts are essential for keeping the global ecology in a balanced state. The high day temperatures and the cold night temperatures that occur in desert regions create a useful effect. The hot, dry desert air rises and creates a vacuum which sucks in cool air, generating a chain reaction. Moist air is sucked in from the sea and formed into clouds which then rain on the land. If deserts vanish entirely, the overall rainfall will be reduced.” (PNS-16, p.37)

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Subject: Heaven & Hell Difference…


“Tumi a’ma’r a’hva’ne sa’r’a’ diyecho…” (P.S. 1265)


Baba, You are so gracious You have paid heed to my call of longing. After remaining quiet for a long time, in the end You have finally listened to the cry of my heart. Such a long span of time has passed. The tender leaves of spring have become yellow and fallen down. The green vegetation in the mountains also underwent huge change; I saw they did not remain the same. Such a long span of time has passed.

In the end, ultimately I received the showering of Your grace. My heart is inundated with the bliss of having You. You have filled my life with ecstasy.

Baba, You know so many liilas, divine plays, which I do not understand. In this situation, I go on only searching You– feeling spellbound, astonished, & amazed. Only You know the glory of Your divine play. Baba, You have filled and satiated my heart and mind with the showering of Your causeless grace. Baba, You have heard the cry of my longing….



‘I am happy to be here’, ‘It is my pleasure to do that’, ‘thanks for inviting me’…

The above are all common sayings in today’s western, capitalistic society and such expressions are quickly being converted and translated into languages all around the globe. Such is the spread of capitalism.


However, Baba clearly guides us that there is a tremendous difference between the four basic types of philosophies: Dogma-centered, matter-centered, self-centered, and God-centered. And in particular the self-centered philosophy of capitalism is based purely on individual egoistic desires or selfishness whereas the God-centered philosophy of Ananda Marga is based totally on service psychology– serving all as expressions of Brahma.

Baba says, “The followers of self-centred philosophy do everything only for self-interest, self-pleasure…In self-centred philosophies, individual selfishness is the motive, as in capitalism…Those who follow God-centred philosophy serve humanity and the entire living world with equal love and affection according to Neohumanism.” (PNS-18)


So there is a heaven and hell difference between the selfishness of capitalism and the service oriented mentality of Ananda Marga. The first aims towards ego satisfaction and the fulfilling of one’s petty desires; whereas the latter aims at helping and service others for the cause of universal welfare.

Unfortunately, at present, it is this selfish psychology of capitalism that is spreading like wildfire around the globe today. Because already it is saturated in the west and now the so-called third world nations want to step up into the ‘greatness of modernity’ so they emulate each and every aspect of western, materialistic life– including their manner of speaking. Those very crude phrases get translated into one’s own local tongue– or people merely adopt the English expression in their hometown of Bali, Cape Town, or San Juan. That is how this selfishness is manifesting itself around the globe in all aspects of life: In how one thinks, lives, walks, and talks.

Here then is a further look at the situation at hand.


Today on the radio, on the internet, at governmental summits, on TV interviews, in business meetings, at family gatherings, on the street, and in each and every nook and cranny of modernity there are a whole slew of expressions which reveal the utter selfishness of the prevailing philosophy of the day.

If one listens to any talk, interview, or speech etc, phrases such as the following abound: ‘Thanks for giving me opportunity’, ‘it is my pleasure’, ‘I felt good doing that’, ‘I enjoyed being part of the relief project’, ‘I am delighted to be here’, ‘It is my privilege’, ‘I will be happy to do that’, ‘I am honoured to receive this’, and on and on the list goes.

These are totally I-centered, egoistic ways of speaking– that reflect a self-centered and narrow way of thinking. In each and every case the ‘I’ is dominating– i.e. one’s own petty happiness, not any welfare or service motive. They all revolve around selfish, unit pleasures. And this is the pervasive mentality of capitalism, where #1 is not God, others, but rather oneself.

So it is not just a linguistic phenomenon, because as we look around it is quite apparent that nations, peoples, businesses, consumers, and citizens are acting in a totally selfish manner.

So the poison of selfishness is deeply rooted and prevalent all around.


That is why when hearing expressions like, ‘It gives me great pleasure’ or ‘Thank you for inviting me to participate’, one may wonder: What is the problem– those are fine expressions.

