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Date: 11 Jan 2012 10:55:43 -0000
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I was there in Ananda Nagar on 21 Oct 2011 when there was a program related with so-called mahaprayan. Just a few workers were present and hardly any margiis. Most were not at all interested to attend, so only a small handful of people there.

Nirmoha’nanda, however, has keen interest in the so-called mahaprayan program and he was expressing his frustration that people were losing interest in mahaprayan divas (MPD) and that nobody comes to participate in MPD kiirtan. He was making the complaint that, “During the 24hr cycle of kiirtan, sometimes only 1 or 2 people are participating, not more. And at night, only 1 person comes on shift for kiirtan.” This was Dadaji’s frustration.

Then when PP Dada Vishvadevananda came onto the stage to deliver his lecture, he told that this mahaprayan program has lost its charm. He explained how people have gradually realised: “Baba is always with us and He has not gone away or died. Still He loves, watches, and graces us constantly. We cannot exist without Him.” So mahaprayan goes against the spirit of AM fundamentals and devotion. Indeed, people are not interested in mahaprayan and we should stop this program and not organise anything further on this day. Such were the words of PP Dada.

After his short talk, when various workers were coming out from the pandal they were talking among themselves. One said that, “It is peculiar that Vishvadevananda is PP Dada yet he is sitting on the dais expressing his frustration about MPD as if some other person is going to give the order to stop this program. But he is the one in the top post. PP Dada sounds weak and helpless. If he were a strong person he would just give the order to discontinue this program immediately. That would end it permanently.”

Then another wt told, “Anyway, mahaprayan is dying and on its last breath. In 2012 there may not be this type of program.”


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