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Status of EMS

From: Ishvara Deva
Date: Tue 27 Mar 2012 21:36:06
Subject: Status of EMS


Many are aware that “EMS” (Ek Manav Samaj) is a branch of our organisation where we sit down with people from the various dogmatic religions and talk. One of the aims is to bring people from different faiths together so they can overcome their differences, hatred, and anger. This is one of the objectives of EMS, which is a distinct branch of AMPS.

But this EMS branch where we meditate talks between different religious groups is quite different from our socio-cum-philosophical approach of Ek Manav Samaj, One Human Society.

The idea and reality of Ek Manav Samaj can only be achieved by creating one human society based on ideology. In that endeavour there is no scope or question of creating social unity by merging all the dogmas of the various religions, or compromising with different religious dogmas. That is never going to work – that will never bring social harmony.

Baba says, “How far is the unification of all religions possible?”

“Ans.: – To seek infinite bliss is the only dharma of humanity. Humanity has but one dharma. Thus, the question of the unification of religions does not arise. The apparent dissimilarity between various religions arising due to differences in their ritualistic practices is not a spiritual difference. Whenever rituals dominate and efforts to attain bliss are feeble, whatever that may be, it is not spirituality.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell Part 3, Some Questions and Answers on Ananda Marga Philosophy – Excerpt B, question #49)

The only way to create Ek Manva Samaj is to rid society from all such dogmas and build a neo-humanistic social order based on the pure spiritual ideals of AM.

Hence none should think that the tenets of EMS (i.e. talking with different religious groups) is part of the process of creating the social aim of creating one human society.


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