Because these are so commonly spoken and so commonly heard, people accept such selfish ways of speaking as being totally normal, fine, and well. Verily, the selfishness of capitalism has seeped so deep into the human psyche that selfishness itself becomes hard for some to recognise.

It is just like if one works in a barn all day and has cow dung all over their shoes, pants, hands, nose then it may be hard for that person to recognise the very smell of that animal feces as it has become part of their very being. Not only are they surrounded by that cow dung but they themselves are immersed in it. In that case that offensive smell is totally unrecognisable to them.

Same is the case with the selfishness of capitalism in today’s present day world. Capitalism preaches selfish pleasure and that is what everybody chases after all day long: In their business life, in their personal life, in their family life etc.

If their business swallows up another one only to cause massive unemployment, those top executives does not care so long as it is good for their own business agenda; likewise if any individual gets their personal goal met of buying a huge, fancy house, it is of no concern to them that there are millions who are homeless– because they got their own selfish desire met; likewise if a husband no longer likes to live a family way of life, then in a split-second he will leave his wife and kids and run off with a sensual honey who is 30 years younger. That is the way society is moving these days. And it is accepted– even people are praised and admired for doing such crude things.

That is why it is difficult– if not impossible– for many people to detect selfishness in today’s world, let alone in their speech patterns. Because for them, selfishness is as totally normal as the air they breathe.


As Ananda Margiis however, our eyes should be open to such selfish ways of speaking and we should awaken others to it as well. Because the root cause of such expressions is one’s own mental colour. And possessing a selfish mentality is ultravarious to our AM ideology, and indeed harmful to the humanity and to one’s own spiritual growth. For these reasons, it is important to be vigilant to detect and toss out all kinds of selfishness– including in one’s manner of speaking.


Thus instead of saying things like, ‘It give me great pleasure’, ‘I am happy to be here’, or ‘Thank you for the opportunity’, which all reflect one’s own personal satisfaction, we should speak in a manner that reflects the service psychology of Ananda Marga.

What should we say then?

How about, ‘I feel blessed to be able to come here and serve you’, or ‘It is Baba’s grace I could participate and help others’, or any other style of expression that places emphasis on serving others and not on one’s own happiness.

The English language is constructed in such a way that it may be impossible to make the statement without using the ‘I’ term. So what needs to happen then is to direct the importance of the sentence towards helping and serving other rather than one’s own unit satisfaction.

For that reason it is important that we express ourselves in the follow manner, ‘I feel blessed to be able to serve you today’– because in AM our whole outlook is to live a life in service to others.

Baba says, “All human beings are to be served…Remember that your service does not oblige the Supreme, rather you are obliged because you have such a chance to serve the Supreme in the form of living beings.” (Ananda Vanii #28)

Baba says, “Bear in mind that you have a duty towards – indeed, you owe a debt to – every creature of this universe, but towards you, no one has any duty; from others, nothing is due.” (CC-2)

Thus our whole way of life in the Marga is based on serving God both in sadhana as well as in the form of living beings– we have not come here just to satisfy our own petty unit desires.

That is why there is a heaven and hell difference between the crude capitalistic outlook and all its negative expressions and the glorified vision of Ananda Marga and our service oriented way of life.

So none should get caught up in the smog of capitalism where life is merely about satisfying one’s own egoistic inclinations– nor should our talk reflect such things either.


By Baba’s grace He has showered the humanity with the sweetness and charm of a God-centered way of living that will bring peace and welfare to one and all.

Baba says, “As long as you exist, you have got to perform yajina (service). The moment you cease from discharging duties, either due to incapacity or wrong choice you will fall into an abyss. You should not let this happen. It is your dharma to move from narrowness to vastness, from greatness to divinity. To allow yourself to fall into an abyss is against the characteristic of your existence. You long for eternal bliss and endeavour for eternal life. You are associated with that unending vitality in the blood circulation of your arteries and veins and in the rhythmic throbbing of your heart. You have been listening day and night the voice of eternal youth. Can you ever imagine remaining inert matter in an inactive state where there is no yajina (service)? Even in the state of supreme realization you will be infused with boundless knowledge. O human beings! be established in the radiance of divinity and the splendour of valour and chivalry, because yours is the path of revolution. Your path is not the path of extra caution not the path of extra cautioned and scheduled movement. You are the traveller of a rugged path. You are travellers of an impregnable path. You have to march ahead proudly with the flag of Marga upright. You have no time to stagger or to look behind.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 1, Yajiṋa and Karmaphala )


Real Wealth

“Ya’jinavalkya asked, ‘What would you like?'”

