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Divine Social Duty

Date: 26 May 2012 22:02:48 -0000
From: “Subhash Dholakia”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Divine Social Duty


“Pra’n’e ceyechi toma’re, tumi ki deve na’ dhara’…” (P.S. 4694)


Baba, I long for You in my heart – please come in my heart. Won’t You grace me and allow Yourself to be held; will You not allow me to hold You. The same flow which I feel my heart is also resonating through the delicate strings of my viina.

Baba, so many days and nights, so many prahar [1], and so many dates have gone in waste. Baba, so many months, spans of time, years, and ages have passed. Even after learning so many rules and regulations, and so many do’s and don’ts from the scriptures– in spite of that I lost the path.

Baba, today, by Your grace I understand this eternal truth: That You can only be bound by love and devotion. All the fixed rules and established systems of the tunes and melodies will go in vain. By that way I will not get You. I can only get You by yearning and longing. Only with devotion can I get You.

Baba, I long for You in my heart. In my each and every action I want You to be present. I want to feel You all the time. Baba, please grace me so that You are always along with me. Baba, please be gracious…


[1] Prahar= Each day is broken up into eight segments or eight periods. And these periods are known as ‘prahar’. In that way, each prahar is three hours length in duration. Here Baba explains more about prahar and various other segments of time.

Baba says, “The verbal root ‘mas’ means ‘to measure’. By adding ‘ghain’ to ‘mas’ we get ma’sa whose etymological meaning is ‘a measurement of time’ or ‘a period of time’. Thus ma’sa in this sense means ‘era’, ‘lunar year’, ‘lunar month’, ‘lunar day’, ‘solar year’, ‘solar month’, ‘fortnight’, ‘week’, ‘solar day’ or ahora’tra (from sunrise to sunrise), prahara (three hours), hour, minute, second, fraction-of-second and so forth — all of these.” (SC-2, disc:13)



Baba says, “You shall, therefore, preach only satya. Explain to them whatever you have done with reasons thereof. Also, make it clear to them what you want to do and why you want to do. The result of this highly useful (helpful) preaching is that the inferiority complex disappears from the mind of the common men. They are encouraged when they see that a common man like themselves is inspired with such a high ideal. The second result of this is as follows. The common result of this is as follows. The common people are not generally aware of your usefully high ideas. In every work, big or small, they cling to selfishness. So, learning everything pure and high through your easy and simple language they will cooperate with you, with a mind free from wrong notions. The third outcome of this is that they will be shorn off the wrong notions that may have crept into them by the propaganda made by the selfish persons with vested interests.”

“Win over their heart by propagating satya but without abusing anyone. When, they will feel the ideal of satya and come to know of your untiring karma sádhaná, naturally, they will abandon their wrong notions about you; they will even start respecting you.”

“Even in private life when a person behaves with you badly or uses harsh words, don’t behave with him in the same manner. You shall explain to him his duties gently. In case, anyone has a wrong impression, you shall show him the right path without scolding (abusing) him. Make it clear to him if possible with practical demonstration how harmful may be the effect of such habits. But always keep this in mind that in such cases your behaviour must be like that of a friend, and never like that of an instructor. Your only object will be to get your advice accepted by him. The idea that he is fool and you are wise is not desirable in any party.” (Ta’ttvika Diipika’: Dvitiiya Parva)


1) Those suffering from a superiority complex are unable to properly guide or teach others. For them, doing AM pracar is basically impossible.

2) In the Supreme Command, Baba has allotted us the special duty “to bring all to the path of bliss” – to bring all to the divine path of AM. So this is a very sacred task which our Guru has given. Indeed pracara is the greatest social duty of human life.

3) Plus, we know that when Parama Purusa takes advent on this dusty earth then He does not waste His time in becoming a millionaire or a billionaire; rather, He dedicates His each and every moment for the all-round development & emancipation of human beings.

4) The conclusion is that the most virtuous aspect of human life is serving others. And the best service – the most lasting service – is doing dharma pracar. For this reason we should sincerely follow Baba’s above guideline.


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