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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 22:48:51
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Subject: How To Solve the Problem
From: Jiivendra


“Ruper mela’y bose tumi arup ga’n shun’iye ja’o…” (PS 3331)


O’ Formless One, O’ Divine Entity, You have situated Yourself in the festival and grandeur of form. You have created Your advent in this colourful world. You are playing Your flute – singing Your song for me. Baba, You have come emanating Your eternal call. Bathing Yourself in the ocean of form, You resonate Your divine sound in my heart. That is: by leaving Your eternal formless stance of Nirguna Brahma, You graciously descend upon this earth as the Taraka Brahma and come into the world of form. You fill the heart with devotion and with the irresistible urge to get You. O’ my dearmost, You have come into the world of form and showered Your grace by playing Your eternal flute.

Baba, Your sound – Your divine flute – resonates eternally in animate and inanimate beings, in flora and fauna, in mobile and immobile beings, everywhere. You saturate Your divine love in every thought and in all expressions. Baba, You play Your flute and by Your grace it vibrates in all atoms and in every molecule – in everything and everywhere.

O’ Parama Purus’a, You are the Na’dtanu [1] of the ages, You are beyond time; You are Ka’la’tiita. You are immutable. You remain in one unaltered state in all times: past, present and future. Because of Your immutable characteristics, You are not only beyond the bondage of time (Ka’la’tiita) but also beyond the bondage of space (Desha’tiita) and beyond the bondage of form (Rupa’tiita).

O’ Na’dtanu, O’ Parama Purusa, I do sastaunga pranam at Your alter…


[1] Na’dtanu: This is one of the countless names that describes one of the infinite attributions of Parama Purusa. Specifically Na’dtanu refers to that Divine Entity who is the Lord of all music and dance. That is, the One whose very body is made out of the na’da – the primordial sound – is Himself the Lord of the dance.



Baba says, “All the urges and longings should be channelised and directed towrds the Supreme. If this is done indomitable psychic force and invincible spiritual energy will grow from within. This will enable people to solve all the world’s problems – economic, social, cultural, big and small. Unless one develops oneself in this way, as an ideal human being, one will not be able to solve any problem, no matter how madly one beats one’s chest or how loudly one shouts slogans.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 10, p.758)

In the above quote Baba guides us that spirituality is an indispensable quality for solving the world’s social problems, and becoming a Prout leader. That means only with the great force of true spirituality and by serving others can one be an ideal Proutist and lead the society along the golden road of welfare.

However, on & off again, some start thinking that non-spiritually oriented activists can be ideal Proutists. They think even an atheistic person who puts forth a social platform can become a Prout leader.

Baba gives the reply that those not inclined towards spirituality cannot help and guide others beyond the degree to which their own self-interest is served.


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