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Subject: Myth About Wt Didis Hair



Every so often “myths” crop up in our Ananda Marga, i.e. where there is a prevalent misunderstanding about a particular issue. Right now, there seems to be a myth about how our didis should look.



Divyamshu’s email of 27 Apr 2012, titled “Re: News Sexual Crime”, emphasized that our didis must keep their hair very short. Here is the exact conduct rule given by Baba about the length of hair for our wt didis:

“The hair of the head should not be allowed to grow more than one inch.”
(Avadhutika Rules, Point #2 of 32 Points)

So that is Baba’s given system for Wt didis. He wants our Didis to keep their hair very short – not more than 1 inch in length. Certainly this guideline from Beloved Baba has a highly beneficial effect on one’s overall personality, and enhances one’s ability to act as a respected acarya. Indeed, all of Baba’s conduct rules have been given in the spirit of welfare. This rule about didis keeping their hair no longer than an inch in length is no different. It is for their growth and development.


Personally, however, I have lived with our didis for stretches at a time and have witnessed first-hand how this rule is loosely followed – sadly so. Many have been known to have (much) longer hair. Thus, numerous didis, especially senior didis, fail to follow Baba’s teaching on this matter. So this is something that clearly needs to be addressed in our Marga.

Here is another key aspect of this issue.


The other part of the equation is that there is one prevalent myth surrounding this issue that needs attention.

A multitude of senior wt didis are not following Baba’s rule of keeping short hair, rather they are keeping long hair, 10 – 12 inches or more in length. Because of this, certain innocent margii sisters – primarily in Delhi sector – have gotten confused. Such margii sisters see upper echelon didis with long hair and innocently assume that keeping long hair must be Baba’s system. Those kind-hearted margii sisters are not aware of Baba’s teaching that didi’s hair should be no more than 1 inch in length. Instead, they hold implicit faith in senior didis. When they see senior wt didis keeping long hair then those margii sisters assume this must be Baba’s system. That is the problem nowadays.

This has led to one dogma: Some margii sisters think that any wt didi with very short hair is off the mark. Those margii sisters are of the opinion that a didi with short hair must have been raised in an impoverished, backwards village. When they see that a didi has short hair then those innocent margiis talk how that didi is unable to manage herself in a stylish way. Such well-intentioned margiis mistakenly criticize that didi for being backwards and out of touch. When in truth, such a didi with short hair (no more than 1 inch in length) is actually adhering to Baba’s conduct rule perfectly. This is the myth and confusion that is raining down nowadays.


How did this happen – how is it that a few margiis have this misconception?

The chief blame falls directly on the shoulders of those senior didis. They are supposed to set an ideal example by their conduct. But on this point of length of hair, some of our senior wt didis have failed miserably. They have openly discarded Baba’s guideline of keeping short hair; and, instead, some top didis wear their hair long. By this way, innocent margii sisters have been led astray on this issue.

No doubt, it is also true that some of our margii sisters are not familiar with all of Baba’s guidelines. Really though, the greater problem and root cause is that senior wt didis are not representing Baba’s teachings: Baba’s mandate is for all didis to keep short hair; yet many senior didis are keeping long hair. For this reason good margii sisters have gotten confused.

Such margiis then do not realise that a Didi with very short hair is actually following Baba’s exact system. Rather, because those margiis have been misled by senior wt didis, those margii sisters think that having long hair is proper.

Those margiis sisters are not aware that on this point (i.e. length of hair), senior wt didis are guided by pseudo-culture and materialistic values, not Baba’s teachings. Indeed, it is a pity to contemplate how some of our elder didis have fallen in this way. Elder didis keep long, flowing, shiny hair because that is what they see on the internet, in magazines, and in the beauty salons.

Because of all this, innocent margiis sisters have succumbed to the myth that a wt didi with short hair is rogue, or rustic, or uncultured. They think that is why a didi is not keeping long hair. That is the unfortunate way top didis have misguided the thinking of various margii sisters.

Please excuse me, here I am not saying that all margii sisters in Delhi sector think like this. Just it has been brought to my attention and I have seen this with my own eyes: Some margii sisters truly believe that didis with short hair are backwards like simple village folk. That is their gross misunderstanding. All because top didis molded their minds in this way.

The chief cause of all this is due to the fact, that those holding central and higher posts like RSL etc keep longer hair. That sets a poor example and gives the wrong impression to margiis.


When Baba Himself has given the system that all wt didis must not keep long hair and all Wt didis must not use perfume, we have to wonder why some didis use perfume and keep long hair? What is the reason when Baba Himself has been so explicit?

The answer is quite clear: The only goal of such Wt didis is to attract the opposite sex – either male wts or male youths: Whomever they can get. Otherwise what can be the reason for disobeying Baba’s rule. That is why we see from time to time such didis leaving their wt-ship and getting married. With such a crude mentality, it is evident that such wt didis are disgraced. They are wearing the saffron dress yet not following Baba’s Wt rules.

This is the sad state of affairs.



PS Intro: In this following song Parama Purusa is posing His questions & speaking directly to the devotee.

“Kon aja’na’r buk theke ele, korn asiime bhese ja’o…” (PS 2222)


From which unknown bosom have You come and what is your goal. In which direction are you floating. You must know you are not meagre or insignificant. You are the expression of Cosmic Consciousness. He has created you according to His desire; you are within Him. Now tell Me what you want; what are your desires and longings. You should know that your Goal is Parama Purusa.

For ages you remained oblivious of your own existence; era after era passed like that. You were seeking the answer to all your worries, anxieties, and problems externally. You were trying to find happiness outside; and, you were trying to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger from material allurements. You never tried to look within. Everything is hidden within you. Look within and you will get everything. You have to turn your eyes from outside to inside. Divert your vision from external to internal; introvert the mind.

The Divine Entity – who is your everything, who is your shelter – knows each and everything about you. He knows your past, present, and future – everything. And He loves you too. Your future is situated in Him up to eternity. Forgetting this eternal and divine truth, you go on looking elsewhere. Do not waste your time. The Divine Entity has bestowed you with human life. Utililse it to satisfy Him. Do everything according to His wishes. By this way, your coming on this earth will be successful…

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