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Date: 29 Jul 2012 22:46:52 -0000
From: “Dhruva MacWilliams”
Subject: Those Confused About Gay



At present, the various religions – especially Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – are embroiled in a big clash with the gay community.

This letter pointedly addresses how our Ananda Marga is radically different from the religions in this regard.


Almost all the major religions hold that those born into their religion are automatically a member of that sect. That means if your parents are Jewish, then you are Jewish; if your parents are Muslim, then you are Muslim etc. It is all based on one’s birth.

Suppose someone is by birth Christian, or Muslim, or Jewish, and due to certain medical problems or hormonal imbalances, that individual is attracted to the same sex upon reaching adolescence. Then that person is going to face tremendous clash from their priests or religious leaders. Because their religion has already taken them to be one of their own. Yet that adolescent is living a life totally contrary to the tenets of their religion. Naturally then, there is going to be a battle.


In Ananda Marga, membership is not based on birth. It is not like the dogmatic religions. This everyone should keep in mind. Membership in AM is based on conduct.

So if you are the son or daughter of an Ananda Margii, it does not mean you are a margii. To be a margii, one must follow the codes of conduct of AM. If your parents are strict Ananda Margiis and follow all aspects of a sentient lifestyle, while you are smoking, drinking, using drugs, eating tamasik food, working in the red light district, doing opposite of your parents, or involved in other activities contrary to our AM way of life, then you are not a margii.

It is similar to the professions: Doctors, drivers, professional athletes, etc. So long as you are involved in that field or trade, then you belong to that profession – otherwise not. It is based on practice, not birth. Being the son of a doctor does not qualify one as being a doctor. Rather one must study, pass the exams, get training, and then practice medicine. Then and only then will one be considered a doctor.

Same is the case with Ananda Marga.

Our AM is based on do’s and don’ts. Those who follow are Ananda Margiis; and, those who don’t are not Ananda Margiis. It is extremely straightforward.


In AM, sex is only for procreation. Those thinking of using sex as a means of enjoyment are in the wrong place. AM philosophy does not support this approach.

So if someone by birth has attraction for the same sex, they can be an Ananda Margii so long as they do not engage in sexual relations with the same sex. Because no matter what, that sexual interaction will not be for procreation. Those of the same sex cannot produce children. So if one has attraction for the same sex, they must refrain from sexual activity and divert the mind toward Parama Purusa. Just as unmarried margiis who have attraction for the opposite sex must refrain from sexual activity and goad their thought to the Supreme; or just as widowers or divorcees must overcome their attraction for the opposite sex and refrain from sexual activity by diverting their mind toward Parama Purusa; or just as those who take the vow to remain celibate refrain from sexual engagement by ensconcing their mind in dhyana sadhana.

Or if someone has sexual attraction towards some animal, then they must adhere to the same formula as noted in the prior examples.

Thus everyone must cultivate discipline in this sphere of life, not just gays and lesbians etc. Many single margiis and LFT’s etc may have attraction toward the opposite sex, but they do not encourage this way of thinking -nor should they indulge in this behavior. Similarly, those prone toward gay relations must step-by-step guide their thinking away from sensual or lustful thoughts. Simply refraining from physical sexual contact is not the goal.

The greater idea is that one should train the mind not to even entertain the desires of those lower propensities and instead divert the mind towards the Supreme. With proper determination and sincerity, naturally one will gain more and more momentum, such that one day the mind is not even hindered by that propensity and truly all one’s mental capacity is channelized toward spiritual sadhana.

Those who think that they can have sexual relations with the same sex and remain as Ananda Margiis are deceiving themselves; or those who think they can indulge in sexual dealing with animals and remain as Ananda Margiis, they are befooling themselves. What they are doing is not part of our AM way of life. Just as we do not consider meat-eaters to be Ananda Margiis, and, just as we do not consider those involved in extra-marital relations to be Ananda Margiis, similarly, we cannot consider those engaging in indulgent sexual activity, like same-sex relations, to be Ananda Margiis. Because their way of living is not consistent with AM ideals. So the matter is very simple.


So again we should remind ourselves that AM is not based on birth, but rather conduct. Donating money or paying tithes also does not make one an Ananda Margii; the only way to be an Ananda Margii is by one’s day to day dealing. If one cannot follow the conduct of our AM way of life then they are not a margii.