“Maetreyii replied: ‘Yena’ham’ na’mrtasya’m’ tena’ham’ kim kurya’m'”

“‘What will I do with things which will not remain with me permanently?
Of what use are the objects which will not establish me in
immortality?…’Please give me that thing which will remain with me
permanently, which I’ll be able to preserve forever, which will
establish me in immortality. I don’t want anything else.'”

“Then Ya’jinavalkya gave her a number of instructions, upon which a
major part of Raja Yoga is based’.” (AV-7, p.44)

Note: As described in the above quote: Really, worldly things cannot
remain with us very long. That is why ideal people run towards Parama
Purusa. Being Parama Purusa and Guru, Baba Himself has guided us how to
reach Him. On this point, we are extremely fortunate to at least have
gotten the path. Now our main duty is to follow it.

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From: “Priyanath C Mittra”
Subject: Who Can Think This Is…


“Prabhu toma’r liila’ apa’r, buddhite ke bujhite pa’re…” (PS 507)


O’ Prabhu, Your divine liila is beyond all human comprehension. Merely relying upon one’s own minute intellect, who can understand Your vast cosmic liila– no one. Baba, You are present in form as well as in the unexpressed universe. You reside within everything and You are also surrounding each and every one. Baba, You are infinite.
Baba, by Your grace You are present in the depths of the deep blue ocean as well as in the whiteish fog of the tall mountain peaks. Whereever I look or see and even in the places that I cannot see, everything resides within Your mind.
Baba, You are present in the poreless stone and lac and You are also present in the revolving seasons. You are in the mobile as well as immobile entities; You are everywhere. Baba, whatever I think and even what I do not think, everything resides within Your mind. Baba, You are so vast.
Baba, Your liila is fathomless; I long for Your causeless grace; Baba, I want Your shelter, please grace me…



One by one we are undoing and getting rid of the dogmas which have hounded our Marga since 1990. Things are most definitely moving in a positive direction. As we all become more ideologicall aware and set Baba’s ideal as the gold-bar standard, then naturally dogmas that certain people draggged into the Marga or invented by themselves will be dismantled.


We all know that the original and true Ananda Vaniis are golden bullets of inspiration that inspire us to move ahead, overcome all obstacles, and lead the humanity into the new crimson dawn. So Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are truly unique.

Even then some “leaders” are thinking that they can create their own false versions– and have come up with a tainted formula for doing so.


Some may be thinking that:’Because Ananda Vaniis are small, since they are just one or two paragraphs, so therefore to make one new Ananda Vanii, just take one Baba’s discourse and select one tiny paragraph out of that. And that will be an “Ananda Vanii”.’

A few may be thinking in this above distorted manner.

And indeed if anybody sees superficially then they will say that ‘Ok, true Ananda Vaniis are generally one or sometimes two paragraphs. So the ruling group or subgroup did fine by collecting some excerpts or quotations from Baba’s long discourses. So on the basis of size, their fake Ananda Vanii is ok.’ This is just one misguided outlook.

So some may get confused because the the length of the true Ananda Vaniis and the length of the fake Ananda Vaniis is the same. That is to say, the length of Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis are one or two paragraphs, and the random pre-published lines that group leaders select for Fake Ananda Vaniis is one or two paragraphs. And then they stick on the name– Ananda Vanii– when in fact what they are sending out is just a Fake Ananda Vanii.

Here the main idea is that on the point of length or the counting of words, certain quotes and true Ananda Vaniis may be similar. But length is not the criteria to evaluate this situation. If you start valuing this by its length, then that will be a foolish approach.


For example, suppose, you chop the trunk of the elephant and you start calling it a horse, who can believe that? Or, suppose you chop from the legs of the camel and then start calling it a cow, just because both are the same size. This type of logic, only babies or crazy people can accept. Not anyone else.

Or take the example of a car. Suppose you remove two wheels from that car, and with the remaining two wheels you proclaim that “This car is now a motorcycle. Because it has only two wheels. As, a motorbike has also two wheels and now this car only two — so it is now a motorcycle.” All this type of reasoning is nonsense.


