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From: Vijaya
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: Scam of GS #6
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2012 21:23:17


== RE: SCAM OF GS ==

~ Part 6 ~

Note: This is the sixth letter in this series. Please find links to the five earlier letters. – Eds

On 25 July 2012, Brother Prabhakar wrote:

What a blunder! GS Dada Citsvarupananda took loans from many, many margiis & Wts and lost everybody’s money; then GS told them he got cheated. Who knows what really happened. All that can be said is that such type of Dada is so greedy.

It could be that GS Dada Citsvarupananda is greedy – in one of two ways:

(A) Some say he was enticed by getting 25 crores rupees so he foolishly gave large amounts of money to an untrusted party in hopes of getting a big return. That is one form of greed.

(B) Or, others say all along GS had the plan to keep that money in his own pocket. That is to say, he took a loan of lakhs and lakhs of rupees from generous margiis and Wts with the sole intention of duping them and keeping the money for himself. Such a plan is also founded in greed.

In either case, the mind-set is not proper and certainly not befitting of an acarya – let alone the organisational head, i.e. GS Dada. When motivated by greed, then these types of scandals are common – unavoidable.

With interest and much heartache I read these reports and have been talking to many wts and margiis about this. One piece of information that was not included in the earlier reports may hold great bearing on the case.


Namely, GS Dada directed all the money he borrowed from workers and margiis (i.e. the 25 – 30 lakhs rupees) to his lady friend’s personal bank. The name of the lady is Pratima (35 yrs of age) and her bank branch is in Patratu of Ramgarh district in the state of Jharkhand. All the money that GS borrowed was deposited in that account.


Here is how it happened:

When GS borrowed the money from workers and margiis he told them to send all money to Lady Pratima’s bank account.

GS Citsvarupanandji assured everyone, “It will be safe there; she is a simple lady.”

Naturally, workers and margiis found this to be a curious thing. They questioned, “Why direct the money there, why not in the GS or Central bank account of AMPS?”

GS replied, “No, that is not a safe place. This lady Pratima is trusted. She will not give the money to others. What I say she will do. I have full trust on Pratima. She will not disobey me. So do not worry about that.”

Workers again questioned, “But her mind may change when she receives all the money – she may give money to her family members.”

Citsvarupanandji cleared the air, “No, she is a most trusted person; she obeys me more than anybody.”

Then GS Citsvarupanandji began to explain, “With the money that I borrow from you, I will be able to secure the 25 crore donation from overseas. Then I will purchase 3 luxurious flats in Jamalpur (very close to the Baba Quarters) and that rent will be an investment for future expenditure related with the organisation. Of course, during DMS and other functions, we will use those flats, but they will be purchased in the name of Pratima.”

That was then.


Nowadays, GS is singing a different tune. He repents how he lost all the money (25 – 30 lakhs) that he borrowed from margiis and wts. He says he got cheated.

To cover up everything, he told various to dadas who loaned him money to write off the expense as an organisation cost and make the accounts “straight”. GS ordered them to clean up the books – by any means.

Then to others he told, “I will return the money to you within a few months, just keep quiet; I will make all arrangements, just do not make any noise about this. If you start talking I will not return the money to you.”

GS Dada told different things to different people. So indeed that is where things stand now: Money totally gone with no straightforward explanations.


Along with the margiis and workers mentioned in previous emails, these workers also loaned GS money and got zero in return. Just those funds are gone:

(a) Ac Bhavananda Avt (Azamgarh DS) lost 5000 rupees in this chaotic episode;
(b) Gazipur Dit S, Rs 25,000;
(c) Samkalpa Didi;

This is in addition to the others who loaned GS Dada money – ultimately totaling 25 – 30 laksh rupees.


So the new point in this letter in particular is that GS routed all the money he borrowed to Sis Pratima’s account in in Patratu of Ramgarh district in the state of Jharkhand. If others know more about this, please do share.


Here are some of Baba’s mandates for Wts about financial matters. Everyone should be aware about these guidelines:

“- 1. Black money.
– a.) No worker can keep unaccounted money (black money) with him.
– b.) Each worker will separately maintain the clear account of receipt and expenditure of his personal allowance and organizational money.
– c.) Whenever supervisory worker so desires, the worker is to give the proper account of expenditure tallying with the cash at their disposal.
– d.) Each amount of collection should be deposited properly and drawn after submitting requisition.
– e.) Proper vouchers are to be maintained for each item of expenditure.
– f.) After expenditure proper account should be submitted to the treasury, without which he will not be allowed to draw the fresh amount again.
– g.) No worker can accept any money without giving a proper receipt.” (WT Conduct Code, Six Addition Rules, Pt #1)

By all this it is quite clear that Baba is adamant that proper financial records be maintained by all workers – including GS Dada. The aforementioned GS financial scam / scandal contravenes these rules on many fronts and levels.



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“Anek diner pare toma’re pelum ghare…” (P.S. 1932)


Baba, after a long time I have gotten You in my humble abode [1]. Baba, please remain in the deep recesses of my mind, making it effulgent. By Your
grace I will not let You go far away.

O’ Baba, I do not know how many years of penance have wiped away the darkness of my mind. By Your grace, the night sadhana has brought the
crimson dawn to my doorstep [2].

Baba, it is my deep desire that the dawn of my mind should remain up to eternity. By Your grace may it keep me always in a blissful state. By Your
divine touch, my mind is swaying endlessly in ecstasy.

O’ my dearmost Baba, You have done immense grace on me. You have taken advent in the cottage of my mind…


[1] Here Baba has used the term “ghar” which literally means ‘home’ or ‘abode’. And the inner sense of “ghar” is the ‘mind’.

[2] Arun’ prabha’t dva’re: By this phrase Baba is indicating the awakening of the devotee.

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