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Subject: Re: News: Punching & Hair Pulling by VSS Didi
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 20:55:28
From: Jayashrii



Here are further thoughts and reflections about the recent attack by VSS Didi. As many were shocked to hear, a highly-posted VSS Didi savagely attacked one of our own kind-hearted Didis who was caring for a young, 4 1/2 year old girl.

“‚ĶVSS Didi returned back to her room and saw the child eating the sweets, which she (VSS Didi) had secretly been keeping under her cot to eat later. In her fury, VSS Didi immediately slapped the child, and then angrily abused and scolded her harshly. The young girl burst into tears – sobbing and sobbing – completely upset and shaken by what had happened. Immediately, DSL Didi came running and found her home girl in tears. DSL Didi consoled the child and put her on her lap. She calmed her down and gently said, “You know that when you need something you should ask me. Why did you enter that room and eat there. Let me know and I will help you.” DSL Didi was very nurturing and reassured the young girl. The young girl started to feel better. But VSS Didi overheard what DSL didi was saying and then mightily attacked DSL Didi. VSS Didi grabbed Didi’s hair and started punching her. It was a vicious attack, but DSL Didi did not fight back. She absorbed the blows set on her by VSS Didi. It was a brutal and torturous scene.”

This happened just a few days ago and a link to the initial letter on this topic is noted below.


These days in our Ananda Marga, VSS is colourful. Just a few weeks ago, VSS Dada Mukunda’nanda sexually molested a young girl and now we see one VSS Didi senselessly slapping and abusing one hungry child and then attacking DSL Didi in a fit of rage.

It seems that all kinds of worthless criminals inhabit our VSS department. Indeed, what else are we to think given what has transpired. So if you see any wt in VSS, then more than likely that worker has committed a heinous crime and is of despicable conduct. Of course this does not apply to all in VSS, but certainly more than a few. Unfortunately, this has been the on-going trend in this post-1990 era. VSS wts have been involved in all kinds of crazy and harmful activities. So many VSS workers have been involved in lootings and murders.

Indeed such workers lead a double-life. At times, they wear a turban or veil and don their saffron robs and pose as being an acarya/a’. And other times they move around in street clothes, stylish hair, and mix with the general society in order to carry out their crude dealings. VSS didis often keep long hair and VSS Dadas usually keep short hair. By this way when they peel away their uniform and put on street clothes, they can mix right in. This is their dual identity; and constantly they are changing their dress: Garnering praise as a Wt and indulging in misdeeds and luxuries in civil dress.

But this is not the way our VSS department is to function.



As we all know, the mission and intention behind the formation of the VSS (Volunteers for Social Service) is most glorious. Baba Himself has given the following slogan which our workers would chant in various reportings in front of Baba:

Who will save prestige of mothers and sisters?? VSS, VSS!!

Who will save the public from attack by the demons?? VSS, VSS!!

Who will establish dharma?? VSS, VSS!!

The aims and guidelines of VSS are full of integrity and responsibility. Yet when that same duty gets allotted to criminals in Wt dress, then that explains the oddities, insults, and wicked deeds of today’s VSS department.

Thus the name is indeed VSS, but under the banner of VSS all kinds of demons are getting scope to carry out their heinous plans. Indeed that is why we see the likes of Mukunda’nanda Dada and the aforementioned VSS Didi in the ranks of VSS.


The most natural and obvious question to ask is: Why is this appalling pattern allowed to recur again and again in VSS? Why do we see one misdeed after another with little or no action taken against the wrongdoer and little or nothing done to prevent such crimes from happening again?

The answer lies in one word: Factionalism.

Our “leaders” are neck-deep in their groupist fight for power. To achieve their selfish ends of gaining more power and control, and terrorising the other factions, the various group leaders need thugs and strong-arms in their VSS department. Otherwise, how will they be able to carry out their factional crusades.

So, in exchange for their allegiance and fighting power, today’s group leaders grant VSS wts immunity. That means today’s VSS workers have been given full license to do as they please and never face any punishment or problem. That is the crude trade going on. Group leaders will protect VSS personnel from their criminal behaviour, and VSS workers will guard over factional interests and properties and wreak havoc on opposing groups.

This is the black deal going on behind the scenes. And that is why we see such negative behaviour in the ranks of VSS with no punishment or accountability for their wrongdoing.


Seeing the situation, strict vigilance is needed. Every Ananda Margii must keep a keen and watchful eye over the VSS department. Otherwise we will see more and more incidents like Mukundananda’s sexual crime on a 7-year-old margii girl, and VSS didi’s mistreatment of a 4-year-old girl and attack of another didi. We must not allow such crude elements in our Marga.

If we continue to feed such snakes under our own roof we are sure to get bit. Our moral duty is to raise the voice against injustice and support righteousness. Keeping quiet is not an option.

As stated before: “We must communicate by phone, email, or letter with the concerned authorities like organisational heads and the local police. We have no other recourse. We must not let this get swept under the rug.”

To learn more about these didis including what other misdeeds they are involved in, please read the below note.



The name of the VSS Didi, who physically beat and abused the little girl and attacked the DSL didi, is Ananda Piyusa Acarya. Thus it is Didi Ananda Piyusa who is the global VSS worker of GV (Girls Volunteers) who pulled the hair of one didi and punched her. And it is Didi Ananda Piyusa who inexplicably abused and hit one hungry, 4-year-old girl.

Here it should also be mentioned that for some years this same Didi Ananda Piyusa has been involved in an illicit affair with one Dada. That Dada used to have the post of “DC”, which is the VSS controller of Ananda Nagar. This Dada has since been transferred elsewhere, but he and Didi Ananda Piyusa have continued their illicit affair.

Finally, the name of the kind-hearted Didi who was attacked is Didi Ananda Tapasvinii Acarya, DSL Sasaram (Bihar). She is the one who brought the children’s home girl to the camp and she is the one who watches over and cares for this young 4-year-old.


Here is the initial write-up of this incident that recounts the details of what took place.



“Toma’ke ceyechi a’mi jiivaner prati pale…” (P.S. 2106)


Baba, O’ Divine Entity, I want You in each and every second of my life – all the time, every moment. Baba, please come in every honey-filled seed vessel of my hundred petal mental lotus.

Baba, whatever beautiful things I have, whatever good things I have – I am offering everything unto You. Baba, please grace me by coming with Your most attractive form.

O’ my dearmost, Your everything is so very beautiful. You are that most resplendent divine Entity – perfectly effulgent. Just as the shining moon does not have any black spots; similarly, O’ Parama Purusa, You are resplendent and blemishless – perfectly pristine & pure.

Baba, O’ Supreme Controller, please shower Your causeless grace on me; please remove my fear and shyness from my unit mind. Please take away all those impurities that are accumulated in my mental plate. Baba, please grace me with the eternal gift of devotion.

Baba, I do not have any worldly desire -just I want Your closeness. That is why I go on searching You while doing all kinds of works, O’ my Lord of Lords. Baba, in each and every moment of my life, in all my deeds and in all my thoughts, I want Your Presence – I want Your grace…

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