Surely this approach will be a foolish approach if anybody does the above. Just as having two wheels is not the only criteria of a motorbike, similarly in the true Ananda Vanii, its length is not its only criteria. It has many more things such as orginality, completeness, and so much more which we never find in those Fake Ananda Vaniis which are mere selections from a bigger discourse. Baba designated the true Ananda Vanii as something unique– as “Ananda Vanii”. So, this is unparalleled.


It is known that when Sarvatmanandaji was initially struggling to find out some formula to create his fake Ananda Vaniis, then he finally devised his plan & he called a CC meeting in order to generate group support.

And during the CC meeting they were all were thinking of a solution to continue the tradition of Ananda Vanii. After long discussion, then one great idea was put forth by one of Sarvatmanandji’s trusted pawns. He told, “Don’t worry. Here is a unique idea to create fake Ananda Vaniis. Because the length of Ananda Vanii is small, one or two paragraphs. So take Baba’s discourse. Select one or two paragraphs. And the length of this new paragraph is the same as that of real Ananda Vaniis. And then just call this new para as ‘Ananda Vanii’.”

Listening this, all the CC Purodhas clapped and accepted this idea. And since then, this selection of a few paragraphs from Baba’s discourses and passing to margiis as a new Ananda Vanii of “Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiiji” of every year, is coming.

And other groups have since adopted this same model of Fake Ananda Vaniis. So now multiple fake Ananda Vaniis are being presented each time. This is the ongoing drama by such group and sub-group leaders.


Of course now after critical analysis margiis are realizing that (A) Ananda Vaniis and (B) certain quotes of the discourses, are two different things, not one.

1) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are unique teachings not repeated from earlier discourses;
2) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are complete unto themselves; they are not part of a greater chapter;
3) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis were a special message both for that’moment as well as for eternal time; only Parama Purusa Himself can give such a teaching;
4) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are self-contained truths;
5) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis were hand-written Parama Purusa Himself.

In contrast, a quoted passage or an excerpt from a discourse does not fulfill the above stipulations that comprise an Ananda Vanii.

In other words we can say, the current formula to produce fake Ananda Vaniis is similar to these above noted animal examples. Take some discourse and select one or two paragraphs and put the title “Ananda Vanii” and date it ‘1st January, such-and-such year’. And – “Here it is, ready. New Ananda Vanii”. How easy it is.

But those who are rational margiis and WTs, they understand that taking some paragraphs of Baba’s discourse is just one quote. Neither it is a full discourse, nor is it as pointed and conclusive as a true Ananda Vanii. So at any cost, Baba’s quote cannot be called as “Baba’s Ananda Vanii”. And they cannot be collected together with the “Ananda Vanii Samgraha” book.


Altogether we have 74 true Ananda Vaniis that are of eternal value. It is from this original collective given by Baba Himself that we should select an Ananda Vanii. Baba would handwrite those Ananda Vaniis on a piece of paper. They are totally unique

So we have to think. Carrying dogma is not good. Ultimately it will be thrown out by future Ananda Margiis. Because Baba says, “Dogma no more no more”.

Here following is this divine teaching of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. If we follow this, then no problem will remain on our path of forward movement as the Fake Ananda Vaniis and other dogmas will be gone

Baba says, “There are many good people in the society– noble people engaged in noble deeds– who are not ready to fight against wrongs and injustices. This sort of passive benevolence does not really promote the cause of human progress in the world.” (AV 8, p.51)


By Baba’s infinite grace and with the strength of many devoted margiis and wts our Marga is going to rise up tall. None should think that our AM will be forever sunk in groupism & dogma. It is sure that soon it will be dharma exemplified.

Baba says, “Under no circumstances should human beings be pessimistic. That is why I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism is life.” (AFPS-3)



Just as we cannot create a Fake Supreme Command from a few paragraphs of His discourses. In the same way, we do not have the right to create some fake Ananda Vaniis.


True Ananda Vaniis are unparalleled, full of spirit, and they give the clarion call of marching song and victory. So that is the greatness of Ananda Vanii.


In the real Ananda Vaniis of Baba, He is inspiring strong fighting tendency. To overcome injustice and exploitation in the society. But the so-called Ananda Vaniis since 1991 never deal on this societal point. Or if they do, it is directed towards fighting against the opposite group, when Baba’s idea is that we should not fight amongst ourselves, but rather against dogma– i.e. against dogmas like Fake Ananda Vaniis.


