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From: Maetreyii ”
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 21:48:29 -0400
Subject: News: Punching & Hair Pulling by VSS Didi



On Sunday, one didi beat another didi at Ananda Nagar. It was a shocking incident that demands the attention and awareness of all Ananda Margiis. Here are the details.


During this pre-DMS time at Ananda Nagar, our didis were conducting a camp at Berlin House (AN). DSL Sasaram (Bihar) arrived with one of the young girls from her children’s home. The child’s name is Adiiti and she is 4 1/2 years old.

One day during the camp, young girl was hungry. Because this was a new place for her, the young child wandered around looking for some food, and entered into the room of one global VSS Didi. VSS Didi was not in her room. Someone saw this little girl there and gave her something to eat. Within a short time, VSS Didi returned back to her room and saw the child eating the sweets, which she (VSS Didi) had secretly been keeping under her cot. In her fury, VSS Didi immediately slapped the child, and then angrily abused and scolded her harshly. The young girl burst into tears – sobbing and sobbing – completely upset and shaken by what had happened.

Immediately, DSL Didi came running and found her home girl in tears. DSL Didi consoled the child and put her on her lap. She calmed her down and gently said, “You know that when you need something you should ask me. Why did you enter that room and eat there. Let me know and I will help you.” DSL Didi was very nurturing and reassured the young girl. The young girl started to feel better.

But VSS Didi overheard what DSL didi was saying and then mightily attacked DSL Didi. VSS Didi grabbed Didi’s hair and started punching her. It was a vicious attack, but DSL Didi did not fight back. She absorbed the blows set on her by VSS Didi. It was a brutal and torturous scene.

Quickly, other didis came running and separated the two Didis. Even then, VSS Didi continued to verbally lash out at DSL; she abused her like the Indian police abuse criminals. VSS Didi was furious and heated because the sweets that she had been safeguarding and hiding for herself were given to and eaten by the young child.

Yet, in reality, what wrong did DSL Didi commit? All she had done was console a crying child who was hungry for food. For that, VSS Didi became enraged and physically assaulted DSL didi, not to mention her mistreatment of the young girl.

That was the ugly scene which unfolded last week – May 13 – at Ananda Nagar.


We must communicate by phone, email, or letter with the concerned authorities like organisational heads and the local police. We have no other recourse. We must not let this get swept under the rug.



Here are more key details this incident which took place on Sun, 13 May, 2012 in Ananda Nagar.

Location: Berlin House, Ananda Nagar
Victim: DSL of Sasaram (Bihar) – Didi Ananda Tapasvinii Acarya
Girl: Adiiti
Attacker: Global VSS of GV – Didi Ananda Piyusa Acarya


“Toma’r katha’ bheve din ket’e ja’y, toma’r chavi mane bha’se…” (P.S. 1391)


Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, by Your sweet grace my days are passing in blissfully thinking about Your divine glory & Your wondrous tales. Baba, by Your grace, Your beautiful form is always floating in my mind.

O’ my dearmost, when I think about Your sweet smile, my mind gets inundated with waves of bliss – and I completely forget about my existence in this mundane world. I forget all the days and dates. Baba, by Your grace when I think about You then I lose myself entirely in Your divine rhythm.

O’ my dearmost Baba, by singing Your glory and chanting Your kiirtan and moving around You, then my heart always dances in bliss. It is nothing but Your mercy and compassion how You have made me Your special medium. My situation is that of a musical instrument and You are the Musician. Or, I am a tiny drop of water and You are the vast, endless ocean. Baba, O’ my Lord, by Your grace now I realise I am within You, and You are infinite. Baba, there is only one thing that I ask: Please always remain in my each and every breath.

Baba, You are so gracious: I love You. You are my everything…

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