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From: “Manorainjan Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Painful Story of One Wt
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2012 23:19:17 +1000



These days in our Marga, the vast majority of our field workers are not treated fairly by their supervisory in-charges etc. Those Dadas sitting in the top posts repeatedly inflict all kinds of harm and injustices on general field workers.



For example, Dada Umeshvarananda – posted in Ranchi as the cook in Centre – was not allowed to eat any of the food that he cooks – or use any of the ingredients. This same type of crude treatment happened in the hoary past when nasty masters mistreated their helpless servants in those dark ages; yet, this is still going on today in Ananda Marga.

Unfortunately, the situation became so bad that Umeshvarananda began suffering from malnutrition. The adverse effects were noticeable enough that when local margiis of Ranchi visited they were horrified by his emaciated state and felt deep compassion for his condition. One margii gave him 500 rupees so he could purchase some nutritious food to eat.

Unfortunately, that did not go over well with his superiors. Those fat-bellied, big Dadas consider the wallets and purses of Ranchi margiis to belong to them, not to any lower worker like Umeshvarananda, who was “just a cook.” Central Dadas feel only they should get margii donations for their food and sweets.

Thus, when GS Dada Citsvarupanandji heard that Umeshvarananda had accepted 500 rupees from a local Ranchi margii, then GS became furious and ordered Umeshvarananda to come before him. Next, GS Dada sternly told Umeshvarananda to remove all his clothes. GS gave the duty to Ac Dharman Brahmacari to make sure that Umeshvarananda undressed; then GS told Dharman Brc to bring a big, big stick. Without any other recourse, Ac Dharman followed GS’s orders and brought one giant, strong stick.

In his full fury, GS furthermore demanded: “First give me that 500 rupees! That is my money. Where is that money!”

They searched Umeshvarananda’s clothing and belongings and found some money. They counted it and saw that it was less than 500 rupees.

In his rage, GS ordered: “Vomit whatever food you ate with that money.”

Umeshvarananda stood still.

GS Dada then proceeded to mercilessly beat and whip Umeshvarananda’s naked body 11 times with that big stick on his buttocks. Huge marks and welts immediately erupted on Umeshvarananda’s body. It was a vicious beating and a hideous sight.

Then GS Dada said, “If you ever accept money from Ranchi margiis again, I will kill you and bury you here in this Baba Quarters; then I will do sadhana on the very ground where you are buried. The police will never know anything.”

Since the time of that harsh beating and terrible threat, Umeshvarananda has been terrified. Indeed at the most recent May 2012 DMS at Ananda Nagar, he was still noticeably affected by this incident. He was moving around AN telling everyone about how he was whipped and that he does not want to go back to Ranchi. Dada was both tormented and frightened – understandably so.

Such is the condition of those field workers. They live in constant fear of being expelled, abused, or beaten by their superiors. Always they cite what happened to EC workers and other wts who were expelled and then defeated in the courts. As a result of these “victories”, those top Wts in Ranchi have their ego and vanity up to the sky itself. Such Ranchi thugs think they are impregnable. With that type of arrogance, they rule over all their “subordinate” workers.


Let’s briefly visit another case in point:

Nowadays, in the recent financial scam by GS Dada Citsvarupananda, we see that he clearly exploited lower-posted wts and got their money. Yet those Wts remain mostly silent. Why? Because if they speak up then they will be attacked, whipped, or even killed for speaking the truth. So they just keep mum; or, out of fear, they may even say that they willingly gave the money for GS Dada to keep. When in fact this was not true.

Our respected junior workers have been put in a very difficult situation and need our help and support; otherwise, they will be left to suffer at the hands of elite, supervisory workers.


The state of affairs is so bad that the condition of our field wts is no different from that of a molested child. An innocent child gets brutally abused by some criminal sex offender, and then that child is utterly helpless to speak out against that molester. Even in the court of law that child keeps quiet as the sex offender is there threatening him.

Same is the case of our lower-posted workers; they are innocent, yet terribly victimised and tortured by top Dadas.

Those wts who were exploited by GS dada in the financial scandal cannot come forward and speak out against GS Citsvarupananda. That will be their death. Under tremendous pressure, those innocent Dadas say that they willingly gave money to GS. When that is not at all the case. But they say that because they do not want to face further abuse, torture, and humiliation by their bosses.

The situation of our dear wholetime workers is just like that of a sexually abused boy who tells the judge that he willingly offered his body to be molested. Such type of talk makes no sense. But victims say like this because they are terrified of getting abused again and again.

We should support all our workers who face such abuse, exploitation, and inhumane treatment from supervisory workers. We should help them overcome this struggle – indeed this must be our collective effort.


There are many issues at hand. The first is that our top Dadas must adhere to Baba’s conduct rules, and that can only happen when they start doing proper sadhana. Here Baba guides us about the great concern top Dadas should have for lower level workers.

Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take proper care of each of their supervised staff in all respects.” (Six Additional Rules, Pt #2)

Unfortunately, that is not the scene we find unfolding nowadays in our Marga. We should double-up our efforts and make this a reality by pointing out the defects and fixing the problem.



These days life in AMPS within the acarya cadre is just like the master – slave relation. Those masters control those slaves and there is no scope for the slaves to free themselves. They are pushed into submission, until they even feel indebted to their masters. So even if those slaves are beaten, still they will speak good words on the behalf of their masters. Or their masters will simply publish praise about themselves in the name of those beaten slaves.

Such is what we see happening within the ranks of our Wt cadre as well. The situation of such slave wts is painful.

Those who want to cover-up and conceal the GS money scandal are trying to hide the truth as if nothing happened. Their situation is like when night creatures have the light shined on them, then those night creatures become terrified and furious. In darkness they have a lot of freedom and can do as they please. Not so though when the light is on them. When the light shines on them, they squirm and react and try to attack the sun. In their frustration they even try to spit on the sun, but that spit lands back on their face.

Same is the plight of our big Dadas who are trying to conceal the GS Dada money scandal.

Soon the day will come when things in our Marga will be different – i.e. dharmic. If we all work collectively, we can get things moving in the right direction, by Baba’s grace.


“A’loker va’n baha’ye diyecho, a’ndha’r marute pra’n’ ja’gayecho…” P.S. 1389


Baba, You have brought the flood of divine effulgence; You have given new life to the dark dry desert. And those hearts which could not bloom, by Your grace now they are blooming. Baba, victory is Yours, victory is Yours. O’ my Lord, O’ Prabhu, victory is always Yours. Baba, You have filled those hearts which were dry and crude with Your love, and they have started thinking & ideating in a new way.

Baba, You have granted the prana of life to the river’s flow which was lost in the burning desert and to the flower bud which fell down and became one with the dust. You had made those flower buds green and full of fragrance. In this way You have showered them with Your causeless grace. Baba, nobody can understand Your liila.

By Your grace You have healed the intellect which was hit badly by obstacles and problems. And to the melody which was suppressed by the blow of crudeness, with the sweet soft touch of Your divine hands You filled that melody with the music of the seven notes. Baba it is Your grace You have brought music on this earth.

Baba, You have saturated everyone’s heart with infinite longing and divine love…

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