We must be alert. We should take it seriously that in the name of Ananda Vanii, certain groupist factions are trying to mislead margiis. To avert and fix the situation of this current Ananda Vanii problem, we have to depend on the real original treasure of true Ananda Vaniis. Such true Ananda Vaniis are the eternal source of our inspiration.

Negative Teacher

Baba says, “Karna’s teacher was Parasurama. One day Parasurama and Karna were engaged in a conversation. Parasurama for some reason or other was tired, and he fell asleep, laying his head on Karna’s lap. At that moment a deadly insect gave a sharp bite to Karna’s thigh, and it started bleeding profusely. Karna was in great pain, no doubt, but he neither made any sound nor moved his legs even in the slightest, lest it should disturb the sleep of his guru…Later, when Parasurama woke up, he wanted to know why there was so much blood. Karna said, ‘This bleeding is due to the biting of a deadly insect on my thigh.’ Parasurama asked him, ‘Then why didn’t you make any sound, or move your legs, or even wake me up ?’ Karna said in reply ‘I didn’t do all those things because it would have disturbed your sleep. To disturb my guru’s sleep would be a sacrilege on my part. Hence I refrained from doing anything like that.’ Then Parasurama said to him, ‘Since you have so much power to endure pain, certainly you were not born in a vipra family.’ Parasurama was under the mistaken impression that Karna was a vipra by birth…’So you must have been born in a Non-Brahmin Family’ said Parasurama.” (MHB, p.62-3)

Note 1: In the above teaching it is clear that the teaching of Parasurama was inappropriate and sinful. Because he was selecting his students on the basis of caste. A proper teacher never commits such sin. On this silly ground, Parasurama cursed Karna and kicked him out from the ashram.

Note 2: Similar sinful things are going on in our present AM society. If any WT is not an ardent follower of a particular group then they will not get kapalik sadhana or vishesh yoga from those groupist leaders. Such “leaders” who are depriving others of their spiritual rights are sinners.

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From: “Gagan Deva ”
Subject: Devashish Book: Misinformation II
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 07:41:32 -0000



Yes, I too have been reading brother Devashish’s book – Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years (2010) – and have noticed quite a number of inconsistencies between Devashish’s writing and Baba’s divine teachings.

Here following is yet another example.



On page 114, paragraph #5, lines 5 and 6, Devashish writes that Bhojpuri is “Baba’s favorite childhood language.”

Thus in his book, Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years, Devashish makes the false and erroneous claim that Baba has partiality toward a particular language and that “Baba’s favorite childhood language” was Bhojpuri.


Yet as Ananda Margiis, we know that Baba has equal regard and respect for all languages. All languages are His own and He has no single favourite language like Bhojpuri or Swahili. He loves all languages equally.

Here following are some of Baba’s teachings on this point.

Baba says, “All languages of the world are fundamentally one and the same. Consequently, all languages should carry equal importance and equal respect.” (AFPS-9, The Language Issue)

Baba says, “All languages must be given equal respect. One should remember that all languages are the languages of Parama Puruśa.” (AFPS-3, Human Society Is One and Indivisible – 3)

Baba says, “Languages are the common property of the Cosmic Father. We should love all these languages. ” (Prout Nutshell-15, Talks on Prout)

Baba says, “Brahma sádhakas see Brahma in everyone and everything, loving all equally. They look upon all countries as their own country, all languages as their own language, and all races as their own race.” (AMIWL-8, The Supreme Question – 2)


And as we know Baba is the embodiment of His ideals. He is the Ista of Ananda Marga ideology and with that attribution He personifies each and every AM teaching. Ista means the embodiment of the entire ideology. There is nothing that He teaches which He does not follow.

Thus when Baba has declared that “all languages should carry equal importance and equal respect”, and “all languages are the languages of Parama Puruśa”, then it is certain that He Himself loves all languages equally. There is no question of Him favoring any particular language.

Every bhakta of the Marga easily understands this point: That Baba perfectly embodies His teachings and has equal respect and regard for all langauges.

Is it not insulting then for Devashish to falsely claim that Baba loves Bhojpuri and not Bengali, Spanish, Tagalog, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Swedish, Thai, Burmese, Latin and so many other languages.

After all, Baba loves all languages equally; they are all part of His divine creation.

Baba says, “Languages are the common property of the Cosmic Father. We should love all these languages. ” (Prout Nutshell-15, Talks on Prout)


Unfortunately, this basic truth Devashish could not grasp and even worse He printed this erroneous claim in his book, thereby misguiding new readers and the general public.

