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Subject: Proper Plan of Life


PS Intro: This song is the expression of a one great devotee who is crying in yearning and longing for Parama Purusa. But because Parama Purusa does not respond with the degree of closeness that the devotee wants to get Him, then in that state of mind the devotee starts accusing Parama Purusa of being heartless.

“Toma’r ka’che a’ma’r prashna, shono ogo bedaradii… (P.S. 726)


O’ Parama Purusa I have a few questions for You. Please listen:

What a liila You have made. When infants are born, why do they cry? And why do they suffer throughout their entire life. When You create everything by Your mere thought, then why don’t You make it that everyone is always laughing, full of smiles, and feeling happy. Please tell me O’ heartless One.

The tender new flower blossom gets bitten by insects and destroyed. Such a cruel liila You play. You fill the heart of the sweet, tender flower with nectar but that very nectar is eaten away by the ugly black bumble bee. Why like this?

When smiles and laughter brings new charm & rejuvenation into the life, then why is it not available in the market? Why is it that the small little baby, which is as tender as a flower, cries bitterly all the 24 hrs. Such a painful liila You do.

O’ Parama Purusa some more questions are there.

You have created this entire creation then why all this disparity. A small few are enjoying with their dainties and delicacies while other are starving without even a plain meal to eat. Why like this.

At the time of evening sunset, everything is very beautiful, charming and so attractive and then within a short time it is lost in deep darkness. Why do You not allow this sweetness to last longer.

O’ Parama Purusa, it is the eternal truth that You are constantly living with each and everyone through Your ota and prota yoga. In spite of this why does the mind often go in a negative direction. Why like this? Why don’t You control the situation.

O Parama Purusa, O’ my dearmost, O’ heartless One, please reply all these questions and come close to me. I am crying day and night for You, but You never pay heed…


There are two types of persons who accuse Parama Purusa: Atheists and stronger devotees. These bhaktas feel so close to Him that they feel in their heart that they have the right to accuse Parama Purusa. It is just like how small little babies accuse their mother for being away. This type of accusation is one of the sweet expressions of life because everybody knows that babies have such a loving relation with their mother. The same then is the case of those devotees who accuse Parama Purusa.


Baba is revealing how ignorant, short-sighted people think and plan in their dogmatic way.

Baba says, “Some people consider that one start intuitional practice in old age when a person has more leisure, after one has spent the prime of one’s life earning money. People are afraid that they may face insecurity and difficulties in their old age if they do not accumulate enough wealth before their bodies weaken with age, rendering them incapable of hard work. They regard the prime of life as the period intended for earning money, and old age with its decreased capacity for hard work as the time to remember God. They are labouring under the misconception that hard work is not necessary for intuitional practice and that old age is therefore the proper time for it.” (Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy, ’98, p.131-32)

Now here following Baba is giving the answer.

Baba says, “Whoever is born is bound to die and one is constantly approaching death, not knowing when it will come. It is never certain if one will live to grow old. Yet people reserve the most important work of practising sa’dhana’ for the time when the body has become completely enfeebled and the fatuous mind of old age has become entangled in the reactions of this life to such an extent that it is afraid of starting anything new. Ordinarily it is fear of one’s approaching death that makes one think of God in old age. One’s evil deeds begin to haunt one, and one starts praying and imploring God to save him or her from the consequences of one’s deeds. There is no value in remembering God in old age, when it is not possible to concentrate the mind due to the weakness and disease of the body and its preoccupation with the reactions (sam’ska’ras) of the deeds of this life. The mind then is caught up in the infirmities of the body, in the diseases of old age, impending death, and most of all, in memories of past incidents, and it is impossible to concentrate it. For these reasons one is incapable of intuitional practice.” (Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy, ’98, p.132)

This problem is such a common ailment that 99.9% of the people in the present society are caught up in this whirlpool. And by this way their whole life gets wasted. It is our duty to think again and again and reach the conclusion about what is the best approach to utilise this priceless human life, and guide others as well.

Valmiki Deva


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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 06:18:55
Subject: Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen




This is one important incident which recently transpired. We should all think how this should be addressed.


Shriimati Seema Goenka of Tade Pade Gudam (A.P.) generously donated a huge container of cooking oil to Centre via the DSL Diidii of Rajmundari.

Seema Goenka kindey allotted that oil for didis camps etc. But Avadhutika Ananda Nitimaya Acarya interceded and instructed that DSL Diidii to bring that oil directly to Jhar Sugura where a margii would meet her. When DSL Diidii arrived at the station in Jhar Sugura, she was surprised to see that that Niitimaya’s laokik brother-in-law (Diidiiji’s laokik sister’s husband) was there to receive the cargo and unload the oil container. That brother-in-law took away that huge vat of oil along with other cargo that was collected for Ananda Marga service projects etc, and he kept it for his laokik family.

The kind donor of the edible oil, Shrimati Seema of Tade Pade Gudam, has no idea about any of this. Indeed, at this very moment, she probably thinks that the oil she generously donated was used to feed all the wts and participants at the camps, RDS, etc. She does not know that her donation was hijacked and redirected to the laokika family of Ananda Niitimaya. Rather Seema Goenka thinks it was used by all Diidiis in the camp for their enjoyment. But the oil reached somewhere else. When all the Diidiis reached in RDS etc, then Ananda Niitimaya told them that there is no food and that they needed to go beg in the town and bring something eat.


So this is the tragic tale of how Diidiiji Ananda Niitimaya stole the oil donated by Srmati Seema Goenka and how Ananda Niitimaya furthermore mistreated her junior workers by depriving them of food.

Anyone who reads this, please forward this email and the entire Goenka family should be informed as well.

Can anyone tell more about respected Diidii Ananda Niitimaya.

Jayashrii Behra

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