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Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 22:54:24 -0000
From: “Laksman Deva”
Subject: Mystery Unfolds About Acoustic Roots


“Maner kon’e rayecho gopane, brhater ceye tumi brhat…” (PS 617)


Baba, You are infinite; You are vaster than vast. Even then, with Your divine play, You are secretly hiding Yourself in the corner of my mind. Baba, You are not only saturated with love, You are the embodiment of love. And in Your divine love, You have saturated this entire universe. Your liila is incomparable.

Baba, You have removed all the staticity and drowsiness. O’ Transcendental Entity, O’ Parama Purusa You have come within the scope of non-transcendentality. You have graced me and come in my dhyana. You have taken Your seat on my mental lotus – Your glory is unfathomable. Baba, You are bliss personified; You are mine. Baba, You have graced me & You have appeared in my mind very intimately – in an extremely personal way…



Baba says, “What is a biija mantra (acoustic root)? Every action and every existence are characterised by certain particular sounds. While you sit in one place, you exist, and because of your existence various waves get buffeted and altered. Light waves, for example, are either reflected or refracted, after which they go back into the air. The existential acoustic root is a prerequisite for all the functions of existence. Through existence, through action, you are always engaged in some type of work.”

“Every action has a sound of its own which may or may not be audible to the human ear. Suppose someone is walking on tiptoe: the sound produced is so soft that it is inaudible; but some sound is produced nevertheless. Some people make a lot of noise when they walk. Some people smile silently, whereas other people laugh loudly. In Sam’skrta, smiling silently is called ‘smita’, and laughing loudly is called ‘ha’sya’. Though it seems that smiling is a silent action, it does produce a sound. While smiling, one’s mouth and lips move slightly, causing a little stir in the air which creates a very faint sound.”

“Ether is the subtlest factor in this quinquelemental world. It, too, having existence, produces a certain sound. Mental thoughts create a vibration in your mind (a sound) which in turn vibrates the nerve cells and nerve fibres.”

“That minute sound of every action is called ‘acoustic root’ in English and ‘biija mantra’ in Sam’skrta.” (Jan 11, ’79)

Baba’s above guideline is most unique and relevant for each and every sadhaka. We should strive to realise the very essence of what Baba is saying. For that, sincerity in sadhana is a must.


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