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Date: 19 May 2012 21:49:11 -0000
From: “Gurumurti”
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Subject: Everyone Should Know and Practice


“Keu toma’r ka’che shudhu pete ca’y, keu toma’re ca’y prabhu…” (PS 3887)


Baba, this world is colourful. Some people want to get something from You, whereas some want to get You Yourself, O’ Prabhu. Some just waste their time desperately searching for oysters at the shore of the ocean of effulgence, and they do not want to behold the Divine Ocean Itself [1]. So they just run after mundane objects, name and fame, or occult powers etc – and they never try to get You [2]. Whereas other sadhakas want You and You alone. Such sadhakas are the blessed ones – top-grade devotees.

Baba, Your divine liila is unfathomable. To the jiivas, You have given toys made of the five fundamental factors. While hiding Yourself, You have fulfilled everyone’s minimum necessities by providing all with clothing food, water, education, and medical care. You have graciously bestowed Your soft and tender love, even then my heart is aching for You and I want You still more close.

O’ Parama Purusa, You have created this world where nothing is permanent – stationary. It is a passing show, a moving panorama. Everything moves on and on; that is why this world is called jagat. No one comes here to stay permanently. Everyone comes and goes from this transitory world – those who are born one day die [3]. Nobody comes here to stay forever and ever. Everything and everyone in this transitory world is constantly moving. Baba, You are very gracious. Those whose mental peacock is ensconced in Your love, they dance around You eternally. They reach beyond the cycle of life and death. By Your grace, they bask and float in Your divine effulgence, O’ Lord. Those whose mind is absorbed in You become one with You [4]. It is Your grace.

O’ Baba, by Your grace those who have gotten parabhakti have gotten everything – they have gotten You…


[1] “Keu toma’r ka’che shudhu pete ca’y, keu toma’re ca’y prabhu”: In the first line of this above Prabhat Samgiita, Baba is teaching us this following idea.

“”Oh Lord, I am your devotee, help me to pass my examination. Oh Lord, my daughter has attained marriageable age – help me to find a worthy suitor. Let the bridegroom be ideal, let me not spend much on the wedding.” This type of showy devotion that simply asks for mundane objects, is no devotion at all, because it demands everything except Parama Purus´a. Such devotees never say, “Oh Lord, be mine. I want You and only You.” They always say, “I want this, I want that.” In fact this is no devotion at all. When one asks only for Parama Purus´a, this is the true devotion, para´bhakti.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 11, ‘Taking Opposite Stance in Battle’)

[2] “Keu a’lora sa’gar tiire shukti khunje mare, sa’gare na’ here kabhu”: In the second line of this Prabhat Samgiit Baba is telling us that some run after useless things like worldly gain and occult powers, but we should not do such things. Rather we are to run after Him.

Baba says, “Will you will choose occult powers, for people to say, “Oh, D is a supernatural man! D, you’re a great yogi! You have so much power!” Will you do like this? No, no, you want [Parama Purus´a]. And you? [asking various disciples] And you? Don’t you want occult powers? No, you do not want occult powers. That is [right]. “I don’t want occult powers, I want the Lord of occult powers”.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-30, ‘Occult Powers or Parama Purusa’)

[3] “Tha’kite a’se name keu, sada’ rat cale yete”: In this middle line of the last stanza, Baba is describing this idea that this world is transitory – nobody comes here forever. This who come will one day die.

Baba says, “The worship of Brahma should be done scrupulously, or else you will later regret and bemoan the futility of your life with the last drop of your tears at your last hour. You should make your life worthwhile through your sa´dhana´. How much can your worldly friends and relations do for you? After your death your relatives may perhaps ask, “How much money has he left behind?” Your friends may go to the crematorium and indulge in flattering reminiscences about you. Your husband or wife may cry for you for about ten or twelve days and then regain their normal composure. Your lot will be only a profound sigh – a record of the futility and frustration of your life. So do not waste your time lest you later have to repent.” (Subhasita Samgraha-3)

[4] “Maner mayu’r ya’r na’ce, ma’te toma’te se bha’se udbha’se vibhu”: The below quotation describes this final line of this Prabha’t Sam’giita.

Baba says, “If you cherish the sentiment of attaining Him, you will have to be devoid of all sensuous desires by carefully and deftly bringing under control the selfish, individualistic frivolities of your mind. In such an event you attraction for the finite objects will disappear. You will bask in the sunshine of Macrocosmic favour. Your mind will then be installed in the super-celestial region of abiding tranquillity beyond the pale of weal or woe. Then alone you will be free from grief – then alone you will realize that Grand Glorious Brahma.” (Subhasita Samgraha-3)

Final Note: Baba has given the beautiful lines of His Prabhat Samgiita collection in a very condensed manner. The ideas are in seed form yet these are the very same ideas which He is describing in a much more details way in His divine discourses.


Here is something for us all to consider, know and practice in our day to day lives.

Baba says, “The greatest quality of a person at a meeting or debate is the capacity to convince others. The highest quality in the battlefield is ‘yudhi vikramam’, or valor in the battle. While in danger, one’s great quality is patience.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 4)

Gurumurti Deva

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