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Date: Tue 13 Mar 2012 22:54:28
From: Lokesh J. Deva
Subject: M.N. Roy was a Student of Baba



Note: As we all know Baba is the Taraka Brahma and His teachings are wholly unique, original and perfect for humanity. Lately there has been discussion on email wherein someone made the accusation that Baba’s teachings of neo-humanism were “borrowed” from M.N. Roy’s writings. Obviously this is wholly incorrect and what follows below is a string of emails that neatly portray this truth: That all Baba’s teachings are original and that M.N. Roy was in fact a student of Baba’s.

The thread began when one person made the accusation:

“The original Prout policy borrowed from the Book “New Humanism” by M.N.Roy.”

The original response to the above accusation was forwarded to the net by Deveshji and that letter is appended below.

Clearly though the one who levied such an accusation suffers from serious doubt about Guru. Because when Baba is the Sadguru who can think that Baba took ideas from M.N. Roy.

Those who suffer from the psychic disease of shaunka (doubt) they doubt everything, even who is their own biological father. They are suspicious of their biological mother that she is telling a lie; such persons ask their mother to substantiate her claim about who is their father.

The matter is quite simple.

It is quite obvious that since His childhood Baba was living in Jamalpur and Bengal and long before the creation of AM people used to meet Him. Just because there was no AM does not mean that He did nothing. If anyone thinks like this they are naive. In that pre-AM period so many came for guidance, among them MN Roy and Subhash also came to Baba.



The one making the false accusation that Baba’s Prout teachings were borrowed or lifted from M.N. Roy is Dada Krstashivananda. Before saying more about this Dada, simply read Ac Bhaskarananda’s comments directly following.


Dear Devesh,
Krtshivanand has gone out of mind and it is well known to margiis of Germany. He is also not a well versed person on Baba’s philosophy. MN Roy learnt from Baba but later distorted Baba’s Neo-Humanism in to Radical Humanism.

The theme of radical humanism is negative and that of NH is positive. According to radical humanism faith in God stops man’s effort of inquiry and so progress is also stopped. This argument is fallacious as it is faith that gives strength to inquire further. So there should not be any comparison with NH…



—–Original Message—–
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 11:44:51 +0100
Subject: Reply to Krtashivananda dada- MN Roy matter- Please Do Read
From: Devesh Kumar
To: “dadakrta@t-online.de”

There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding MN Roy and Baba. Some very confused persons seem to think that Baba got His ideas from MN Roy, such as the idea of neo-humanism. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Early on, before the creation of AMPS, both MN Roy and Subhash Chandra Bose came to Baba for spiritual initiation and regularly thereafter. They became His disciples. And there are accounts from those very close to Baba during the Jamalpur years wherein Baba explains that He was teaching both Subhash Chandra Bose and MN Roy about neo-humanism.

Indeed the very senior margii Sushil Dharji presents a very key account. As many may know Sushil Dhar took dictation regularly from Baba for 10 years. Sushilji worked in the railway office and took 1 hour dictation from Baba during lunchtime and he would also work with Baba outside of their office hours as well. Sushilji took dictation for Ananda Sutram
and worked with Baba on the final edits of the notes to His DMC discourses that were printed in Subhasita Samgraha parts 1 – 8. Those early DMC discourses were not recorded – rather disciples would take notes and then those notes would be correlated and reviewed with Baba before publishing them.

And it is this same Sushil Dhar who recounts an important a key interaction with Baba about His time with MN Roy. And this shows that Baba was the teacher of MN Roy, not vice-versa.

As is commonly known, MN Roy published a famous book on humanism. And one time Sushil Jhar asked Baba about this. Sushil Dada was in the Jamalpur ashram taking dictation from Baba and Ramtanukji was also present.

Baba told him that soon He will give dictation on neo-humanism.

And Sushil ji asked Baba if that is different from MN Roy’s teachings humanism. Sushilji asked that because at the time he was reading MN Roy’s book.

Baba then recounted how He Himself told that topic of neo-humanism to MN Roy and that then there was no Prout so now there is a need to link neo-humanism with Prout.

Then Baba added, MN Roy could not keep connection. All this shows that Baba is the propounder of neo-humanism, not MN Roy.

Furthermore, in those earlier days two margiis – Ram Kumar and Vivekananda Singh would write and publish Baba’s ideas in their own pen names and print their writings in Ananda Doota and certain Bangla magazines. This sets the precedent that people were writing about Baba’s teachings in their own articles before Baba started writing and publishing His own AM books in His name. And indeed that is what MN Roy did. This also demonstrates that Baba was MN Roy’s teacher and not the
other way around.

Plus there are so many other points which prove that Baba is the real Propounder of neo-humanism and that His teachings are entirely original.

By this entire account, it is obvious that Dada K has no truth in what he said. All his points are off the mark and concocted. Anyone even a little familiar with AM ideals will understand this.


“E ga’n a’ma’r jiivaner a’nandadha’ra’…” (P.S. 4505)


Baba, You are so gracious; Your divine song is the flow of my life. This song has been coming since eternity and will go on up to infinity. It is beginningless and endless. It goes on and on giving me strength to play my instrument – the ekta’ra’ [1]. Baba, by this song, my pin-pointed mind is moving from beginninglessness up to infinity after getting inspiration from You.

Baba, this very divine song will not bow down to any types of difficulties, obstacles or hindrances. This song does not hurt anyone’s mental feeling. This song loves everyone; it helps everyone. Indeed this song satiates the heart and has infinite inspiration. This song is so divinely intoxicated that the mind becomes one with that most beautiful Entity– Parama Purusa.

Baba, this song never surrenders at the alter of crudity & dogma. This song never praises mortal beings. It nevers bows down to superficial things or materialistic values. Just it moves ahead along the path of Your perfect ideology. This song is full of divine effulgence. This song only accepts that singular Polestar; it accepts only His greatness, His glory.

Baba, by Your grace, this divine song of Prabhat Samgiita is the ocean of bliss. It saturates my whole being with that blissful, divine flow…


[1] Ekta’ra’: Although it literally means a single string musical instrument, this term also symbolizes the grand idea how the sadhaka’s mind is one-pointed towards Ista – Baba. Indeed no other ideas are coming in the sadhaka’s mind. The devotee is completely focused on Baba’s thoughts & His ideation. Baba, is the goal of life. In this way the Ekta’ra’ term is moving.

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