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Basic Characteristic

Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012 20:54:49
From: V.J.K. Rajpurhit
Subject: Basic Characteristic


Intro to PS: In this following song, the loving Parama Purus’a, Tara’ka Brahma, is communicating directly with the devotee. Specifically, in a personal way, the divine Entity, Tara’ka Brahma, is asking the sadhaka various questions. In contrast, in most Prabhat Samgiita songs, the devotee is singing or expressing his own thoughts to Parama Purusa. But this entire song is different: It is expressed in the voice of Parama Purusa; He Himself is narrating the scene.

“Kende kende tava kavarii-bandha khuliya’ giya’che ka’r tare…” P.S. 1104


For whom have been crying such that the braids in your hair have become loose and undone; now your hair is just falling in an unkempt manner. Who is responsible for causing you so much pain. Even then you are trying hard to conceal your grief-stricken & broken heart; but by seeing your pain-filled eyes anyone can understand how sorrowful you are.

Indeed, you are so upset that you cannot maintain the proper melody or tune of the song which you are singing. Why like this – whose longing has caused all these problems & distress in your life.

Now look, the whole day has passed and it is reaching up towards evening time. The brightness of the day is gone and now evening is falling. The sun is going to set; that time has come.

At this time in this lonely place, why are You sitting here by yourself in this isolated forest. Tell me, whose memory is churning your heart; why are you so heart-broken. The whole day you have been sitting here alone involved in contemplation and now evening has come and still you are remaining here. Who is the cause behind all this, how has this happened – please tell me.

Always remember that the balaka bird flies off to far distant places, but again and again it returns and comes back to its own nest. Similarly, if your Beloved has gone far away, then He too will return again and come back. So please do not cry.

O’ devotee, whose love has shaken your whole existence. Rest assured that He will come…


Baba says, “The present world is plagued with numerous problems. To solve these problems we need ideal men and women who are highly evolved from within; strong men and women whose lives are based on the solid foundation of spirituality. In the absence of such people the problems will remain unsolved.” (Ananda Marga Ideology – 10, p.759)

In this DMC discourse, Baba guides us that the problems troubling the globe nowadays can only be solved by spiritually minded soldiers – true sadhakas. Only those whose mind and heart have been dyed in the ocean of cosmic ideation can lead the society into that new era of peace and fulfillment. Such evolved spiritual revolutionaries have the unique ability, by His grace, to bring forth Prout.

Side by side Baba warns us that without such people at the helm, society will continue in its downward spiral.

Baba’s teaching is quite obvious so most in our Marga are understanding, but still a few are thinking that non-sadhakas can be leaders of Prout. But this is just their misunderstanding. Non-sadhakas can be sympathizers and helpers, but not leaders.

Baba’s golden guideline is that without spirituality no human being can solve even meagre problems what to say about grave problems.


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Date: 31 Aug 2012 10:24:19 -0000
From: “Bhavanath Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Research Report: Harmful for Brain Development



As many in Ananda Marga know, intoxicants of all kinds are not good for body or mind. If you know anybody who is indulged in this please try to save them.

Baba says, “Intoxicated by opium, people sit idle and doze off. Hemp (cannabis) destroys general intelligence and the faculty of understanding. None of these intoxicants are good for human beings…It is desirable that people keep themselves free from intoxicants and stimulants and move steadily towards the higher realms of physical, mental and spiritual development through all possible ways.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 21, Intoxicants)

The below research article from the BBC reports evidence how cannabis (marijuana) harms one’s ability to think and hinders their mental development, especially in youths.

This research is new to some parts of the world but already this is widely known in India where fake yogis smoke cannabis and lose their ability to think and ultimately die prematurely due to lung disease.

Unfortunately this type of drug use is becoming more widely available in parts of Europe and certainly in the US where some political leaders & libertarians are supporting the right to use cannabis etc. Furthermore with the rise of medical use of marijuana becoming a more common phenomenon, there are marijuana stores opening in the US as well. But all this is bad for social development.

Some think if a doctor gives his approval, then using cannabis (marijuana) is ok and that it will not cause any harm. We must properly educate such persons who suffer from this type of outlook. Then of course when parents use drugs or alcohol but bar the children then the children are even more tempted. So all in all, the use of intoxicants should be discouraged both by the state and the social order.