But it does not mean that those who cannot or do not follow are not our brothers and sisters. We love everyone – all humans irrespective of their gender or sexual preference, or any other quality. We love everyone: Diseased persons, healthy persons, serial killers, and sex addicts – all human beings, as well as all kinds of animals and plants. We love all as they are the progeny of Parama Purusa. Parama Purusa loves all but that does not mean that all are Ananda Margiis. To be an Ananda Margii, one must follow the code of conduct. There is no other way.


It is very simple, if someone finds themselves in Ananda Marga yet they want to have same-sex relations, then they should find a different place to be. This Ananda Marga is not for them – such persons are in the wrong place.

Unlike the dogmatic religions, Ananda Marga does not have any dilemma in this regard. Ours is a clear-cut path. There is a dilemma in dogmatic religions because their membership is based on birth. They impose their religious dogma onto those born into their religions. But AM is not like that. It is based on conduct – all are welcome to join or not.

That said, a person can be an Ananda Margii from birth so long as their conduct is appropriate. Side by side, there are many family acaryas whose kids are non-margiis because they do not follow the code of conduct. AMPS does not consider them as Ananda Margiis because their way of life is not consistent with AM ideals.


Ananda Marga is the path of bliss – the path of infinite pleasure. Ananda means infinite pleasure or bliss; and marga means path. By its very name then, the term Ananda Marga denotes that this is the path to follow to reach the place where there is no pain or suffering. The aspirant will be in the abode of infinite pleasure. This infinite pleasure or bliss is not attainable through worldly activities like eating, drinking, sleeping, sexual indulgence etc.

Everything in this material world is limited and ephemeral. One cannot derive lasting pleasure from any worldly object or activity. If one eats and eats, the stomach will become so bloated that one cannot take another bite, but still the mind desires to eat more; it is not satisfied. Same is the case with sexual activities, drug addiction, or any other worldly pleasure. One cannot fulfill their infinite longing through these finite means.

Materialism itself is a faulty philosophy that preaches how one can be satisfied by worldly indulgence. But this is a defective notion. Materialism does not consider or have a clue that human desire is infinite and cannot be satisfied through worldly means. Based on their wrong and defective platform, such materialists support all kinds of dirty activities which destroy the body and mind, such as drinking, smoking, porn and perverted sex, sex with animals, and all kinds of harmful indulgences. Such degrading activities are not only allowed but welcomed in materialism.

Again it should be said: This materialistic philosophy is defective and utopian. The followers are misguided and think that by sex one can achieve infinite pleasure. With that faulty notion, all kinds of dealing like gay relations, prostitution, masturbation, sex with animals, and all kinds of nasty things are permitted in hopes of being satisfied. They believe happiness can be attained by running after finite, selfish pleasures.

But in reality, sane people realise that there is nothing in this worldly sphere that can bring infinite pleasure. No matter how much sex one does, one will never be satiated – always one wants to do more. Same is the case with drinking and drugs etc.

The path of Ananda Marga is totally different. It is based on the understanding that human longing is infinite and can never be satisfied by finite worldly indulgences. Only that infinite Divine Entity can satisfy human longing. That is why in Ananda Marga, our manner is to divert all longing toward the Supreme and ultimately become one with Parama Purusa. We live to please and serve Him and attain permanent peace, and not plunge ourselves in fleeting mundane vices like masturbation, sex with animals, or same-sex relations.

Ours is the path of infinite pleasure where the mind is channelised towards the Supreme.

Everyone should know this very clear-cut guideline. If someone has reached into AM without knowing this then they should think again.


Essentially there are two key points to bear in mind:

(1) Membership in AM is based on conduct, not birth;

(2) Ours is the path of Supreme Beatitude, not mundane indulgence.

Before siding or taking a stand on this issue of homosexuality (lesbian or gay), one must think on these two points.



Suppose someone is a member of the bar (law) association: To join one must have a law degree and follow the code of conduct. Not just anyone can join; those not practicing law are not part of the bar association. Furthermore, one must adhere to the ethics and principles of the bar, otherwise they will no longer be part of the bar association.

Same is the case with Ananda Marga: So long as one follows the tenets as given by Baba, then that person is an Ananda Margii, otherwise not.

