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Subject: You Get To Choose The Name
Date: Tue 07 Aug 2012 21:31:37
From: Pashupati@osha….


“Toma’ke ka’che peyeo cena’ da’y…” (PS 2288)

Baba, O’ my Dearmost, You are mine – You are very close to me [1]. Baba, often I think that I have understood You completely; but when I contemplate more deeply I realise that I know not. To understand You fully, the unit mind must lose its individual identity. As long as one is cognizant of their own unit existence, then You cannot be realised. So, in spite of having You very close, it is still not possible for me to fully realise You. Baba, by Your grace You are my very intimate and closest One: You smile softly and say You love me. Yet when I long for You and yearn to have You in a more intimate way, You are not coming that close. Then I think that I do not properly understand Your mind – Your desire. Otherwise surely You would come deep into the depths of my heart. Baba, alas I do not know how to satisfy You completely.

Baba, just when I think I have completely understood You, and just when I think I have truly come to know You, then with Your divine liila You shower even more of Your divine love and I become restless to get You more and more close. Baba, I feel so much love for You in my heart that my eyes constantly rain tears when I think of You. It is Your grace.

Baba, due to Your infinite compassion I have understood that only You are the Essence. You alone are the Cosmic Nucleus of this vast universe. Baba, by Your grace I have forgotten all those transitory expressions. I no longer run after the ephemeral things of this mundane world. Baba, I have accepted the greatness of Your divine liila. I understand that Your liila cannot be understood [2] Now I only think and sing: O’ Lord, please forgive me for my wrongdoing and sinful deeds by showering Your causeless grace on me.

Baba, You can only be attained through surrender and love. O’ Lord please grace me; please fill me with Your divine compassion…


[1] “Toma’ke ka’che peyeo cena’ da’y”: The central theme of the first line of this Prabhat Samgiita is expressed by this people shloka.

Baba says, “Tadiha’ntike ca: some people think, “No, Parama Purus’a is not far from me. He is quite near. He is everywhere.” In Sam’skrta, iha means
“here.” But even if you say iha or “near,” there remains a slight gap. To those who perpetually think that Parama Purus’a is very, very near to them,
He becomes so close that nothing closer can even be imagined. In such a circumstance, people realize that pashyatsvihaeva nihitam’ guha’ya’m: those
who have the vision to see, realize that He is not in the east or the west, in the north or the south, but He is lying hidden in the innermost cavity
of their minds, in their own existential “I” feelings. Hence no one should wander about searching for Him in the external world. Make your existential
“I” feeling pure and holy: if you purify your mind through virtuous deeds, through meditation and contemplation, and through kiirtana, you will be
able to realize Him.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 12)

[2] “Toma’r liila’y ha’r ma’niya’chi”: This phrase from the third stanza of the above Prabhat Samgiita is neatly represented by this below paragraph
from one of His divine discourses.

Baba says, “Surrender yourself to His will. Shake off your load of self-conceit. Lighten the burden of your life and float yourself on the waves of His will. It is He who is teaching you the sa’dhana’ in the guise of a Guru (preceptor); it is He who is strengthening your knowledge and faith in the guise of a philosopher. You are plundering His mercy in everything day and night. Go on working as a machine, leaving the doership to Him. How little can your poor intellect comprehend or analyse His unfathomable sport (liila’)! So, instead of trying to comprehend or analyse keep the bearing of that inscrutable juggler aglow before your eyes.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 4)



Baba says, “The Naming of and First Feeding of Solid Food to an Infant: When an infant is six months old (or any time between six months and one year of age), at least five members of Ananda Marga will gather together on a convenient day, and the infant will be laid before them. The a’ca’rya/a’…will recite the following verse first,..” (Caryacarya – 1, chapter 1)

In the above guideline Baba is giving the initial description about how the baby naming ceremony (ja’takarma) is to be carried out. And one key point in all of this is that the Wts should offer or suggest multiple names for the baby and then the guardians or parents will select which one they like best. This should all be done in a relaxed way in the months or weeks or days before the baby naming ceremony. But the main thing is that the final selection of the baby’s name is done by the parents / guardians. And the acarya’s duty is to provide them with a proper selection of names. This is Baba system.

Unfortunately nowadays in some cases the Wts select one name and present or even force the family to accept that name. But Baba’s rule is that the immediate family members should always be able to choose a name they like based on the suggestions of their acarya.

And Baba has graciously given such a system that many, many different names are appropriate for the baby – all depending upon the day and time of the child’d birth. So there are many options and those who are true acaryas present a wide array of name to the family.

In contrast those Wts who are fake try to impose one single name as if his choice of name is the only magical divine name for the child. Means the acarya is using the baby naming ceremony as a time to glorify his own greatness. So that is just his arrogance. Those who are reasonable and rational acaryas will always give the family a choice of name. And that is Baba’s system.


Depending upon exactly when the baby is born a wide selection of letters may be appropriate for being the starting letter of the baby’s name. In some cases 5 or even 10 options are there. And from those 5-10 letters then dozens and dozens of names can be offered. As an example here is a selection of letters that might be able to be used for selecting the child’s name.

(1) T’A, (2) T’HA, (3) D’A, (4) D’HA, (5) N’A (6) TA (7) THA (8) DA (9) DHA (10) NA ETC.

So by the numerous options, we can see that Baba’s system is quite complete and offers a wide array of selections. So no family should ever think that they have to accept any particular name. Rather they should have a choice from dozens of options. Nobody should feel stuck on this point and if any particular acarya is not being helpful on this point then simply seek the help of a different WT or family acarya– or even a senior margii.


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