Baba says, “State control alone over the preparation and distribution of alcohol [and other intoxicants like drugs] is not enough. Strict social controls are also required. In fact, both the state and the society will have to work hard in this regard.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 21, Intoxicants)

So Baba wants that the legal and social bodies to have strict controls over the use of intoxicants. And indeed, by Baba’s grace this is an eventuality as many in the general society feel that alcohol and drugs are not good.

With regards to the below article, this type of critical research & intellectual analysis is good as it substantiates claims that many may have already made in day to day life, and it will discourage those who are not in the know.


Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ, report claims

28 August 2012 Last updated at 08:35 ET By Dominic Hughes Health correspondent, BBC News

Young people who smoke cannabis for years run the risk of a significant and irreversible reduction in their IQ, research suggests.

The findings come from a study of around 1,000 people in New Zealand.

An international team found those who started using cannabis below the age of 18 – while their brains were still developing – suffered a drop in IQ.

A UK expert said the research might explain why people who use the drug often seem to under-achieve.

For more than 20 years researchers have followed the lives of a group of people from Dunedin in New Zealand.

They assessed them as children – before any of them had started using cannabis – and then re-interviewed them repeatedly, up to the age of 38.

Having taken into account other factors such as alcohol or tobacco dependency or other drug use, as well the number of years spent in education, they found that those who persistently used cannabis – smoking it at least four times a week year after year through their teens, 20s and, in some cases, their 30s – suffered a decline in their IQ.

The more that people smoked, the greater the loss in IQ…

Researchers found that individuals who started using cannabis in adolescence and then carried on using it for years showed an average eight-point IQ decline.

Stopping or reducing cannabis use failed to fully restore the lost IQ.

The researchers, writing in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that: “Persistent cannabis use over 20 years was associated with neuropsychological decline, and greater decline was evident for more persistent users.”

“Collectively, these findings are consistent with speculation that cannabis use in adolescence, when the brain is undergoing critical development, may have neurotoxic effects.”

One member of the team, Prof Terrie Moffitt of King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, said this study could have a significant impact on our understanding of the dangers posed by cannabis use.

“This work took an amazing scientific effort. We followed almost 1,000 participants, we tested their mental abilities as kids before they ever tried cannabis, and we tested them again 25 years later after some participants became chronic users.

“Participants were frank about their substance abuse habits because they trust our confidentiality guarantee, and 96% of the original participants stuck with the study from 1972 to today….

Robin Murray, professor of psychiatric research, also at the King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry but not involved in the study, said this was an impressive piece of research.

“The Dunedin sample is probably the most intensively studied cohort in the world and therefore the data are very good.

“Although one should never be convinced by a single study, I take the findings very seriously.

“There are a lot of clinical and educational anecdotal reports that cannabis users tend to be less successful in their educational achievement, marriages and occupations.

“It is of course part of folk-lore among young people that some heavy users of cannabis – my daughter calls them stoners – seem to gradually lose their abilities and end up achieving much less than one would have anticipated. This study provides one explanation as to why this might be the case.

“I suspect that the findings are true. If and when they are replicated then it will be very important and public education campaigns should be initiated to let people know the risks.”

Prof Val Curran, from the British Association for Psychopharmacology and University College London, said: “What it shows is if you are a really heavy stoner there are going to be consequences, which I think most people would accept…

She also cautioned that there may be another explanation, such as depression, which could result in lower IQ and cannabis use.

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, said: “In a significant minority of people who are vulnerable the drug can act as a trigger to illnesses like schizophrenia which may last a lifetime.”

Illicit drug use by young people has been decreasing since the mid 1990s, but the rate of decline in cannabis use throughout most of the last decade has been slow, official statistics show. (Here is a link to the article on the BBC website.)


Here is more about our AM way of life and why we do not support the use of cannabis in any way, shape or form.



“Toma’ri deoya’ sure toma’ri bha’s’a’ bhare…” – P.S. 3192


Baba, O’ my lord, I go on singing Prabhat Samgiita for You. You have blessed me by teachings me the tune, melody, and rhythm as well as the language. By that way, I go on singing the divine song, it is Your grace.

