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From: “A. Roy”
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Subject: The Advent
Date: Fri Jul 20 2012, 19:05 +0530


‘Before the Advent’

PS Intro: This below song describes the scene of that pre-1920 era, i.e. before the divine advent of Parama Purusa. In that time, the people were completely distraught and feeling helpless; they were pained by witnessing all the suffering of their brothers and sisters. Those days the whole humanity was being exploited, tortured, and choked. In response, various great devotees tried to solve the situation but they could not get victory over those wicked, demonic forces. That is why they began desperately calling for that Divine Entity – Parama Purusa – to come immediately and rescue them from those the cruel rulers and restore harmony and peace throughout the society. So this song is the expression of the heart of those devotees from that era when they were desperately crying for His divine help. Upon hearing their call, by His sweet will, Parama Purusa Baba has taken advent as the Taraka Brahma; He has created a tremendous psycho-spiritual vibration whereby all the problems were solved – completely. In the very near future, in the coming hours and days, we will see those divine solutions manifest in the physical sphere.

“Manavta’ a’ja dhu’la’y lut’a’y, tumi keno du’re royecho…” (PS 2815)


Baba, the whole humanity is wallowing in the dust. People have lost their dharma and have fallen into sin and the suffocating noose of materialism. There is hatred, war, and destruction all around. Human beings are behaving like animals. Baba, why are You not listening; why are You remaining far; why are You allowing this degradation to take place. Baba, all the sweet softness has turned into an abrasive roughness. Love and compassion have turned into animosity and cruelty. The sweet devotional feeling has gotten completely dried up. Now crudity, materialism, and lust are the rule of the day. Baba, seeing this terrible circumstance is Your heart not moved. Do You not understand what is happening, why are You not showering Your grace.

Baba, please grace us by coming. In this present era, the fragrant flower pollen has lost its sweet aroma and has now become stale and dry. The sandalwood has lost its aromatic fragrance and become crude and static, like a demon body. Morality and devotion have become relics of the past; they are completely absent in the world nowadays. Baba, why have You allowed noxious poison to spread throughout the flower garden. Why are You letting the whole society become overrun by the crudeness of materialism and religious dogmas. Baba, why are You not coming in the inner core of my heart.

Baba, the great virtue of generations and generations of sadhana has become lost. Humanity’s benevolent brilliance and compassionate endeavours are long gone. All the dharmic teachings of those great rishis and yogis has faded away. Instead all the people have fallen into the depths of degeneration and sin. Everything sweet and pure in this world has gotten crushed by the hell-bent ways of materialism and communism etc. Mundane and superficial things have become the goal of life. Negative forces have taken over as demons in human form are ruling – doing their hellish dance of war and destruction.

O’ Lord, O’ my dearmost Baba, please be gracious and advent Yourself…



Baba says, “Now when the society is in a degenerate or depraved condition, where fissiparous tendencies dominate, where the static principle dominates, it becomes impossible for Parama Purus’a to remain unaffected or unassailed by human sentiments and human cries and human demands. Then and then only does He come in the form of Ta’raka Brahma. ‘Ta’raka’ means ‘the liberator.’ And that Ta’raka is the Ba’ba’ of the created world. For Him devotees sing, ‘Ba’ba’ Na’ma Kevalam’.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 12, p.44)

Some confused people think that without fulfilling His promise Taraka Brahma Baba has left the earth.

In the next category up, some mediocre persons, i.e. those who have a slightly better standard of thinking, know that Parama Purusa cannot go astray from His vow. So for them they think His advent is shrouded in mystery and they have to think very deeply to unravel this knot. At least they do not outrightly levy the false accusation that “Baba did not fulfill His promise.” They feel accusing Him would be very bad. Considering these various aspects, they remain quiet.

Finally, those who have deep devotion – agreya buddhi (i.e. pointed intellect) – realise in their heart Baba’s Supreme stance. They understand that just as the style of Lord Krsna was different from that of Lord Shiva, similarly why should Baba follow the old pathway of Lord Krsna: Such as driving the chariot in the battleground with His own hand. Devotees of this category feel in their heart that this time Baba has established a completely new standard: That the grace of Parama Purusa is all that is needed to accomplish any task – anything. Therein lies victory. There is no need for His physical involvement; He need not hold the reigns of the chariot. Rather the chariot is moving by His divine grace and it will go on moving. In this way they think.

So by His grace heaven is getting established on this dusty earth and very soon it will be quite apparent to one and all.

A. Roy

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