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From: Pradiip Deva
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 22:31:46
Subject: Stolen: Ananda Purnima Donation



Note: At an Ananda Purnima function in Punjab, a fight broke out. Read the details below. With right awareness, we can prevent such incidents at the upcoming May 2012 Ananda Purnima celebrations.

In Punjab, margiis have always celebrated the auspicious day of Ananda Purnima with much happiness, joy and enthusiasm. So many grand activities are planned: Narayan seva, service to the poor, fruit distribution to hospitals, clothing distribution, nagar kiirtan, colourful decorations, sumptuous food and more. All this has been the usual tradition.

When Ac Govindananda Avt was posted there and became in-charge of the unit, then he surveyed the scene and hatched his plan. He saw this as his golden opportunity.

He planned the unthinkable: To steal and embezzle on this holy occasion of Ananda Purnima (Baba’s birthday). What follow is the scene that transpired.


In years previous, the margiis themselves used to organise the festival by collecting money from everyone in the unit and spending those funds in a grand way.

So Govindananda Dada told everyone that since he is the in-charge and the main executive person of the unit, then he should manage the finances for the Ananda Purnima celebration.

With full trust, the margiis readily accepted his proposal. In this way the Ananda Purnima festival was planned


On the eve of Ananda Purnima, a smaller number of margiis arrived at the jagrti with high hopes of seeing beautiful decorations all around. So they were dismayed to find very few decorations. They also noticed that the evening meal was not up to the standard – it was not like festival food. They wanted to ask Dada about all this and tried to find him, but he was not around. They were perplexed and extremely disappointed and planned to approach Dada about this.

The next morning, with great anticipation, joy, and excitement the full gathering of margiis arrived at the jagrti for Ananda Purnima celebrations. Upon entering, they were quite shocked and dismayed to see the state of affairs. The environment seemed very plain and there were no supplies for their usual service projects. When the morning meal was served they saw that it was only a small amount of very plain and simple food. The whole affair lacked that festive spirit.

The margiis who donated large sums were frustrated and furious. To them, it was very apparent what had happened. They understood immediately that Dadaji had stolen most of the money.

They were outraged. Nothing had been arranged for narayan seva, feeding the poor, and serving the helpless.

The margiis asked for an account and Dada refused. Tensions were high and a fight erupted. One margii grabbed Dada and tore his gown and tossed his turban. Others started yelling, “Thief! thief! thief!” There was a big tussle.

Finally some margiis interceded and situation was calmed down.


When any program happens then some Dadas behave in this way. We should be alert. Ananda Purnima is coming soon.

When margiis organise everything then they do not steal or embezzle; they think this is a pious program and stealing is sinful. They do not want to invite any consequence, sin, or negative reaction.

But certain wt’s do not worry about such things. They are just like dogmatic priests who think they have control over everything and that they are beyond sin. Due to extreme arrogance this crude mentality develops. They are bound by avidya maya and they cannot understand their depraved state and sinful dealing.

Still Ac Govindananda is there in that unit. Everyone should be aware. Ananda Purnima is fast approaching: Do you know where your donation is going?

Pradiip Deva


A large amount of money was collected for the aforementioned Ananda Purnima festival as margiis wanted to celebrate in a beautiful way. But it was found out that Dada Govindananda pocketed 90% of the money; he spent a mere 10% of the money on the Ananda Purnima festival and celebration. All the rest Dada grabbed. If Dada had stolen only 5 or 10%, then margiis might not have noticed, or it would have been overlooked etc. But since Dada stole 90% of all the money, the margiis could not tolerate his greedy and sinful conduct. Dadaji embezzled (stole) the money to send back to his laokik village.


There are many workers including Ac Govindananda who collect money and send it to their laokik relations and side by side they secretly run private businesses for when they plan on leaving the organisation. The list of various Dadas behaving in this way we are going to bring to public notice. Then of course there are other Dadas who indulge in other negative activities.


Of great importance is that despite the presence of workers like Govindananda who are financial and moral cheats, the vast majority of Wts are good people who want to do something in their life to please Baba. So no one should think that all workers are depraved and trustless. It is not like that. There are many, many sincere wholetimers.


After all people are often overpowered by avidya maya – including some of our Wt Dadas. So margii donors should always be acutely aware whether the money they donated is properly spent or not. Baba has given a warning in A Guide to Human Conduct (see tapah chapter). If you donate and it was misused then you are also guilty.

Baba says, “What place does knowledge or reasoning occupy in tapah sádhaná? This is a very important question. Truly speaking, far greater knowledge is required to render service pertaining to tapah than to render service pertaining to shaoca. Tapah devoid of knowledge is bound to be misused.”

“The opportunists will misuse your energy by extracting work from you to serve their selfish ends, and at the same time this will deprive the real sufferers of their due services from you. A rich miser approaches you with a tale of woe and entreats you to give him relief. Being moved with pity, if you do what is needed to relieve him of his suffering, the very purpose of tapah will be defeated, as it is without any knowledge or reasoning. The end result of your service will be that the rich man whom you have served will become more miserly and more selfish and will, in the future, try to deceive in a greater way people who dedicate themselves to the service of humanity. Secondly, as you will, to some extent, know his inner motive, you will become mentally depressed and you will also develop a hostile attitude towards him.”

“Therefore, while following the principle of tapah you should ascertain fully well whether the person you are going to serve, really needs your service. Only then should you engage yourself in service.” (A Guide to Human Conduct, Tapah)


“Toma’ke bha’lo besechi, tumi shudhu mane a’cho…” (Prabhata Samgiita #2562)


Baba, I love You; only You are in my mind. You are my dearmost; You alone are mine; You are the only moon in my mental sky– mental plate. Baba, except You, everything else in this entire universe is temporary. Everything comes for a short time and then get lost into thin air, into the oblivion. Baba, only You are beginningless and endless; only You remain permanently – eternally.

Baba, nothing lasts forever in this world. At the end of the day, night falls and the light of day gets engulfed by the darkness. Similarly, the darkness of the night vanishes with the advent of the brilliant new dawn. Thus everything in this world is changing, transient. But the constant pouring of Your divine effulgence continues on and on – it knows no limit; it knows no end.

Baba, I am loving You; You are always residing in my mind; You are my only polestar. Baba, You are my Goal; You are my everything…

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