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Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2012 15:26:17 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Vinod Singh”
Subject: News: Mukunda’nanda – Repeat Offender



A most unfortunate and tragic incident has occurred: Mukunda’nanda Dada recently committed a sexual crime with a village girl in Varanasi. This is the same Mukunda’nanda who was involved in the sexual attack on a 7 yr old girl in Daltonganj just a few months ago. Those with more details of this latest crime in Varanasi should come forward. How is it that this was allowed to happen. A proper resolution is needed.

Vinod Singh




=== (A) On 21 April 2012 Ram Kumar Deva wrote:

“Recently one Dada sexually attacked a young girl from Daltonganj.
The assailant is a sectorial-level VSS worker of Delhi sector.
This attack was carried out in a most violent and gruesome manner.”

1. This unfortunate incident took place in a village about 30 kilometers from Daltonganj town. It is in Daltonganj District. The diocese is Palamu, with the headquarters being Daltonganj.

2. The assailant was Mukunda’nanda, a senior dada 50+ years of age. He is hardcore cadre of Rudra’nanda.

3. Mukunda’nanda sexually assaulted and forced himself on the 7-year-old daughter of one respected margii.

4. This dada was staying in the house of one margii when he called the child to him and started teaching her. Everything seemed fine. Dada then sent the girl’s mother to cook food for him. This gave Dada the opportunity to violently assault the girl sexually.

5. In the aftermath, the girl was admitted to the hospital with profuse bleeding. Medical experts confirmed the gory details and the horrors that this innocent 7-year old girl suffered.

6. The Dada who did this is Ac Mukunda’nanda, sectorial organising secretary (VSS) of Delhi sector.

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=== (B) On 23 April 2012 Raviindra Deva wrote:

I cannot forget how in 1970, one of the monks in the Ramakrishna Mission committed this type of devious sexual crime in rural Jaipur. The outraged villagers took matters into their own hands.

Villagers caught the monk and removed his saffron robe and put him in civil dress. Then they painted his face black, forced him to sit on a donkey, and paraded him through the town with a placard hanging from his neck which read, “I am a child molester.”

But it did not stop there.

More and more villagers joined in and they physically detained that monk and forcibly removed his reproductive organ in such a manner that the monk had to be hospitalized. News of this spread around the whole of India. The monk was shamed by his criminal dealing and will remember his misdeed his entire life.

The sexual crime by Mukunda’nanda must also be taken seriously and addressed accordingly. Thus far the villagers of Daltonganj in 2012 have not dealt with the aggressor the way those villagers of Jaipur did in 1970. How and what the villagers do is for them to decide. But allowing the crime to go unpunished is not acceptable. The culprit must be taken to task.

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=== (C) On 27 April 2012 Divya’mshu wrote:

Dada Mukunda’nanda has a sectorial level posting in VSS so he goes all around Delhi sector. Thus he has the freedom to roam everywhere. His exact posting is sectorial organizing secretary (VSS).


We found out that his immediate supervisor is Ac. Parma’nanda Avt, Chief Secretary (VSS) of Delhi sector. The next higher up is Ac Mantracetana’nanda Avt, SG (Secretary General). We should watch how they handle the situation, and not tolerate any delay or covering up. Per Baba’s system, these supervisory workers are to be held accountable.

Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take care of each of their supervised staff in all respects.” (WT Code of
Conduct, “Six Addition Rules”, pt #2)

Thus when Mukunda’nanda has done the unspeakable and sexually assaulted a minor, it is unacceptable for his supervisors to keep mum or try to sweep this under the rug. Merely sending Mukunda’nanda for retraining is also inappropriate given the gruesome and sinful nature of his crime.


The sexual crime against this 7-year-old margii girl took place in Daltonganj District and in Chainpur block. We have come to know the name of the exact village but for the protection of the family and respect of their privacy, I refrain from including the village name here. Thank you for your understanding.

At this point the great fear is that this dada engaged in prior attacks that went unreported. That is a distinct concern as sexual criminals are most often repeat offenders.

Social scientists and psychologists have concluded that: “Compared to non-sex offenders released from State prisons, released sex offenders were 4 times more likely to be rearrested for a sex crime.”

We cannot definitively say that Mukunda’nanda committed more sexual crimes in the past, but evidence uncovered in this recent Daltonganj attack leads in that direction. We are dealing with a highly confident and seasoned assailant. Based on the ghastly details of this crime, it does not appear to be the work of a first-time perpetrator.


