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From: Purusottoma
Subject: Those Whom Nobody Honors
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2012 22:47:04 -0400


“Tumi ye path dhariya’ esechile ta’ha’r surabhi a’jao a’che…” (PS 756)


Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, the path on which You came still carries Your sweet fragrance even today. The divine love which You showered upon me with Your sweet and charming smile, its vibration is still dancing to this day. And it is blissfully charging my whole existence.

Baba, You came with the aroma of sweet songs; You came with the melody and tune. And You graced me and became my nearest and dearest – You became one with my heart. It is Your grace.

Baba, at that time why did You look towards me in such a sweet, attractive way and take my heart away. That very loving gaze is still fresh in my mind. Just one single glance of Yours changed my whole existence. Baba, You showered me with Your loving grace.

Baba, You thought about me and that is the greatest achievement of my life. What more do I need. The force of that Divine gift is not exhausted even today; it always gives me strength and inspiration to go on loving You.

Even today, I am surviving on the hope that I will again get You as my intimate, as my close, as my own. Baba, O’ Divine Entity, Your sweet smile is still fresh in my mind and fills my heart with Your endless love…



This following example of Baba gives this direction: That we should give first priority to honoring those whom nobody honors.

Baba says, “To those who think for all…Who offer others seats of honour and respect…Who venerate others, instead of waiting to be venerated– To them I dedicate this book with humble esteem, and deepest salutations.” (Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect)


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