Baba, I do not have anything to say; only this much I feel: Each and every thing in my life is just Your gift – nothing else. Due to the bondage of the ego, my mind gets stained. And when I forget You, then I drown in the staticity and bondage of crudity.

Baba, You came to me and You told me that I should not bother about anything because You will be taking care of everything. Baba, You have filled my life with good things. It is all like a flower garland of Your love divine. You have taught me 16 Points and so much more. This brings new melody and resonance in my life.

Baba You also told me that I should search for You within, not without. You also told me that Your grace is always showering on me. Baba, by Your grace I go on singing Prabhat Samgiita with the tune, melody, and language given by You. Baba, You are ever-gracious….

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Date: 30 Aug 2012 19:43:15 -0000
From: “T.Pattanaik”
Subject: WT Steals Public Funds #8



(Note: The first five (5) letters of this series was titled, “Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen”. Links to those letters have been appended below. Starting with letter #6, this more relevant title has been used: Wt Steals Public Funds”. Links to those letters are also below. – Eds)


“Didi Ananda Niitimaya is collecting donations directly and indirectly from both margiis and non-margiis and then diverting those resources to her lokaik home. What she is doing is against the law – it is theft; it is a crime. Plus she is betraying the public trust.” (From: WT Steals Public Funds #7, posted 8/28/12)

Seeing what Didi has done, it is evident that there is a great need for fiscal transparency in organisational dealings. If this type of thing continues, AMPS will suffer a lot as no one will have the trust to donate anything to the organisation.

Baba has warned wts about the misuse of funds and black money.

“No worker can keep unaccounted money (black money) with him.” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1a)

“Each worker will separately maintain the clear account of receipt and expenditure of his personal allowance and organizational money.” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1b)

“Whenever supervisory worker so desires, the worker is to give the proper account of expenditure tallying with the cash at their disposal.” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1c)

“Each amount of collection should be deposited properly and drawn after submitting requisition..” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1d)

“Proper vouchers are to be maintained for each item of expenditure.” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1e)

Unfortunately, Didi Ananda Niitimaya has blatantly disregarded and contravened Baba’s stated conduct rules regarding fiscal responsibility and black money. Only by adopting a policy of transparency will we be able to put a halt to these types of misdeeds. Only then with AMPS be able to regain the public trust, which is critically necessary for the survival of the organisation.

Tapashii Pattanaik


We should all pay heed to Baba’s below guideline about tapah an serving others. If our donations do not reach the right person or party, then we ourselves are to be held accountable. If we fail to ensure that our donation is used to serve those in need, then that service or donation is meaningless. With a good heart many in the Marga wish to serve those in need, but unfortunately their efforts will be in vain if their donations do not reach suffering humanity. Verily those kind-hearted donors are responsible – in part – for this impropriety. That is Baba’s warning.

Baba says, “Tapah devoid of knowledge is bound to be misused. The opportunists will misuse your energy by extracting work from you to serve their selfish ends, and at the same time this will deprive the real sufferers of their due services from you. A rich miser approaches you with a tale of woe and entreats you to give him relief. Being moved with pity, if you do what is needed to relieve him of his suffering, the very purpose of tapah will be defeated, as it is without any knowledge or reasoning. The end result of your service will be that the rich man whom you have served will become more miserly and more selfish and will, in the future, try to deceive in a greater way people who dedicate themselves to the service of humanity. Secondly, as you will, to some extent, know his inner motive, you will become mentally depressed and you will also develop a hostile attitude towards him. Therefore, while following the principle of tapah you should ascertain fully well whether the person you are going to serve, really needs your service. Only then should you engage yourself in service…Therefore, you will have to ascertain with discrimination where your responsibility lies and to what extent; otherwise all your time, energy and labour employed in tapah will be in vain…because in such cases you do not make the proper use of objects.” (A Guide to Human Conduct, Tapah Chapter)


(Note: The first five (5) letters of this series was titled, “Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen”. Links to those letters
have been appended below. For greater clarity the new title of this thread is: “Wt Steals Public Funds”. – Eds)

#1: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/07/goenkas-oil-was-stolen.html

#2: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/07/re-goenkas-oil-was-stolen-2.html

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#5: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/08/re-goenkas-oil-was-stolen-5.html

#6: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/08/wt-steals-public-funds-6.html

#7: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/08/re-wt-steals-public-funds-7.html

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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 20:21:49 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Unruly Free Mixing between Males and Females?