Another key reason behind this nefarious encounter is Dadaji’s ongoing lack of discipline. He is highly remiss in adhering to the daily code of conduct for acaryas and avadhutas.

For instance, this Dada keeps his hair and beard very short, which goes against points #1 & 2 of “32 Rules for Avadhu’tas.” Furthermore Mukunda’nanda Dada is not strict in sentient food, nor does he follow the fasting schedule properly. Verily there are so many ways how in his day to day life he is negligent in following Baba’s assigned codes of conduct.

To put it in a more graphic way, this Dada has been leading a dual life. In the daytime, he moves among margiis in saffron robes to be venerated as an acarya and avadhuta; and then in the nighttime, and sometimes during the day also, he roves the streets in civil dress. On more than one occasion this Dada has been seen entering raucous nightclubs and late-night hot-spots, among other places he frequents.

Here it should be understood that this dada is not alone in his poor, un-acarya-like conduct. Many dadas with short hair and well-trimmed beards, especially those in India, lead a dual existence where negative habits and tamasik indulgence are common. Dadas posted in India have no reason not to keep proper longer-length hair, a minimum of 13+ inches. And the beard should be at least 3 1/2 inches in length. That is the mandate.

So dadas must have longer hair and didis must have shorter hair. More about this has been written in note 1.

The overall point is that if any acarya’s presentation does not reflect that of a yogic monk, then they are often involved in dirty and degraded dealings. Such was certainly the case with Mukunda’nanda. All this and more contributed to his demise.

Baba says, “Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a small weakness or defect in the conduct of an ácárya. Just as it is the duty of a father to educate his children properly by his good conduct, an ácárya or ácáryá should always instruct by his or her exemplary actions and words.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 31, The Conduct of an Ácárya)

By failing to follow our Ananda Marga conduct rules for wholetimers, this dada fell deep into the depths of self-destruction.


One of the disturbing ironies of this case / crime is that Mukunda’nanda himself is posted in VSS. His duty was to protect the common people from such attacks. He was to protect the defenseless; yet he himself became the perpetrator. This makes his case particularly vile.


All this begs the question, “Why does Rudrananda keep him in the fold and in the cadre?”

The answer is quite straightforward. Criminals and characterless people are very easy to command. Such persons will obey all orders from their superiors because they know that their leaders will save them from all kinds of embarrassment, shame, and difficulties. Leaders like Rudrananda will ensure poorly behaved dadas do not get a bad name and refrain from reporting them to the police. That is the unspoken trade between fallen acaryas like Mukunda’nanda and leaders like Rudrananda.

Actually these days in Ananda Marga, the top leaders want their staff to commit crimes, because then they have “dirt” on that worker and can get them to do anything. In exchange for saving them from disgrace, those fallen workers become extremely obedient to their boss(es).

That is the sole reason why Rudrananda keeps him in Wt dress.

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PS Intro: In this following song, Parama Purusa Himself is playing one beautiful liila with the devotee. He– Parama Purusa– is speaking with the bhakta who has melancholic longing for the Lord.

“Ka’r tare tumi base base ka’nd, Ka’r katha’ bha’v diva’nishi…” – P.S. 1316


Please tell me, why you are crying and why you are so restless – you have not taken any food or gotten any rest. Please tell me, for whom do you have such a deep longing; for whom are you waiting and crying bitterly. Whose story and tale are you pondering day & night. Which thief has stolen your mind and captivated you. Who has taken away the sweet smile from your face and is making you cry.

None of your things are arranged properly; everything is scattered about – lying here & there. There is only tension in your eyes – all the satiation and satisfaction has disappeared. Who created this situation. You are always telling the tale of your beloved and you are always narrating those events again and again in Your mind internally – the tale of your beloved. Who is your dearmost.

You have all the qualities and attributions & in your life – there are many things to do; but even then, forgetting all those things, you are crying and crying in longing. Is it that the Lord Himself – the Parama Purusa – is attracting You with His divine flute day and night. With that resonance He is pulling your heart and you have become restless in His longing – or what can be the reason.

Please tell me, please tell me who has taken all your peace and tranquillity of the mind and made you restless. Who has put you in great trouble by taking away your heart. Who Is your beloved who is not listening to the call of your heart…

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