While there are any number of problems with Devashish’ book, most glaring is that Devashish makes it look like Baba has given universal teachings for others to follow while Baba Himself does something else in His personal life.

This is the terrible tragedy associated with Devashish’s book: Instead of glorifying Baba, his misguided publication – Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years (2010) – leads in the opposite direction. That is the unfortunate outcome of his writing. We can all consider why this has happened.

Sadly, there are countless erroneous and misleading claims in Devashish’s book, and all of them should be unearthed so such injustices are corrected and not repeated. Please come forward with your thoughts and comments.



The below two letters point out how Devashish wrongly claims in his publication that Baba ordered for His book – A Discussion – to be banned and ultimately burned. But this is totally false. Baba never gave such an order. Here are all the details, facts and proof:



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Date: 20 Dec 2011 21:26:54 -0000
From: “K Lingappa”
Subject: Baba Story: Graced Me by Tobacco Impersonation




Note: The following is a first-hand account as told by family acarya Brahmadevaji of Medininagar (Daltonganj). More about Ac. Brahmadevaji’s background in AM including his role in securing the Ananda Nagar land is noted after the signature.

In the 1960’s I was a very active margii and became a family acarya, but in the 70’s & 80’s I was not at all active in AM – rather inactive.

Then in 1984, Daltonganj was declared as a site for holding DMC. As that was my home area, all the margiis told me to come and attend. I did not know what to do. I was feeling very hesitant; after all, how could I show my face in front of Baba after being absent for so long. In the end, Baba gave me the requisite inspiration and courage to come and see Him.

As I had not been strictly following the various do’s and don’ts of AM, I did not dare go and sit directly before Baba. When attending any program at that DMC, I would sit and watch from a distance.


One day during that DMC gathering, Baba was walking outside His residence in the courtyard. All the margiis had assembled there and were standing around the courtyard watching Him. I was also watching, but from further back, hiding behind the crowd. I could see Baba but I was not within His direct sight.

While walking Baba started making a big drama of how people chew tobacco. He reached and placed His right hand in His shirt pocket and pretended to take out a small tobacco container.

As many know, most tobacco containers have two parts. One side for the calcium hydroxide (chuna or hydrated lime powder), and the other side for the tobacco.

Baba then pretended to put some tobacco and chuna (calcium hydroxide) in His left palm. Then with His right thumb He started pressing and mixing vigorously. All the margiis were smiling, watching His drama.

After mixing the tobacco and chuna for two minutes, Baba then began to shake the mixture and hitting it into His palm making that slapping noise on the palm – as is usually done. Baba was perfectly mimicking those tobacco chewers. Baba’s impersonation was exactly the same as how those addicts always do.

When He was satisfied it was properly mixed, Baba collected it all with His right hand and pretended to place the mixture between His front lip and gum by tilting His head slightly back and raising His jaw. He pulled His lower lip out and “inserted” the tobacco mixture between His lower lip and gum. Of course there was no real tobacco involved – just it was an impersonation.

Baba was making the drama perfectly and doing everything meticulously. All present were enjoying His marvelous performance.

Then Baba called my name, “Brahmadeva, how was that – isn’t that how it is done?”

Hearing this I started crying.


That drama and His calling touched the deep core of my heart. I realised how Baba watches me always. No margii knew I was chewing tobacco those days, but Baba knew. I had not seen Him for years and years and still He knew.

That day I realised that Baba watches everything and He is Parama Purusa – God. No human being can watch everyone all of the time. Only Baba can. And not only does He watch but He cares deeply.

Chewing tobacco is not at all good. He pointed it out so I would give up this harmful habit.

By Baba’s grace, that day three distinct ideas crystalised in my mind:
(1) Baba watches whatever I do all the 24hrs, whether I am an active margii or an inactive one He watches and He cares deeply about my well-being.
(2) Baba is all-merciful as He took the time to point out my bad habit by making a drama – all done for my welfare so I would not die prematurely of mouth cancer.
(3) Furthermore, that moment Baba removed my guilt and I felt so light and burden-free. This was the most important aspect of all.

By the medium of this drama, He graced me and since then my attraction towards Him has multiplied more and more and I became closer to Baba. It is His grace.