“Esechile tumi pra’n’e mane, toma’y ceyechilum a’mi mor jiivane…” (PS 2341)


Baba, I had the deep yearning in my mind to have You close – to always keep You along with me in my life. Baba, You graced me and came in my heart
and mind, and inundated my whole existence with Your divine love.

Baba, You know how to love and with Your love You satiate the heart. Your love is incomparable. Except You nobody knows how to love. Baba, for the dry-desert heart, You are the effulgence of Love – Love Personified. You satiate the heart of the devotees with Your boundless love.

Baba, You go on immensely showering Your causeless grace without telling anyone. One need not ask anything from You. You shower Your grace
abundantly day and night, ceaselessly.

Baba, You are so gracious; You live in my heart. You do not remain distant. But due to my ignorance and the stains of my mind, I do not see You within.
Rather I think that You are distant and far, far away.

Baba, You have saturated my whole existence with Your divine being. Despite this cosmic truth, I do not always remember You; nor do I contemplate this eternal knowledge in my mind. Baba, my eyes are covered with the fog of spiritual ignorance so I do not feel and realise the divine truth that I am within You.

Baba, please grace me by always keeping me at Your lotus feet…


This following teaching is most appropriate for the present-day humanity.

Baba says, “It does not require the harnessing of any elaborate logic or reasoning to convince people that the final outcome of permissiveness is
not healthy. But it is also true that the result of free mixing in society, without self-control, is bad…Hence, along with the recognition of the freedom of the two sexes, a well-judged code of self-control will also have to be associated with their mutual mixing.” (Human Society – 1, p.35)

In His above teaching, Baba has given the dharmic code for how and when males and females may socialize.

Remembering that all females are the mothers of males, all women – irregardless of their age – are to be looked upon with utmost respect and reverence. At the same time males must be ever-ready to lend their physical strength to protect and uphold the prestige of women. These are some of the basic points.

Baba says, “Men and women are human beings having equal dignity. As the physical strength of women is less than that of men, the latter should always endeavour to save the prestige of women. As the mothers of men, women can claim this much as a right. Special attention should be paid to the comforts of women during festivals, at spiritual conferences, and on other occasions. (Caryacarya, Part 1: Social Relationship between Men and Women)

Needless to say loose gossiping between the sexes is not at all appreciated or supported by Baba’s teachings.

Baba says, ‘When necessary, men and women can mix together, sit next to one another and participate in meetings and conferences, but they should not engage in gossip as its results are not beneficial. It should be remembered that a woman’s friend is a woman and a man’s friend is a man. The more distant the relationship between men and women, the greater should be the courtesy maintained in mutual conversation and behaviour between them.” (Caryacarya, Part 1: Social Relationship between Men and Women)

Unfortunately still this loose or casual way of dealing is evident in various sectors of our AM society – and it seems to be spreading. Unmarried males & females are living together and carrying on relations and sometimes even producing children out of wedlock. And even at our retreats this looseness between the sexes is clearly evident. Even our Wt acaryas are guilty of this to some or more degree. They know who they are. Perhaps the worst aspect being that it is rampant amongst our youths – 13-18 year olds.

So all around this is a point of awareness. Because promiscuity is the undoing of any society. Now is the time we should rise to the occasion and step by step work to instill Baba’s dharmic guidelines on this important aspect of life. This will be beneficial to all – and provide a positive example for the society at large.


