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Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 – 0000
Subject: Economic Myths Around the Globe


Even with the ongoing global economic crisis, there are certain myths or misunderstandings about the workings of capitalism. Until the masses come to awareness on these points, people will still be looking for a capitalistic solution to the present economic misery.

In this series of letters we will look at some of these myths. Please write in with your thoughts and observations.

MYTH #1:


The prevailing notion around the globe is that anyone and everyone can be a billionaire. And by billionaire, we mean someone who has far more resources and money than they need to live on this earth, i.e. someone who clearly has more than most everyone else. Many believe this in their mind: All can be billionaires by hoarding wealth. That is a central myth of capitalism.

However, this is a most short-sighted and narrow idea because this earth is limited and the material resources are also limited. Already we have worn our resources thin. Not everyone can have a sprawling mansion with miles and miles of property. Nor is it practical to think that it is possible for this planet to survive the continued ecological destruction & devouring of natural resources associated with a capitalistic exploitative economy, where anything and everything is done for the bottom-line: profit.

Yet that is what capitalists do; and, they never want to curtail or compromise their avaricious tendency.

Baba says, “Rich people do not want to consider the needs of the poor, because if they do they will have to make some sacrifices.” (Human Society-1)

So they go on exploiting both the people and the resources.

Certainly, our Prout philosophy ensures that everyone will have access to and use of the all the fundamental material faculties of the day; everyone will be guaranteed the minimum requirements of life. And those meritorious people will be granted greater amenities.

But no one will be allowed to harbor and enact the mental disease of greedily exploiting and grabbing huge amounts of wealth. Selfish gain for selfish purposes will not be tolerated.

Rather Baba preaches the rational gospel of aparigraha: That we should focus our minds in higher realms and minimise our physical belongings. At the same time all will be guaranteed the minimum requirements.

So capitalism preaches the wrongful idea that everyone can go on senselessly accumulating more and more, as if there is no end in sight. That is the myth. And many people live and dream, whether they wish to admit it or not, as if this is how their life will proceed. When in fact, gross, unending material gain is a completely unsustainable way to live on this earth, and is in fact a fallacy.


Here we should reflect on Baba’s guiding teachings.

Baba says, “As long as the human mind is attracted towards the glamorous external objects, as long as mental progress is checked by the pursuit of gross physicality, the human heart remains restless, and utters mournfully “I am hungry. I am hungry” This insatiable hunger cannot be satisfied by anything from the mundane world, and that is not possible either.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell-6)

Baba says, “People’s physical longings are not satisfied until they come in contact with a truly great ideology. Till then, people’s wolf-like hunger is insatiable, as if they are incessantly repeating, “I am hungry, I am hungry.” Their jaws are always open, and the foolish people of this world resign themselves to their own fatalistic beliefs and fall into them. The ferocious wolf-pack devours their flesh and blood and casts away the unpalatable bones. Should we support this wolfish philosophy? The day-labourers, porters and gate-keepers around us who wear dirty rags and have fatigue etched on their faces are not considered human by those who are rolling in luxury.” (Human Society – 1)

Here the whole idea is that material gain cannot quench the human hunger. Permanent satiation only occurs when one comes in contact with the Great Ideology. i.e. spirituality. Due to a distinct lack of spiritual longing, rich exploiters express their wolf-like hunger and exploit the general mass. Poor people get crushed mercilessly and they do not oppose it because they think that is their fate.

So both groups are misguided by the prevailing dogma:
1) Wealthy people are trying to satisfy their infinite longing by the over-accumulation of money and riches;
2) the starving, half-half naked humanity thinks that suffering is their fate and feels they are impotent to do anything to stop it.


As Proutists, we have learned from the outset that materialism or and capitalism run contrary to human welfare. Baba has spoken so strongly against these isms. So we are much less affected by or prone to falling for these myths, by His grace.

In the general society, however, these myths are misguiding billions of people. They suffer from an extreme misunderstanding about capitalistic economic policy and its related effects.

So we have much more to do in order to bring about the right understanding of these below points. Others should also write in on this topic by identifying more of these economic myths that are eating away at the fabric of our human society.

Finally let us reflect on Baba’s below teaching:

Baba says, “So long as a sa’dhaka does not attain Brahma, there exists in him a feeling of incompleteness. Suppose you want a thousand rupees. If you are given a thousand rupees, will you be contented? No, you will then ask for more. Such is the characteristic of human mind. Man has a limitless thirst. He keeps on harping ceaselessly, “I am hungry.” The hunger for a thousand will change into hunger for a lakh, and hunger for a lakh will make room for hunger for a crore. Thus the amount of hunger goes on increasing until a limitless amount of money is attained. This limitlessness is inherent in Brahma, and so your hunger can be satiated in Brahma alone.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 2)

Prakash Deva


“Eso tumi a’ma’r ghare, baso hiya’r a’sane…” (P.S. 906)


O’ my dearmost Baba, please come to my humble abode and sit in the inner core of my heart. For ages and ages, I have been longing for You. Baba, in one lonely place, in my mind I have prepared a thousand petal lotus for You to sit – and I have decorated it with the love of my heart.

Baba, O’ Supreme One, for such a long time I have been coming and going onto this dusty earth. In Your system of brahmacakra there is no leisure time for taking rest. Those who have come will one day go, and those who have gone will one day come. So there is no period of rest in Your continuous cycle of brahmacakra. Always one is either coming or

Baba, by Your grace, in one golden dawn, my spiritual journey started – in my mind, in my mind. Baba, while moving towards You on this spiritual path, from time to time I go astray and lose the way. I am incapable of walking properly; that is why I go off the path. Please forgive me; and please bless me by showering a wee-bit of Your cosmic grace & bring me back onto the right path.

Baba, please come in my heart. In my Guru cakra, I have prepared a thousand petaled lotus for You. Please grace me by coming…

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