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Date: Mon, 07 May 2012 21:29:38 -0000 (GMT)
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Subject: This WT is Worse than Ravana the Mahapataki



Note: In our Ananda Marga, conduct is of utmost importance. This letter is related with the recent case of one Dada.


Everyone knows that the demon Ravana is a mahapataki, i.e. the worst category of sinner.

Why is he the worst sinner?

While posing as a sannyasi in saffron garb, Ravana abducted Ram’s wife, Sita. Ravana did not harm Sita sexually; his crime was abduction. He kept Sita under the care and custody of his female guards in a special cell of his palace. After this incident, females became fearful of monks. They started thinking that any monk must be Ravana in sannyasi dress. That is why he is classified as a mahapataki, or terrible sinner.

When Ravana was dying then he started crying for help from Lord Shiva. But Lord Shiva did not help him. Seeing this, Parvati asked Shiva, “Why are You, Lord Shiva, not going to help him. Without Your help he will die.”

Lord Shiva replied, “He is a mahapataki (terrible sinner), I cannot save him.”

Parvati insisted, “No, Ravana is a pataki (regular sinner) because he did not harm Sita sexually; he just kidnapped her so he is just a pataki. Ravana is an ordinary sinner, not a mahapataki (worst sinner).”

Lord Shiva replied, “If Ravana had committed his act in civil dress then he would have been a pataki. But because he did the abduction of Sita wearing a saffron robe he is a mahapataki (worst or terrible sinner). This will create a very horrific effect of recurring nature. From today forward, when any female sees someone wearing the saffron robe, they will be startled and horrified. They will think, “This person is going to attack me; he is not a monk, he is kidnapper.” Again and again they will be reminded of Ravana’s act of abduction whenever they see someone wearing saffron dress. Ravana has done irreparable harm that is of a recurring nature. That is why he is a mahapataki.”

Ultimately, Ravana was not saved and he died.


In the case of Mukunda’nanda, he committed his crime in saffron garb, while working as an avadhuta of Ananda Marga. By this ways, he has sown the seeds of suspicion and fear in the mind of every margii. They will think that any avadhuta could do a similar sort of crime. The sweet and respectful relation between wt’s and family margiis has been tainted forever. Thus, Mukunda’nanda’s sin is of recurring nature.

By seeing someone in saffron dress, margii girls and sisters of all ages will immediately become terrified. Even sincere and dedicated avadhutas will automatically be looked upon as cheaters and criminals. Girls will think that these male avadhutas are going to attack them. The sin Mukundananda has committed has long-lasting, recurring, negative effects. But, tragically, that is not all. Mukunda’nanda is worse than a mahapataki – he is worse than Ravana.

Why worse?

Ravana kidnapped Sita while in saffron dress, but he did not do more than that. Whereas Mukunda’nanda crossed the line and went beyond. That is why he is worse than Ravana. Because of this crime, by seeing the saffron dress, margii girls and sisters will always be nervous, distrustful, suspicious, and fearful of the character of our male wts.


Many in our Ananda Marga are demanding that justice be done to Mukunda’nanda. If top Dadas fail in this regard, there will be ongoing issues and heightened distrust of our workers. To preserve the integrity of our Wt cadre, and to ensure safety to girls and sisters in Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, a clear and strong response is needed with Mukunda’nanda. Everyone – our world-wide AM community – should be informed how this situation is resolved. We are waiting.





In the aftermath of the aforementioned incident with Mukunda’nanda that took place in April 2012, top Dadas in Ranchi have been plotting the course and deciding to how to proceed.

Rudrananda wanted to simply overlook the matter entirely and just give Mukunda’nanda a new posting and call it a done deal, i.e. no punishment whatsoever. That was his initial plan.

But due to mounting pressure from margiis all over the globe, Rudrananda’s hand was forced. Against his desire, Rudrananda had to give Mukunda’nanda the order to go for re-training at Benares / Varanasi Wholetimer TC. Otherwise there would have been an uproar for letting this Dada roam free. So that is where Dada is now – in Varanasi TC. But, it has already been decided by Rudrananda and Co that Mukunda’nanda will not have to stay there long. Rudrananda has the plan to rescue him quickly.