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From: Ramdhan “Ramdhan@Indianet…”
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 21:11:45
Subject: Solution of Misery


PS Intro: This song depicts that initial time when Guru first comes into the life of any devotee. In that special moment, it often happens that one does not really understand the great importance and pure divinity of that charming Personality. But then later on, after further reflection and sadhana, one gradually develops an inner appreciation of the greatness of that Sadguru. Then the sadhaka wants Parama Purusa’s proximity more and more. With this feeling, the sadhaka will look back upon those old memories with repentance. Because when Parama Purusa first came to the sadhaka then he – the sadhaka – was not able to receive Parama Purusa properly in his heart. The sadhaka could not fully grasp the true value of Sadguru’s gracious visit. So now when the sadhaka has a more developed longing and yearning for Parama Purusa, then he feels that he foolishly wasted that earlier opportunity when Parama Purusa Himself came in his life. Because now at present it is not so easy to get Parama Purusa by oneself – by one’s own doing. That type of scene is expressed in this following Prabhat Samgiita.

“Path cine esechilo aja’na’ pathik, mor duya’re ks’an’ik da’nr’iyachilo…” (PS 2371)


O’ how gracious that Divine Entity is. Ajana Pathik came to my home; He came intentionally and He stood directly in front of my door for a moment. Tragically, that time I was not aware about who He was so I did not invite Him to come inside. Thus with His sweet and gentle smile He slowly went away that time. Afterwards, the tender image of His sweet, charming face was floating in my mind again and again – I could not forget Him. A few moments passed like that.

After some time, I realised my blunder and I opened the door and desperately ran outside as fast as I could and looked around trying to find Him – hoping to find that divinely charming Entity. I searched for Him in near and far places but that was all in vain; He was not there. Alas, I could not find Him; only His mala was there. Where has He gone!

Today I feel deep repentance. In human life, so many mistakes happen; and people also feel repentant for those past mistakes. So today I am calling Him again and again with a very deep, heart-felt longing and with an upsurge of emotion. But I do not know if that call is reaching His ears or touching His heart. O’ my dearmost Baba, please hear me.

When I was not aware about who He was then at that time He came but I did not receive Him. And now, by His grace, I feel love for Him in the inner core of my heart, but He is not paying heed to my yearning for His proximity. O’ the Divine Entity, please do not play hide and seek with me any longer. Please come, You are my everything…


Here below Baba gives us the solution to one very common human ailment. In our present era in particular, people suffer a lot from this problem. We should help relieve them of this malady.

Baba says, “Human misery originates from one’s imperfect thoughts. By ideating on the Great one can be relieved of misery forever.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 7)

Baba’s above guideline is very unique. He is explaining to us that pain is the result of improper thinking. The insinuation being: Pain is related with the mind only. When the mind is filled with higher thoughts – ideating on the Great – then it goes beyond pain and pleasure. That is the state of eternal bliss.

We can see in our day to day life how one life scenario can be very painful to one person yet quite fine for another. It depends completely on one’s psychic perception and state of mind.

We also see that just by thinking in a negative way people invite serious psychic tension and mental depression in their life. Whereas, if their thinking is proper then that brings bliss – but if it is improper then that causes sorrow. This is why in so-called developed nations the problem of depression and psychic diseases is more than in comparison to other places: Due to improper thinking.

As we all know, proper thinking means ideating on Parama Purusa. Sadhakas know this theorem yet under the spell of Avidya Maya they forget this most of the time.

Day long we should remind ourselves and involve our thoughts with Him through kiirtan, sadhana, 2nd lesson, half-sadhana, dhyana, manan, shravan, imbibing cosmic ideation, and more. And we should guide others onto the path as well.

By this way the age-old problem of misery will be kept in check.


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Date: 28 Aug 2012 07:45:12 -0000
From: “Laliita Mahatab”
Subject: Re: WT Steals Public Funds #7



(Note: The first five (5) letters of this series was titled, “Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen”. Links to those letters have been appended below. Starting with letter #6, this more relevant title has been used: Wt Steals Public Funds”. – Eds)


“And when Didiji is doing “organisational work” then that time is spent sorting through donations intended for our universal human family, and diverting the best things to her laokik home. This is the common fact – you can confirm this with anyone in the Sambalpur area. They all know this Didiji is trustless. Didiji spends huge amounts of time in Ambika Nagar (Sambalpur) in the house of her brother-in-law, and everyone sees what she does, i.e. diverts edible oil, clothes, shoes, blankets, cash and more to her worldly family.” (From: WT Steals Public Funds #6, posted 8/25/12)

I read the account of Didi Ananda Niitimaya’s fiscal impropriety and have these thoughts on how to classify this misdeed.