It is a very straight-forward equation.


Those who are sane and balanced think in a calm way. Becoming emotional or sentimental is not good. Talking in a highly emotional or irrational way is not the work of an Ananda Margii. It is the work of dogmatic people who are emotionally attached without thinking rationally. Ananda Margiis are rational. So those with emotional attachment for homosexuals (either gays or lesbians) are requested to think rationally. Having attraction for the same-sex is ok (as explained in the above sub-heading: “THE ROLE OF SEX IN ANANDA MARGA WAY OF LIFE”), but this attraction must not be encouraged, neither physically nor mentally. Rather it should be diverted toward spiritual attainment; that desire should be goaded towards Parama Purusa. An ideal widower, or divorcee, or single margii, and those who have taken the vow of celibacy may have instinctual attraction for the opposite sex, but internally they goad their mind toward Parama Purusa. Remember physically indulging in same-sex relations and mentally harboring this desire are both against the AM way of life and detrimental to one’s spiritual growth.


This letter is related with all gay, including LGBT, activities – as well as those those sexually engaged with animals. In Ananda Marga, we love everyone – all humans irrespective of their gender or sexual preference, or any other quality. We love everyone: Diseased persons, healthy persons, serial killers, and sex addicts – all human beings (virtuous, great people; good; and bad), as well as all kinds of animals and plants, even poisonous snakes. We love all as they are the progeny of Parama Purusa.


“Nutan jiivan labhiya’chi mora’ nutan us’a’r kiran’e…” (PS 5015)


Baba, by Your divine grace we have all been blessed with new life – in this new light wave of the dawn. The new dawn has come and vibrated the body, mind, and soul.

Baba You have graciously shown us the path: The path of bliss, Ananda Marga. By Your grace, we have left all those outdated, rotten, old dogmas. Except Ista, except You, there is no charm in the life. Your love and grace is resonating in our entire existence.

Baba, we all belong to the same gotra, one family. This whole world lies within this same gotra. With the love of our heart we will awaken the entire world, by Your grace.

Baba, You have blessed us with new life in this new dawn. This is nothing but Your causeless grace…

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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 07:33:01
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
From: Valmiki Deva



(Note: This is the ninth letter on this thread. Please find links to the eight earlier letters below. – Eds)


Brother Arjuna wrote:
Here below Baba warns how crude dance and song totally ruins a program.

Baba says, “If someone makes a sound like ‘ra, ra, ra — cha, cha, cha’ or if someone sings, ‘Follow my song. Let us sing and dance our way to hell’, these are sound inferences, but they carry a very crude idea.” (Microvita in a Nutshell, p. 94)

We should not let such scenes unfold in our own Ananda Marga cultural programs. Yet, that is what Mr Pathak and Ac Acintanandji (cultural program in-charge) are doing.

My reply:

Agreed! We should be keen to pay heed to Baba’s warning. And from what I see and hear, the vast majority of workers and margiis have this sincere desire.

Unfortunately, along the way, a few say that these cultural programs at DMS are going fine. Internally such persons (even wholetimers) flash a lustful smile as they think, “let the females sing & dance”, and externally they come up with a much more cunning justification. They utter the words, “See the bright side.”

Those Wts dominated by a metazoic mind or animalistic propensities justify that we should “see the bright side”. How do they do this? Well they say, “Look, this program is using sutras from Ananda Sutram or this program features Prabhat Samgiita – just focus on that – and do not worry about the rest.” Yet such workers themselves are wholly focused on how the women are shaking themselves and dancing.

Such Wts should do self-analysis and seriously consider Baba’s below mandate.

Baba says, “…Avadhuta shall not engage his ears in any obscene language or songs, touch any tamasik articles, see any depraving entity or pictures, go through any story, novel or fiction having even the least bit of sexual importance…” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, Rule #32)

With an honest, open heart all should consider the above. Even then there will be some who do not have the courage on this matter and they hide behind the “bright side” justification.

These are the same type of workers who “see bright side” of eating in a restaurant by picking out the onions and garlic from the meal and then eat the rest of the food as they “see the bright side.” When in truth, that entire meal has become tamasik after being stewed and stirred for hours with onions and garlic – and maybe even meat.



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