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Date: 02 May 2012, 21:25:37
From: “Harideva” 

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Re: A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ Celebrations: Baba’s Guidelines



~ Part 3 ~

Note: This series of letters, “A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ Celebrations: Baba’s Guidelines”, has four parts. Each part, presented by a different margii, offers complementary ways and descriptions for celebrating Ananda Purnima. Together, these letters paint a picture for how to commemorate this grand festival. We wholeheartedly welcome your suggestions as well. – AM-GLOBAL Moderators

Ananda Marga is the path of bliss. The systematic yogic lifestyle and the 360 degree spiritual cum social outlook leads the entire human family to march ahead in unison. Part and parcel of this collective movement is our participation in social functions because it is by these blissful gatherings like Ananda Purnima that we are able to glorify Baba, renew ourselves, and attract more people on the collective train of dharma– generating greater momentum to move ahead.

In His discourse “Social Psychology” Baba tells the following in the section on collective social functions.

Baba says, “Many of the ills of society develop because people do not care to know other members of society. This may not only mean ignorance of the condition and difficulties of others, but also leads to intolerance and a lack of interest in the affairs of the other members of society. Common social functions bring different members of society together and are therefore a great unifying force. By performing certain functions collectively, all the members are engaged in doing the same thing for some time, and this brings about a feeling of unity and interest in others.”

“In Ananda Marga such common social functions are especially encouraged. Milita snána [collective bathing] and dharmacakra [collective meditation] provide grounds for common social functions in the physical, psychic and spiritual fields. Common participation in such functions is a very great unifying force. The participants in such functions will have no intolerance for each other, and will instead get more united. Such functions are, therefore, a great unifying force.” (A Few Problems Solved – 7, Social Psychology)

Therefore social functions like the upcoming Ananda Purnima celebrations give society a tremendous turbo boost to advance: Such programs help inspire people to grow together. Plus social functions generate more enthusiasm and propulsion on the collective pathway – with the result being that all types of good things suddenly become possible.

By such functions humans can solve various problems. Now the need of the day is to build a single human society. Naturally social functions help; by this way various people come together to enjoy in social and spiritual way.

Here below are additional views on the celebration of Ananda Purnima and how social functions positively affect our Marga. By Baba’s grace others will also continue to express their insights on this topic.

By cooperative human interaction society moves ahead in a dynamic way.


Yet not only do AM social functions give a huge injection of inspiration, but these grand gatherings – which Baba has designed – goad and guide everyone deeper into the spiritual realm. This in turn brings permanent peace. So although the name is a social function but its base is spirituality.

In direct contrast in the crude society social parties end up being nothing but degenerative events that promote and satisfy animalistic desires & carnal pleasures. Just people are rushing madly after worldly and transient things.


Here are a few more ideas that came from several margiis.

High quality meals should be made available to any and all who attend. The most practical and rational way to do this is for margiis to contribute to this program according to their liking and means.

Basically, donations should be requested from all the margiis – on a sliding scale. According to their capacity they can contribute. So there should not be a certain fixed fee for every margii. Rather, donations should be based on one’s financial condition. Those with more money can offer larger donations and those with financial constraints can give smaller amounts.

So everyone should contribute something and if a person has the feeling and ability to give a bigger financial donation, that is welcomed. Along these lines, it is okay to let wealthier margiis give more, if they wish.

However, the amount donated should not be revealed publicly. That would be insensitive and humiliating for those donating smaller amounts. One idea is to set-up a special, hidden donation box; then people can offer even the smallest of donations and still feel comfortable. May we always remember that it is the feeling behind the giving that is most important, not the amount.

By and large though, money should not hinder anyone’s participation. Everyone should be encouraged to participate and bring their entire family, as well as their close friends. That will make for a joyous celebration and it will give us the opportunity to create new margiis.

All along, we have to find the right balance. That is why there should be a sliding scale, with no stated minimum amount. The main idea is that the food at programs like Ananda Purnima should be accessible to all. With a progressive donation arrangement that aim is entirely possible.

Actually what we have seen here in India is that often in Delhi Sector someone steps forward with great enthusiasm to cover the cost of the entire program. But this should only be accepted when the person has sincere feeling for Baba and the overall spirit of the celebration. If offered out of pomp or show, then such monies should be politely rejected.

Baba says, “If a person wants to feed you out of genuine intimacy, you should take that food happily, even if it is just grains and vegetables. But if someone invites you only to make a show to people, never accept his/her food.” (Caryacarya-2, Society, Pt #37)

Finally, special food should be made available for all attendees. There will be one kitchen: The same type of food for all, which is of top quality, yet very simple and sentient.


So these are a few of the ways and thoughts about how this Ananda Purnima can be celebrated. And these things are all per Baba’s distinct teachings.


Here following is Baba’s blessing as we enter into the weekend of Ananda Purnima.

Baba says, “Ensure that those who enjoy the celebrations also get thereby healthy opportunities for their physical growth, mental development, and spiritual progress.” (Caryacarya – 1, p.42)



Baba says, “People often feel bored with their humdrum lives, with their mechanical routines; thus a fresh start must be created through festivals or utsava. The root verb su means “to be reborn.” Su plus -al suffix = sava. The substance which produces new vigour in the body is called a’shava, or wine. Similarly ut + su + al = utsava, which means “festival.” “Ut” means “towards up” and “sava” means “life” ; so utsava means “an occasion which gives human beings fresh inspiration to live a new life.” (A Few Problems Solved – 5, p.18)


Many units have stopped using firecrackers during our Ananda Marga festival celebrations. Such firecrackers are a waste of money, create huge pollution, and invite serious injuries. Furthermore firecrackers are a carcinogen. Thus firecrackers are dangerous and wasteful on many levels. They should not be used at our programs. Instead the funds used for purchasing firecrackers should be directed toward enhancing our narayan seva & relief work that very day.

(A) In the below story Baba specifically warns us about the use of firecrackers – on multiple levels:


(B) Here is a more technical letter along with a human interest story about the dangers of firecrackers:



Here is the first letter of this series:


Here is the second letter of this series:



“Tumi je esecho a’j, vyathit janer katha’ bhavite…” (Prabhata Samgiita 647)


Baba, O Supreme One, the whole society was facing various types of tortures, humiliations and exploitation. No one was there to think about the exploited masses – those who were crying and suffering. Baba, feeling the cry of their heart, You Yourself have taken advent today. You are so gracious.

O’ Parama Purusa, in the past there was no one to love them. Now, with Your divine compassion, You have come to love all those downtrodden & exploited people – as well as one and all. With Your infinite compassion, You have removed everyone’s pains and grief. Baba, in the past, people were engulfed by various dogmas and their minds were completely stained. You have removed that cimmerian darkness from their existence. In the wake of Your holy advent You filled their lives with the effulgence of divinity.

Baba, the entire universe was looking toward the eastern horizon anxiously awaiting Your auspicious advent. The common people were facing excruciating tortures and torments; their entire existence was completely wounded. Baba, their whole body and limbs were racked by the blows of severe suffering. Due to carrying the heavy load of those burdens and bondages for such a long time, not even a tinge of happiness remained in their lives. Long back all their joy totally vanished.

O’ Parama Purusa, O’ Baba You are so gracious; You have showered so much effulgence in the bosom of this universe. By Your infinite love, You have inundated the hearts of everyone with more and more divine nectar. With Your sonorous yet thundering voice You are calling out to all that there is no reason that they should keep their heads hung in despair, rather they should keep their heads held high.

Baba, O’ Divine Entity, You have taken advent today…

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