Suppose someone is working in the air force and they started diverting air force resources to their family by using monies or planes for their personal pleasure vacations, then that is a crime. It is blatant misuse of public funds and punishable by law.

What Didiji is doing is also a crime – no matter how much she tries to deny it publicly. Didi Ananda Niitimaya is collecting donations directly and indirectly from both margiis and non-margiis and then diverting those resources to her lokaik home. What she is doing is against the law – it is theft; it is a crime. Plus she is betraying the public trust. However, the nature of Didiji’s wrongdoing does not end there.

Didiji is furthermore doing sin as she is blatantly and intentionally going against Guru’s mandate and dharmic codes. She has taken the vow to serve the greater society; yet she is breaking that vow to Guru by allocating public resources to her worldly family. To go against dharma and Guru is veritably sin.

So Didi Ananda Niitimaya is plunged in both crime and sin – her situation is not at all good.

Laliita Mahatab


We should all be critically aware of the WT conduct rules related with black money. The writer of the first letter, Nandini ji, posted two and here are two more:

“Whenever supervisory worker so desires, the worker is to give the proper account of expenditure tallying with the cash at their disposal.” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1c)

“Each amount of collection should be deposited properly and drawn after submitting requisition..” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1d)


(Note: The first five (5) letters of this series was titled, “Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen”. Links to those letters
have been appended below. For greater clarity the new title of this thread is: “Wt Steals Public Funds”. – Eds)

#1: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/07/goenkas-oil-was-stolen.html

#2: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/07/re-goenkas-oil-was-stolen-2.html

#3: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/07/re-goenkas-oil-was-stolen-3.html

#4: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/07/re-goenkas-oil-was-stolen-4.html

#5: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/08/re-goenkas-oil-was-stolen-5.html

#6: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/08/wt-steals-public-funds-6.html

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Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 16:48:02 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Giriish Deva ”
Subject: Baba Story: Caring For Animals



In 1988, during a WT reporting session for Kolkata region, Baba pointed out one worker: “After drinking coconut water why did you throw the coconut shell on somebody who was also eating?”

The Wt was shocked to hear this and wondered how could this be.

Baba reminded him of the situation: “A few days ago you were drinking coconut water. When you were done, then you carelessly threw that heavy green coconut towards the side of the road without looking to see who was there. That heavy coconut fell on one dog that was eating beside the road. But you did not care that the dog was hurt. The dog ran away crying.”

Hearing Baba’s narration, the entire scene flashed in the mind of that wt and he felt felt ashamed for what he had done. Baba rebuked him and the dada’s punishment was to beg apology by touching the feet of all the wts present. Then he promised never to commit such a sin ever again and to be kind to all creatures.




As sadhakas, we must have love and affection for the entire creation. We should be careful and respectful towards all beings. We must not hurt others, whether they be a human being, animal or plant.


When one makes a mistake and feels repentance for their wrongdoing then Baba forgives their mistake because the person understands the problem and will not commit that same wrong in the future.

But when a person commits a mistake and (a) is unaware about their wrongdoing, or (b) thinks the mistake is justified because “I have a special status”, or (c) knows it is wrong but does it anyway as he thinks no one sees or knows about it, then in all those cases Baba will certainly point out, rebuke, or punish that person in order to rectify them.

The central idea is that if one has committed a mistake and has repentance then Baba forgives the matter.



Generally speaking, if a common person behaves in accordance with the accepted social norms they are not punished by society; however, they are creating samskaras and in due course will have to face the reaction.

For instance, if a person eats meat in a country where meat-eating is the norm, they will not be blamed or punished for their action by society, but they will have to face the repercussion and experience that samskara. So while the society will not hold them accountable, prakrti certainly will.

Similarly if a person engages in pre-marital sex when the whole society is doing the same, then once again that person will not be punished by society, but that individual will undergo the reaction of their misdeed.

It is just like when the white slave owners were abusing and torturing blacks in the US, then they were not punished by society because in that era slavery was legal, but certainly those slave masters created negative samskaras and had to undergo the reaction(s).

