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From: “Vinod Singh”
Subject: Re: [1] Daughter’s Lucrative Job



[Note: This is the second letter of this series; a link to the first letter is below – Eds.]


“Trainer Didi [Bangalore] keeps 50% of all donations for herself and sends those funds back to her laokika family in her village. That is the sad reality. One more thing that need be mentioned here is that this Wt Trainer Didi is herself the daughter of a well-known margii family. That margii family resides in one village. The local villagers know that the family is accumulating big money from the Wt daughter. So those villagers think that being a Wt in Ananda Marga means having a high-paying job and getting a lucrative salary…The didi in the above report is Ananda Madhurima Acarya. She is the Trainer Didi in Bangalore who sends so much organizational money to her laokik family.”


Yes, I am aware about WT Trainer Didi Ananda Madhurima and I know her family. Trainer Didi’s laokik father is Ac Dharmanathji of Viddu Pur (Vaishali district) in the state of Bihar, India. Ac Dharmanathji lived there and raised his family in that village. So that is Trainer Didi’s laokik home.

I actually went there to see for myself as I live nearby.


The circumstances are that, for some time now, Trainer Didi has been sending half of all her collected donations to her laokik family – and still this is going on. Thus the margiis generously donate thinking that they are helping build a model institution for training new candidates for becoming wholetime workers, yet the Trainer Didi is pocketing the bulk of those funds and sending huge monies to her laokik family.


Actually this is not a secret: Everyone in the village of Viddu Pur knows about this. Furthermore, those villagers of Viddu Pur naively think that avadhutikas in Ananda Marga receive a huge salary and that is why this family has become rich. Those villagers do not know that Didi is going against the ethic of wholetimer life.

So all the non-margii families of Viddu Pur understand well that the family is wealthy because their daughter (i.e. Trainer Didi) sends money regularly to the family. Indeed the non-margii villagers praise the family how their daughter became the bread-winner (big money earner) for the entire family.

When I went there I saw first-hand how some of those non-margiis are now trying to get their own daughters to also become Wts so they too can receive significant funds. They see first-hand that this is a lucrative business. They think that Ananda Marga avadutikas are well-paid. They do not know that this Didi is dishonest and stealing from the organisation.

Rather those non-margii villagers think that Ananda Marga is a grand corporation and that that family’s daughter receives a good salary. In turn, their daughter send big money to their laokik family. By this way that village family was able to construct a totally new house. Seeing this, naturally all of those non-margii villagers are in awe and a few of them are keen to have their own sons and daughters also become Wts and receive a good salary.


All in all, this entire situation is shameful. There is no other word for it. Trainer Didi is exploiting the sentiments and generosity of margiis and sympathizers who steadfastly give donations to the WT training centre in Bangalore.

Vinod Singh

Note 1: BY THE WAY…


By the way, I have been following along the discussion about the RAWA program at DMS where mature girls are dancing in front of everyone with naked bellies etc. Here I wish to add that similar issues are happening with the B group RAWA programs. Unfortunately all the groups are doing this type of poor display.




“Ka’lo jetha’y a’loy meshe, sa’t sa’gar pa’re…” (1867)


Baba, after crossing the seven oceans there is a land where the blackness and effulgence meet: the world of immortality, i.e. satyaloka. O’ my Dearmost, by Your grace I will get You there – at that effulgent tangential point. [1]

Baba, Your and my intimate closeness has been going on since eternity. It is beyond the relative factors of time, space, and person. Baba, our relation knows no limitations. In the beginning we were one; during my
entire movement through saincara and pratisaincara our unifying link has remained. Baba, today I feel Your love in my heart; in the past also I felt that love; and by Your grace in the future this love will also remain. Baba, You
alone are my eternal Companion. Everything else in this mobile universe comes and goes. Under the ignorance of avidya maya I foolishly depend on worldly things- thinking those things will be with me up to eternity. Baba, by Your grace when awareness comes, then I understand that everything in this expressed world is ephemeral, except You – Parama Purusa. Baba, even the vast, boundless ocean of avidya maya cannot create obstacles in our relation. Baba, between You and me there is a strong attraction. You are pulling me with Your infinite love. Whatever obstacles come along the way will be smashed. Our love will go on and on and I will become one with You, by Your grace.

Baba, in the past I misunderstood everything and I got captivated by my blind attachments. I temporarily lost the path of divinity and got caught in the net of avidya maya. That was my darkest hour. But now, by Your grace, I realise that I was Yours then and that still today I am Yours. So many lifetimes have passed and by Your grace I remain under Your shelter. Today, I keep Your sweet memory in my heart. My each and every thing is for
You. Baba, by saturating me in Your love, make me Yours. Sometimes my mind gets attracted by the worldly colours, and I get attached with those transient things. Baba, please shower Your causeless grace. Please love me
so much that Your love dominates my entire existence; then, by Your grace, I will not get attracted by anything else. Baba, please colour me by spreading the love of Your heart – Your divine love. O’ my Dearmost, please reside
eternally in my heart as my most loving One.


