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Date: 25 Mar 2012 21:44:38 -0000
From: “Gurucharan Deva”
Subject: Unparalleled Insight




Baba says, “Tuberculosis germs are present in almost all human bodies in greater or lesser numbers. So long as the strength of the blood and vitality of the human body remain normal, tuberculosis germs cannot do any harm or cause any disease. If, however, the strength and purity of the blood break down for any specific reason, then the tuberculosis germs get a chance to settle in different glands and joints and start multiplying.” (Yogic Treatments, p.49)

Baba’s “Yogic Treatments” publication is but a small book on the science of medicine and human health, yet the depth and breadth of ideas expressed in this book are unparalleled.

For example, in the above teaching Baba reveals that tuberculosis germs are present in nearly every single person. This itself is a totally new concept. Allopathic medicine does not understand or believe this fact.

To appreciate “Yogic Treatments”, present-day medical science has to improve a lot and greaten the scope of their understanding and research. Otherwise many of the teachings contained within “Yogic Treatments” will remain far beyond the reach of contemporary allopathic science.

All in all, we should not forget for one single moment that the “Yogic Treatments” book is written by none other than that Supreme Controlling Entity who has created everything in this manifested and unmanifested universe. With His infinite knowledge & insight, Baba has complete and perfect knowledge of all the functions and workings of the entire human body and mind.

In “Yogic Treatments”, He graciously reveals some of those eternal truths for our welfare.

Step by step in the future, contemporary medical science will accept this and gradually advance in this direction. For these reasons and more, Baba’s “Yogic Treatments” book is very important for each and every A’nanda Ma’rgii – and not only us but for all, the entire humanity.

Gurucharan Deva

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