Actually it is looking like Mukunda’nanda will only be there in TC for a few more days, and then come out clean: New name, new dress, and a new overseas posting as an acarya. That is what we see happening. As we speak, Mukunda’nanda is doing SPT training which is the final segment of his stay in TC. He is almost done and will soon be out on the prowl again. Everyone should be careful. Keep sharp eyes all around – especially those in overseas sectors.

The only way to reverse this course of action is for there to be maximum pressure applied by margiis. If margiis around the globe continue to call, write and give pressure to (a) Mantracetananand ji, SG (Secretary General) of VSS, (b) Rudranand ji, and (c) Ragamayanand ji (WT trainer Varanasi), etc. Then they will be forced to follow Baba’s rule and not alter justice.

Whatever may be, the main thing is: Do not lose sight of this case. Otherwise, Mukunda’nanda may be in your unit soon with a new name and a new dress. So watch out!


Here below is Baba’s account of the conversation between Lord Shiva and Parvati wherein Lord Shiva declares Ravana to be a mahapataki and hence refuses to save him. As we all now know, Mukunda’nanda Dada is even worse than that – he is worse than a mahapataki.

Baba says, “You all know the story of the Rámáyańa. When Ravana was about to be defeated in the war with Rama, he prayed to Shiva, his Lord and the source of his might, to save his life. But as he had abducted another man’s wife, Shiva was immensely displeased and unwilling to help…”

“Parvati requested her husband, “Shiva, Ravana is your devotee so please save him.” But how could Shiva save him? Ravana was a mahapátaki. Parvati suggested that Ravana was only an atipátaki. “No,” said Shiva, “If Ravana had abducted Sita as a thief, he could be called an atipátaki, but he abducted her in the guise of a sadhu. This will have a recurring effect as in the future no married woman will ever trust a sadhu again. They will think that a sadhu may be another Ravana in disguise. Even scoundrels may commit crimes dressed as sadhus.” As in fact they actually do today. “Such a crime as this which has a recurring bad effect is undoubtedly mahapátaka.” So Shiva refused to save Ravana’s life.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 8, Do Virtuous Deeds Day and Night – 1)


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“Tumi yadi bha’lo ba’so keno na’hi a’so ka’che…” (Prabhata Samgiita 3039)


Baba, by Your grace, I have so much love for You. If You love me then why don’t You come close. Baba, please come in the depths of my heart– I am calling You. O’ Divine Entity, why are You smiling from a distance in Your extremely charming and captivating form. Why are You not coming close so I can hold You tightly and make You mine.

O’ my Dearmost, O’ Parama Purusa, I have been waiting with great anticipation for Your arrival; but, alas, You are remaining far away – beyond my reach. Baba, in the disappointment and sadness of Your not coming, in that hopelessness the braids in my hair have become loose and fallen. My exquisitely threaded flower garland, which I made exclusively for You, has dried up and fallen to the ground, on the dusty floor. O’ Rupamaya [1], O’ Divine Entity, with the tears pouring from my coloured eyes, everything in this expressed universe is floating away.

Baba, I have heard that You remember everything and that You never forget anything; I have heard that You keep everyone in Your mind, always. All are Your very close. O’ Divine One, at last You have satisfied my heart. You have graciously come to me in the madhavii garden and saturated each & every pore of my mind with Your heavenly sweetness. Baba, You have graciously filled my heart with Your love; You have showered Your grace and made me Yours…


[1] Rupamaya: [‘Rup’ means ‘form’ and ‘may’ means ‘consisting of’.] This is one of the innumerable names of Parama Purusa that describes one of His infinite qualities: Namely, how He has graciously come in the form. By His wish He has manifested Himself and come in His charming form. That is why one of the names of Parama Purusa is Rupamaya.

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