[1] Ka’lo…a’loktiire: These are the opening and closing Bengali words of the first paragraph of the above song (#1867). This entire first stanza carries a deep philosophical meaning and is characterized by this below explanation and quotes.

The basic idea is that beyond the multifarious expressions of this mundane existence there is a heavenly abode. By the path of sadhana one can cross the darkness of the unit mind and reach up to that divine threshold – the
abode of Parama Purusa. Baba, being the Taraka Brahma remains eternally in that divine stance.

These following quotes lead in that direction and provide insight into the deeply philosophical meaning of the first stanza of the above Prabhat Samgiita.

Baba says, “Satyaloka or the Abode of Truth is the ultimate state, of the highest state of tranquillity (supramental state of witness-ship beyond the scope-of the mind). In philosophical language it is called Brahmaloka or the abode of Brahma.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 5, This World and the Next)

Baba says, “And when the sa’dhakas transcend the illusory bondage of their buddhitattva — existential I — and race towards the ultimate reality unhindered by any reflection on the mental plate, their intellects and indeed their whole identities merge in Consciousness in its pure form. That unreflected A’tman is alone called the pure Nirgun’a. This state is the unchallengeable position in satyaloka this state is Consciousness itself.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 5, This World and the Next)

Baba says, “In this sadhana of stabilising the citta the meaning of progress is to gradually cleanse every kos’a of its impurities. When ka’mamaya kos’a is stabilized, the citta will follow the dictates of the manomaya kos’a and will not be swayed by the lower propensities, by sensual proclivities. Then again, when manomaya kos’a becomes tranquil the citta will be free from the influence of kamamaya kos’a. It will then merge its own entity in the atima’nasa kos’a the supramental mind. In other words, it will exhaust the remaining sam’ska’ras. It cannot perform any original action (pratyayamu’laka) without citta-suddhi, (mental purification) because these non-original actions keep the lower kos’as active. Thus one must continue with sa’dhana’ ceaselessly with a view to gradually establishing harmony and equilibrium in the kos’as one after another. The moment the indistinct sensibility of the hiran’maya kos’a (subtle causal mind) is free of the least vestige of impurity, the sa’dhaka shines with the dazzling radiance of the Satyaloka. That is an auspicious moment for a sa’dhaka as it is unification between A’tman and Parama´tman.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 5, This World and the Next)

Baba says, “The perfect sa’dhana’ is the sustained effort to completely identify every kos’a with the inner self, thus the more sa’dhakas progress on the path of sa’dhana’, the more their cakras and propensities (vrttis) are gradually controlled by the higher and higher kos’as. But the sa’dhakas must not stop here. At the final stage of their sa’dhana’ even the stance of a’jina cakra, even their entire mind entity has to be taken to a higher state of existence, the Brahmaloka, and merged in the Purus’a Bha’va or Cognitive Bearing. It is in the Sahasra’ra Cakra (pineal plexus) that sa’dhakas establish themselves in the true blissful state and transcend the bondages of pleasure and pain. That state is the ultimate state of attainment for microcosms, it is the original stance of Brahma. There exists neither you nor He, the two become One. It is by means of sa’dhana’ that this supreme rank is attainable. So you see, the destiny of human beings is in their own hands. You are certainly capable of controlling yourself. Here yourself means your propensities the demons within you.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 5, This World and the Next)

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Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2012 08:58:29
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Subject: Re:[5]DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
From: Nirainjan Deva



(Note: This is the sixth letter on this thread. Please find links to the five earlier letters below. – Eds)

To Acintanandaji and those others who supported this issue to promote female adult dancing in our RAWA programs at DMS.


I have been closely watching this Rawa discussion…

Dada Acintanandji spoke:

“Mrinal Pathakji is establishing Ananda Marga bhagavad dharma through these cultural programs. His work is unparalleled. He is a true dharmika. With Rawa, dance dharma will be established gradually. Everyone should follow in his footsteps.”

Brother Divyam’shu replied:

The fact is that Mr Pathak’s dance programs are strongly influenced by Bollywood sensuality. As a performance director, he takes all his cues from the materialistic movie / fashion industry. That is why there is so much pseudo-culture in his dance productions that are done under the banner of Rawa. So how could a highly posted Dada like Acintanandji think that Pathakji is establishing dharma? Dadaji’s analysis is quite disturbing.

My further reply to Acintanandji:

Dadaji, think about the recent cultural program in AM. Undoubtedly you have seen or heard about the program at DMS wherein mature 16 – 21 year old females and males danced together. Then honestly ask yourself if seeing that dance – you can just question yourself, no need to tell anybody – brought your mind towards Parama Purusa or somewhere else.

If it was going somewhere else, then do not impose or support such programs. Otherwise you are merely befooling yourself and hurting the Marga.

Not only that, even if your mind was ensconced in Parama Purusa by His grace, even then you should come forward and join those who oppose such so-called cultural programs. Because right now many are complaining about these so-called cultural programs and how they do not lead the mind towards divinity, but rather push the mind in the other direction. Ok, perhaps you are a truly superior sadhana and you were able to keep the mind pointed on the divine; even then, have a heart for those of us who struggle with this. Give us some sympathetic support.



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