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Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2012 21:46:12 +0530
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From: Manotosha Deva
Subject: Sam’ska’ra Bhoga


Intro to PS: This following song is unique in its own special way. Here Baba, in an indirect manner, is talking to the devotee and consoling him about his situation.

“Jale bhara’ a’nkhi yadio toma’r…” (P.S. 1445)


O’ my dear, I can see that your eyes are filled with tears. Please tell me why you are so sad– such that you could not even manage to attend to your basic duties. Which divine Entity came and stole Your heart. He left, took away your heart, and He did not return. Who is that who did that to you.

Even then please don’t cry, that very divine Entity will come again. No doubt He left you alone and He went off to some far distant place. And He does not come close these days. But that type of strength He does not have that He can keep Himself away forever. Yes, He keeps Himself distant from You; but your love He has not forgotten nor can He ever forget. He will surely come again.

O’ my dear, please tell me why you are so sad. Who has stolen Your heart; in whose longing are you crying. That Ajana Pathik, that divine Entity loves you very much, you should know…



Baba says, “The reaping of consequences of original actions performed by a human being occurs mainly in the psychic sphere. And if a person attains the blessings of evolved beings and the Cosmic grace in that same psychic sphere, the problem is solved. Pain and misery is bound to come. Depending upon one’s inborn sam’ska’ras and the actions performed, tortures and afflictions are bound to be undergone – the expression of one’s own reactive momenta. Tortures and afflictions will not be as severely painful as before; with the blessing and grace, the psychic afflictions will be removed. Well, when there is pain and the pain is not felt as such, should it then be called pain? In this case, in the psychic sphere, one will
remain in a state of bliss. Let the afflictions come. When the affliction and pain are not felt as such, one should not worry about it.” (Prout Nutshell – 14)

In this materialistic era, people commonly think that those with money, or those with a big house, or those with name and fame, do not suffer from any problems, pain, or difficulties. But here in the above excerpt, Baba is directly telling us that suffering occurs in the mental sphere– not just in the physical sphere. Because one’s samskara primarily take expression in the mind. Those problems and pains are undergone in the psychic strata. Thus no one should think that just because someone is wealthy or drives a fancy car then it means that they do not have any problems in life. It is not like that. This dogma we should try to remove from our social outlook. Because as Baba indicates above, irregardless of one’s financial position, level of education, or professional attainment, to one degree or another everyone has problems in the psychic sphere, and that is how they exhaust their samskaras. So no matter how much wealth one accumulates in the worldly sphere, one’s mental pain and suffering will not diminish. Suffering happens in mental realm and everyone experiences it
according to their samskaras. And that suffering will remain until one is established on the path of spirituality. Thus the only the way to permanently relieve oneself of any suffering is not to chase after worldly allurements but rather to get His divine grace. Just a tiny portion of His grace is enough to free the mind of any suffering. Then one will just be in
a state of peace– bliss. That is Baba’s above teaching.

Manotosha Deva

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