Those who watched all this from a distance may only think that Baba pointed out my mistake. But I felt deep inside that He removed all my sins and filled my mind with devotion. That was the miraculous effect of His special drama.


All I can say is that Baba graces His disciples in countless ways: By pointing out our misdeeds, punishing us for our sins, encouraging us to follow dharma, and guiding us on each and every big or small event in life. Verily He graces in all sorts of ways.

Externally it may look quite mundane to the unknowing observer; but, in reality, when He was making that drama, His wee-bit of grace, which no one else could see, changed my entire being. Externally He was pointing out a bad habit, and internally it was so much more. This type of pointing out was just an excuse in order to grace me.

All done for our betterment and progress along the path of Supreme Benevolence. By this way He blessed me with more and more devotion and attraction for Him.




In case you are not aware, Ac. Brahmadevaji played an instrumental role in securing the land for Ananda Nagar. Initially some Wts tried to approach the King of Garh-Jaipur of Purulia about getting some land but the king did not even receive them. Then Baba told Brahmadeva to go and by Baba’s grace, he was able to convince the king of Garh Jaipur to donate land for Ananda Nagar. It did not end there. After the king gave his approval, Ac Brahmadevaji fought to physically capture the land and clear away all squatters, transients, and others. Then the Ananda Nagar MU program began.


PS Intro: Here the devotee is immersed in His divine love and he is thinking to himself in the following way.

“A’ma’y d’a’k diye ja’y kon aja’na’y, kii snigdhata’r bha’s’a’…” (PS 2343)


Which unknown Divine Entity is calling me in my heart. What a sweetness is saturating His voice which intoxicates my heart with divine love. That Divine Entity is coming with His sweet and attractive form & with His infinite rhythm and melody.

I was hoping that I will get Him and also that I will go on doing His task. With His inspiration and grace, I will go on moving forward forgetting the pain and pleasure of this material world.

In the deep corner of my mind & in the sacred place of my heart which holds all my inner desires and ideation, I only long for You. O’ Lord, please come in my mental lotus and fill it with Your color. Baba, please come…

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From: Cinmay Deva
Subject: Smell Coming from the Bag
Date: Mon 19 Dec 2011 20:44:03 -0400


“A’jake sa’njhe madhur sa’jhe ke else go, ke ele…” (P.S. 5006)


In this sweet and intoxicated evening, Who has come, Who has come? Who is that Entity Who has created this new wave in everyone’s life and in everyone’s heart. Those who are sitting with their doors and windows closed, please come out and forget about the differences of own and other. That divine Entity Who is always sitting in the mind has come in front of us. We should enjoy His august arrival all together…


Note: This entire letter is related with one senior Dada and a letter he recently wrote.

The more people think about themselves, the smaller and smaller their mind becomes. We all know the yogic theorem – “as you think so you become.” Thus if one is thinking only about their unit self, and not thinking about the Cosmic Self, then naturally their mind will become narrow, selfish, and crude.

Those with such an ego become immersed in their own petty “I'” and develop a superiority complex. They think that they are so great. And when this continues for years and years, major problems emerge.

The main cause of an inflated ego is when people give you respect due to your post, power, dress, or stature. Such as if people respect you just because of being a wt or purodha etc – not because of your conduct, but just your post.

Then the crude ego develops and it becomes so big like puffed rice or styrofoam. In that case, the personality gets more and more hollow. At that point people start thinking that they are the greatest among all. Not because of high sadhana or samadhi or some deep realisation, just they are intoxicated with their own petty ego.

This is not anything new. In every era, in every society, there are those who lose their sense due to a grossly inflated ego. Then their ruination comes.


Here are come examples of those who had out-sized egos and what became of them.

(1) The mythological king Hiranyakashipu gave the order in his kingdom that no one should sing the Lord’s name; only his own name was to be sung. Such was the king’s crude edict. Because of this psychic disease of an inflated ego, he was destroyed in the worst way imaginable.

There are countless examples and here is another one.

(2) The former Prime Minister of India, Mrs Indhira Gandhi, had this same disease. She hired artists, writers, and musicians to compose songs of her glory. She claimed herself as the incarnation of the divine goddess Durga, and demanded that people sing kiirtan in her name. Then she openly challenged in the mass media that she will root out Ananda Marga. Due to this outrageous ego, she faced her annihilation.

(3) In our Marga there are countless cases of those who suffered from an inflated ego.
The defectors like Madhavananda who challenged Parama Purusa are but some of many. In all cases they faced their demise. There are many like this – if you want a list please write me.

