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Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2012 21:02:38 -0700
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From: Manotosh Deva
Subject: For A Better Future


“A’ma’r e marmaviin’a’y sur bhare dey, ke go deradii…” (P.S. 4503)


One Divine Entity is filling the viina of my heart with sweet blissful tunes – I do not know Him. Please tell me who is that most loving One. The bulbuli bird [1] of my mental rose garden constantly longs for Him, always. [2]

The loving spring month is still far; it has not come yet. It is in the inner most part of the divine kingdom. That Great Entity has made the river of divine love flow with the beha’g tune, with such charm and affection, and with the flower pollen of love. [3]

That Divine yet unknown Charming Entity, who is the very infinite ocean of nectar, resides in that far distant land. I do not know who is that. Please tell me who that is. He graciously takes advent in my mind and fills each and every moment with sweetness. In the charming flower lane, He is making me intoxicated with His divine flute. [4]

He is the Love Personified, the most charming, the ever-present – Baba…


[1] Bulbuli: In this song, the bhakta’s heart-felt feeling and mental longing for Parama Purusa is expressed by the sweet call of the bulbuli bird. (Bulbul: bird, common name for members of the family Pycnonotidae, comprising 119 species of medium-sized, dull-colored passerine birds with short necks and wings, native to Africa and South Asia. These are noisy, gregarious birds with often beautiful, striking songs.)

[2] First Stanza: When Parama Purusa showers His infinite grace He fills the hearts of devotees with longing for Him– He pulls their heart. In that case the bhakta’s mind becomes completely restless and just longs for Him. Except Him, their mind knows nothing else; just it constantly longs for Him. And that deep longing for Him is what is known as devotion. Through His poetic language of this first stanza, Baba is expressing this grand idea.

[3] Second Stanza: By His auspicious advent, Parama Purusa has brought the divine kingdom onto this dusty earth and flooded everyone with divine love. By His grace, everyone has very easily realised what divine love (prema) is and how sweet and blissful that Cosmic Entity is. This is the overall idea of the second stanza.

[4] Fourth Stanza: Although Parama Purusa resides in satyaloka – in that far distant land, but He has magnificently taken advent on this dusty earth and made spiritual life accessible to each and every human being. He has graciously filled everyone’s heart with bliss. By His august arrival everyone has come to know what divinity is. That is the essence of the third stanza.


Here Baba is guiding us – and warning us – to always cultivate a sweet and devotional idea in mind. The idea(s) one harbors in the mind seriously impacts their status in the future.

Baba says, “People according to their respective physical and psychic pabula, are provided in their next life with the requisite physical bodies. Those who want to eat and drink beyond all proportion may be provided with pigs’ bodies; in that case, they can eat as much as they like. Those who are very angry by disposition may be provided with buffaloes’ bodies, so they can be as angry as they like. And those who long for the close proximity to Parama Purus’a, will attain a developed human frame, a sentient human body.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 11, p.24)


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