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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Human Life on Other Planets & Stars
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 21:58:43 +0000


PS Intro: The relationship between the bhakta and Parama Purusa is eternal – it has been going on since the very dawn of creation. However, the devotee was not always aware of this truth. Ages and ages passed when the sadhaka did not realise his unique and intimate connection with Parama Purusa. So when any sadhaka does get initiated and starts doing strong sadhana and becomes linked with Parama Purusa and feels His divine love and becomes drenched in His bliss, then that sadhaka feels repentant for not developing his relationship with Parama Purusa sooner. This song expresses this very notion of repentance and wishful thinking. Because in this song the sadhaka is expressing the following directly to Parama Purusa:

‘In the past I was not aware about my relation with You. So now, when I have been blessed to come in Your contact and feel in my heart that You are my nearest and dearest One, then I feel sad that why did I not call You before, in the past – long, long back. Because even when I was a non-margii then that very time also You were with me. But I never look towards You those days and I never called You back then. Why did I not do so. Why did I not recognise You back then, it would have been so blissful to have had Your proximity all these years, but instead so much time passed in vain.’

So this song expresses the feeling of repentance of each and every devotee who has become linked with Parama Purusa as they reflect back on their life before becoming a margii. They wonder, ‘Why did I remain oblivious of You – it would have been blissful if I had deep intimacy with You sooner’.

“Tumi a’ma’r kato a’pan a’ge bujhini…” (PS 241)


Baba, You are very close to me; You are my Dearest One. Before, in the past, I was oblivious to this sacred truth: That You are my eternal Companion. Baba, all along, You were side by side with me – near me always and with me wherever I was, in all endeavours. But it was so unfortunate that I remained unaware of Your divine presence. I never thought that You were with me. O’ my Dearmost, why did I not call You and have Your intimate

Baba, since time immemorial You have been with me in all my works – small or big, meaningful and meaningless. But unfortunately that time I did not look towards You. Baba, You were with me in my song, rhythm, and tune. There was never any occasion when You were not there right by my side. And the string of that viina was vibrating then and resonates even today. And now I can hear it. But it is so sad and painful how that time in the past I remained oblivious of You. I did not pay heed to the call of Your viina. I did not hear it. O’ my Dearmost, why did I not hear. Alas, it would have been so blissful if I had known You.

O’ Divine Entity, You were with me on this journey of life, even when I was submerged in the deep cimmerian darkness. Even then You were with me. And now that very memory remains awake in my mind always – that You were with me. It comes again and again in my mind that You are my close and You are with me. But alas, all that time in the past I remained oblivious of You and I did not call You. And we remained distant; devotionally we could not come close, although You were with me. It is so sad. Only now I know You are there and I can call and talk to You. Today I understand this truth; but in the past I did know You were there. O’ Supreme One, why did my spiritual life not start at the very outset. I feel so repentant that I did not call You in those early days. Because I was not calling You, with a wounded ego You went away, leaving me alone in isolation in an unknown place and distant land. That time, why did I not keep You in my heart and hold Your feet. Why did I not wipe away all my dilemmas about You and hold You in dhyana and make You mine. Why did I not do this. It is so sad that time passed and You remained distant. And now today we are close and I feel so repent how my life would have been so blissful having Your proximity earlier. This pain I carry in my heart…



Baba says, “Humans of this world– not only of this world, but of the entire universe there are so many planets and stars where there is human life – and all humans of the universe have got the same wont. And they utilise and display these wonts according to climatic conditions, conditions of time and space. But fundamentally, humanity is a singular entity.” (17 August 1979 DMC, Taipei)

The above is what Baba actually has spoken in English on 17 August 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan…

..the below is how the Publications Department printed it in Subhasita Samgraha – 12:

“Humans of the world – not only of this world, but of the entire Universe there are so many planets and stars where there is human life – and all humans of the entire Universe have got the same course. They tend to display their wonts according to climatic conditions, conditions of time and space. But fundamentally, humanity is a singular entity.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 12)

In comparing the above two paragraphs, it is clear that so many small and big mistakes have been committed by the Publications Department. And there was no translation involved. Baba spoke in English and the book is printed in English. Even then, there are a variety of changes which dilute the meaning of Baba’s discourse.

For example, they changed the word “wont” to “course”. Plus they omitted the word “utilise”; then they wrongly inserted the word “display”. Indeed, if you compare them carefully you will find more mistakes – and it is just a short, little paragraph.

So this is the grade of work that is going on in our Publications Department. No doubt, there are some very sincere and earnest workers in publications; the problem is that the overall strategy imposed on them from above is faulty.

The solution is quite simple: All discourses – big or small – should be printed “as is” in the original language in which Baba spoke. This much at a minimum needs to be the first step. But that is not what they are doing.



In His above discourse Baba is giving us the conclusive idea that there are humans living on various planets. This is not a hypothesis; rather it is a fact given by Parama Purusa. And He knows everything because this is His creation. So we should propagate this idea that there are humans living on various planets.

Still modern science is unsure about this concept. They are using rockets to reach distant planets but what they fail to realise is that the speediest thing is the mind. With the mind one can easily realise this truth.

It is our hope that in the near future scientists will reach this conclusion that human beings already on exist on many other planets. But in our Marga, this is a well-known, established truth, not a mere hypothesis.

Karma Rasa

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