Here the point is that even though society accepts an action as acceptable or proper, that does not mean one will not have to undergo the reaction to that action. That person will have to face their samskaras – sooner or later. There is no escape.

We can also say that Ananda Margiis will experience (or burn) their samskaras far more quickly than non-margiis. Because in this very life every Ananda Margii is going to be granted mukti or moksa, by His grace. So in this life itself every Ananda Margii will have to undergo all their samskaras.

Story of Satyam’s Untimely Death

For instance, if any Ananda Margii (dada, didi or family person) eats meat then they are culpable by our AM standards and in addition they will invite all kinds of problems and suffering. Those following a sentient diet will get blood dysentery if they eat tamasik food like meat – and some may even die. I can never forget the story of Karuna Karan – the brother of Satyam. They lived together next to the Ranchi jagrti. One day, when he was 25 years of age, Karuna Karan attended a marriage reception and feast and he ate meat. In reaction, he suffered from terrible dysentery and ultimately met his tragic and untimely death. Our margii brother experienced the reaction very quickly; in contrast, many non-margiis ate meat at that reception and were totally fine. They had to wait to experience the reaction as their progress is very slow and they will be reborn again and again.

The whole situation can be likened to this analogy.

Urinating Dog Analogy

Suppose one dog enters your bedroom and urinates in one bowl or on the bed itself, then you will notice it immediately. But if that same dog urinates outside under the tree, then if will not be evident. Here the point is that if a sentient sadhaka of the Marga indulges in illicit or crude activities, then that will pollute their entire personality. And very quickly they will suffer the reaction. In contrast, if someone living a degrading existence does something bad – or if a drunkard has another drink – then they will certainly have to undergo the reaction, but it may occur over a long period of time – even lifetimes, as they are not on the spiritual path.

Must Burn All Samskaras In This Life

In this single lifetime, every Ananda Margii must exhaust all their samskaras – good and bad. For a sadhaka to plunge into lustful or illicit sexual dealings there is no benefit for humanity. It is purely selfish indulgence. Thus the sadhaka must undergo the negative reaction in the form of venereal disease, or other sexually transmitted diseases, or humiliation etc. There is no way to prolong or escape the reaction. Whereas non-margiis will experience the reaction – over time – in due course, over several lifetimes or more.

The point being that Ananda Margiis are the vanguards of a neo-humanistic social order. By Baba’s grace we have been blessed with all His teachings on dharma. So we cannot just abandon His guidelines and follow common social trends. The consequences for that will have to be experienced. Because in this very life, every Ananda Margii will have to exhaust all their samskaras and get moksa.

How It Relates With Above Story

In the above story, the dada was negligent in his dealing with one street dog. In India, street dogs are not treated well; everyone kicks them and pushes them around. Thus the dada’s action did not contravene the social norm of the day, but he did fail to live up to our AM code of neo-humanism. For that reason he had to undergo the reaction. Baba pointed out his misdeed and graciously removed that samskara.

No Ananda Margii can say or think that, “Well, this is done in the general society so I can also do that.” This is the wrong outlook. We always have to live up to our AM standard, not any other. This applies to each and every conduct rule and guideline. Otherwise we will have to undergo the reaction in this very life itself – whereas non-margiis committing those same acts will be reborn again and again – so they will face the reactions slowly over time.


“Toma’y a’ma’y pratham dekha’ kon se atiite…” (PS 1544)


Baba, You are so gracious, You and I first met long ago in the hoary past. But this intimate gathering of ours is not written about in the pages of history, nor in the books mathematics. It is not mentioned anywhere, nor is there any record of it. Only You and I know.

Baba, our closeness is not drawn in geometry, and it is not written in pen. Indeed, there is no brush mark or painting related with our first meeting anywhere in this expressed universe. Nay, there is no carving, sculpture, or drawing that describes our intimacy.

By Your infinite compassion, we are so close. Whenever I went away and got lost in the crudity of maya, You graciously lifted me with Your divine music and sweet rhythms and held me tightly in the deep recesses of Your heart. Baba, You never left me all alone. By Your causeless grace, I am in Your eternal shelter.

Baba, You are my eternal companion. I surrender to You– at Your lotus feet…

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