In all these instances and more, the ego grows to varying degrees. It starts relatively small and gets bigger until it gets completely overblown which brings one’s annihilation.


Those who get huge respect are prime candidates for developing an over-sized ego. In ascending order we can cite family acaryas, wts, post-holders, purodhas, and so on. The higher up, the bigger the ego.

Of course this does not apply to all wts, acaryas and purodhas. Just we find that those posts tend to be fertile ground for developing a huge ego. But all do not fall into this manner.

For those who do succumb to pride, ego and vanity, it happens to varying degrees. If one’s ego is relatively small then it will be present to some degree in one’s speech. If their egoistic way of thinking gets bigger and bigger then it results in their complete delirium. It seems that the Dada K falls in this latter category, unfortunately.


What is our duty? Of course we should help and lend our support. To do that we must know more.

When a person suffers from a physical problem such as getting into minor a motor vehicle accident, then one can help a lot by treating their cuts and wounds and bringing that person to the hospital for a check-up. The pathway is quite clear-cut.

Treating psychic ailments is far more difficult. They are hard to diagnose and it is a tough job to cure people of their problem. Even then, Baba has graciously given all the needed tools and guidelines in His chapter, The Faculty of Knowledge – 3, and related discourses.

We should try to help and one of the best ways is to simply save ourselves from the contamination of a psychic disease. If you are getting respect from others then be aware. It is contagious but those suffering will not notice whereas others will notice. The disease grows and others do not say anything because the diseased person does not want to hear about the problem. So it is a very tricky situation. One develops a certain degree of audacity.

The main difficulty with psychic diseases, and, in particular, an inflated ego is that when a person really thinks that they themselves are great then by their outlook God is not great – only the person is great. So long as there is ego one cannot go close to Parama Purusa. It is the ego that stands between a person and the Lord.

Baba says, “Vanity harms the mind in three ways: abhimána or inflated ego, gaorava or self-aggrandizement, and pratiśt́ha or prestige…towards the Entity who is so close to you, is it proper for you to entertain such false feelings of abhimána, gaorava and pratiśt́há?” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life, Part 11, Taking the Opposite Stance in Battle)

That is why Baba says that after giving up abhimána (inflated ego), gaorava
(self-aggrandizement), and pratiśt́ha (prestige) one should sing the Lord’s name. Then He will be gracious on you.

After all, Parama Purusa is Darpaharii – the destroyer of ego. For the welfare of human beings He destroys the ego.


This – i.e. Dada K’s below letter – is a wake-up call for everyone.

Suppose a horrible drunk-driving accident happens in your area wherein the driver drove his vehicle off a bridge and plunged into the river below and drowned. When such a terrible tragedy happens nearby then everyone around becomes alert not to drink alcohol and drive their car. That is the wake-up call they get.

Similarly we should take Dadaji’s below letter as a wake-up call. No one should fall prey to this type of ego and accuse Guru. To prevent this from happening to us, we should watch out and see how far, “I have an ego and think I am great.”


Following is the sample of what happens when the ego is so big and people express their mental feeling. Look what has happened to one of our Dadas. If we are blind we may not understand.



When a bag is full or garbage then the smell of garbaged is emitted from the bag, not the sweet smell of sandalwood.

Similarly, by reading Dada Krtashivananda’s letter below you can understand what is in his mind.


If you see a well-to-do person on the street and suddenly they start moving naked and claiming that they are president of universe and challenging everyone, then you understand that this person has a screw loose. That is the type of transformation that took place with Dada Krtashivananda by the letter he wrote on Sunday 18 Dec 2011. If you have not seen it, please write.


Seeing Dadaji’s expression one can only wonder how did he even stayed in the organisation and did not become defector like Madhavananda.

We can think of it this way.

During a cyclone, all the trees without strong root systems fall while some with disease roots remain standing, only to fall some time later, maybe even after decades.

That seems to be the case with Dada Krtashivananda. It is surprising that he even continued in AM up until this time. We can only wonder why did he not defect back in 1970 with the others.

If he believes that Ananda Marga is really junk then why he has he misguided so many onto the path of AM for so long.

Which is the truth: Either what he was doing before was a lie by bringing so many people into AM when in truth he thought it was junk; or what he is telling now is junk and the path of AM is really great.

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