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This was a very moving and beautiful Baba story. Here are a few points I would like to add:

1. In the below account, the margii sadhaka is purified of his past sins by Baba’s punishment. The margii had committed some serious mistakes in the past and he was punished by Baba and completely cleansed of those sins.

2. Still today one is able to be purged of their sins by Baba’s grace. Just we have to follow His system:

Baba says, “If an Ananda Margi violates the principles of Yama and Niyama, he/she will confess his/her fault to any ácárya/á and ask for punishment, on that day or on the day of the next dharmacakra.” (Caryacarya, part 1, Self-Analysis)

Note: This is for normal type of misdeeds; and if one has committed a grave crime, then we have to refer to His guideline from His chapter titled, “Social Punishment.” That teaching is appended below.

Baba clearly guides us that when one commits a sin then they are to ask for punishment. In accepting punishment and taking atonement, one gets purified of their sin. At that point, one should no longer harbor the false notion that they are a sinner. They are in the same situation as the margii sadhaka who was punished by Baba. They both are cleansed of their sins.

Even today one can be purified of their past sins, just like in that pre-1990 period when one was punished directly by Baba. Still Baba’s grace is there and by following His system of punishment and atonement, one is cleared of their misdeeds. In that case, one should not consider themsleves as a sinner.

3. Finally, according to Baba’s guideline, after seeking punishment and atoning for one’s sins, then the general society too should no longer think of that person as a sinner.

Baba says, “Moreover, I do not think it good to criticize anyone behind their backs, saying, “Well, Mr. So-and-so may be leading a virtuous life now, but don’t you know, he was a terrible sinner in the past.” We must forget the past.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 5, A Few of Tantra’s Special Characteristics)

So Baba’s mandate is very clear. That person who has taken punishment and rectified their behaviour should be looked upon by society in a positive manner. No one should call or treat that person as a bad man or sinner.

4. Around the globe, there are various nations where a person commits a crime and accepts punishment, yet even after going through a full process of rectification they are still labeled and treated as a criminal. But this is wrong. If they have completed their jail sentence and / or undergone all kinds of measures to rectify themselves, then that individual should be seen in a positive life and be granted good-standing in society.

Once again, thank you for posting the below Baba story – this holds great meaning for us all.



In the event that one commits a more serious crime then they will have to go through the tribunal and legal process outlined in Caryacarya:

Baba says, “If there is any allegation against the conduct of any Ananda Margi, it must be brought to the notice of the ácárya/á; and in the ácárya/á’s absence, to the notice of the other ácárya/á who has taken the responsibility of further guiding the accused Margi regarding spiritual practices. If the second ácárya/á is not easily available, the matter should be brought to the notice of the upabhukti pramukha or the general bhukti pradhána concerned. Then, within a week, these persons will form a tribunal consisting only of ácárya/ás to investigate the matter. If the allegation is proved true, the tribunal will decide the proper punishment for the accused.” (Caryacarya – 1, Social Punishment)

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Note: The following is the first-hand account of Shrii Sudarshan Rao, an important margii of South India.

Baba graced me with the opportunity to have personal contact (PC). During PC, Baba pointed out my past sins and punished me on each account.

After that He blessed me and said, “From now onwards, look forward and forget about the past. Now you are pure.”

The next day I had a strong desire to go to Baba’s room and massage His feet. Those days, i.e. in the early 1960’s in Jamalpur, it was not difficult to get permission to enter Baba’s room. Family margiis had various opportunities, if one desired. I put forth my request to PA Dada and by Baba’s grace it was approved.

I entered Baba’s room and began massaging His feet. Then Baba started explaining about the different types of sinners: Patakii [sinner], atipatkiis [bad sinner] and mahapatakiis [worst sinner].

After telling about these three categories of sinners, Baba looked at me and asked, “Which category are you in?”

Instantaneously, at that very moment, one spontaneous idea sprouted in my mind. It was as if Baba was forcing the thought in my mind.

I replied, “Baba, I do not fall in any of these categories. I am not a sinner.”

Baba smiled and laughed. He appreciated the response and said, “Yes, you are right; you are not a sinner.”

That was eye-opening for me. Usually in life if people commit a sin – whether knowingly or unknowingly – they remember those misdeeds again and again. They cannot forget them. And that gives way to feelings of pain, shame and guilt. Indeed they feel guilty even after getting punished. But with Baba as the Guru it is not like that.

On the previous day Baba punished me and told me that, “From now onwards, look forward and forget about the past. Now you are pure.” And while this was all very new to me, internally I really did feel cleansed and pure. I understood that by coming in contact with Parama Purusa, one’s sins vanish.

Baba gave me a new vision: I had made mistakes, I underwent punishment for those sins, and now I am pure, by His grace. There were no lingering stains.

Parama Purusa is most gracious.


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