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Marriage and Problem

From: “Satiish K Bhatia”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Marriage and Problem
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 21:24:52 +0530


“Ga’n geye ja’bo…” P.S. 2305


Baba, O’ Supreme Entity, I will go on singing Your song – Your glory. It’s up to You whether You grace me by listening to these songs or not. But with these songs, in the depths of my contemplation, I will generate divine vibrations, by Your grace – and go on serving You.

Baba, with my deep yearning, I am calling You again and again without getting any response – You are not paying heed to my call. By avoiding me maybe You are thinking that I will not sing Your song anymore and that I will remain quiet. And that in frustration, I will give up the hope of getting You. And that I will no longer engage in the flow of those divine tunes and melodies, which is inundating the vast sky, by Your grace. And that I will not utilize these melodious treasures in my practical life to go closer to You.

Baba, with the strength of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and worldly attributions, Your depth cannot be measured – nobody can realise You. By surrendering that very unit “I” which already belongs to You, and with the divine sweetness of singing Your name, I will surely get You, by Your grace.

Baba, I sing my songs only for You. Please, listen to these heart-felt loving melodie – and be gracious…

Note: In the above song, the sadhaka has deep love and a strong yearning for Parama Purusa. So when Parama Purusa does not respond to his call in the way that he desires, then the sadhaka makes one loving accusation towards Parama Purusa. So actually that is not an accusation per se, but rather an intimate type of loving expression. And Baba is approving that devotees have the right to do like this and that this loving way of communication is quite natural.


Here Baba has given a few guidelines about marriage eligibility.

Baba says, “At the time of marriage the bride and bridegroom should not have any direct relationship three generations above and three generations below. If this condition is not met, the marriage should not be solemnised.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-7, p.57)

In the above quotation Baba has given strict guidelines for members of the general society regarding marriage. The idea of no direct relation three generations up means that there must not be any blood relation between the parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents of the bride and the groom. That is the meaning of three generations up. And three generations down means no blood relation between the families of the bride and groom from their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

For instance, suppose the young boy of one family wants to marry the grand-daughter of his uncle then such a marriage could not be condoned. Similarly if the bride and bridegroom are planning to marry but if the great grandfather of the groom was the cousin of the great grandfather of the bride then such a marriage must not be permitted. So in AM for a marriage to be approved one of the distinct conditions is no direct relation three generations up and three generations down.


Around the globe there are various clans, countries and religions which do not follow the above mentioned rule. Instead they arrange marriages where the bridge and bridegroom have direct blood relation and that outcome of this is disastrous. It causes brain disorders, genetic abnormalities, onset of chronic diseases like cancer, and so many other problems and difficulties. This the well-documented fact. Everyone knows that Baba’s guidelines are deeply meaningful, whether He has opted to give a full explanation or not. On this point of marriage, these serious health issues are the main reason why this rule has been given. As margiis our duty is to convince members of the general society not to commit such blunder because that will only invited disastrous diseases into their family. On this point everyone should cooperate to make this a happy and healthy universe.


In the dogmatic religion of Islam their only restriction on the point of marriage is that the mother’s milk must be different between the bridge and the bridegroom. If this requirement is met then they can marry. But this creates huge problems. Because many Muslim men have 4 wives. In this way the male and female offspring of the same father often marry each other. In such marriages birth defects and diseases like cerebral palsy are rampant. This is not only the case with Muslims but also with orthodox Jews, Mormons, indigenous people, tribal communities, Bible believers, and various other sections of the population around the globe.

Satiish Deva

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