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Subject: Two Types of Drunkards
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“Prabhu toma’ri liila’ tumi bojha’o…” (P.S. 271)


Baba, O’ Prabhu, Your liila is beyond my understanding, please make me understand. You are hiding in the deep core of my heart, yet You do not want to be held. This is the divine play of Your hide and seek.

Baba, when I see Your sweet charming smile, and listen to Your heart-rendering, attractive flute, then my mind floats in some divine world. Baba, please pull me more close, please grace me by pulling me closer.

O my Lord, my mind always thinks about You – again and again. In the absence of getting You, I suffer in the pain of Your longing. Even I want to forget about You, but that is impossible – I cannot forget. Instead I go on thinking about You and tears roll down from my eyes.

Baba, why have You tied me in the bond of Your love. What do You want, please tell me. Baba, I want to get You more close. Baba, please grace me by coming closer…


Here is one of Baba’s stories about drunkards.

Baba says, “Once a few drunkards were sauntering along the road towards Krishnanagar railway station from Gori at midnight. Some policemen appeared all of a sudden. The drunkards, after deliberating how to escape, stood in a line along the drain beside the road. The policemen came up and shook them, asking, ‘Why are you loitering here so late at night?’ They replied, ‘Why are you disturbing us, young men? We are innocent creatures. Are you blind? Can’t you see, we are lampposts! We never meddle in anyone’s affairs. Can’t you see the lights shining above our heads?’– The drunkards were holding torches over their heads.” (Sarkar’s English Grammar)

‘Getting drunk’ is of two types. One get physically drunk due to the over-consumption of liquor / alcohol. Then the mind ceases to function properly. That is what has happened in the above story.

A similar type of drunkenness happens in the psychic sphere. Abhiman is that type of psychic disease where one suffers from extreme vanity – where one is drunk on their own ego. This second type of drunkenness – i.e. psychic drunkenness – results in the same type of problem as in the above story: Where such drunkards lose their conscience or thinking capacity. That is why in our AM scripture, vanity (abhiman) is equated with sura’pa’n (drinking liquor).

Baba’s teaching is very meaningful for everyone. We see how those suffering from vanity behave just like one drunkard. This is all due to their extreme superiority complex. Such types of people have created innumerable problems in this world. We should be careful about this in our individual and collective life.

Altogether, such a state of mind is similar to drinking wine. That is why in this below shloka the term sura’pa’n (drinking liquor) has been used and Baba explains that vanity is like sura’pa’n.

“Abhima’nam’ sura’pa’nam’…”

Baba says, “Abhima’na has been compared with drinking: anyone who indulges in it loses his discriminating judgment, just as a drunkard does. A human is different from an animal only because he possesses viveka [faculty of discrimination] and buddhi [intellect]. And just as a drunkard gradually loses these priceless faculties, an abhima’nii also becomes bereft of them.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam -23)

Baba says, “Abhima’na is no better than drinking wine” (Subhasita Samgraha – 10)

Satyajiita Deva

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Subject: Re: Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen #5



~ Part 5 ~

(Note: This is the 5th letter in this series; links to the prior 4 letters are below. – Eds)


“[Didi] Ananda Niitimaya is quite blunt about her plans. She has the mind-set of a veritable daredevil. She is like a thief who breaks into a house and then starts singing loudly while stealing everything inside. Such a thief has no fear and wants everyone to know that he has no shame or care. Similarly, Diidiiji absolutely revels in her role. She boldly delights in the idea of diverting hundreds of kilograms of donations to her laokika home. Otherwise, how could she carry on in this way: Flaunting her ways for all to see.” (From: Re: Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen #4; posted 7/27/12)

As others have recounted, the theft of Seema Goenka’s large donation of oil by Didi Ananda Niitimaya is not an isolated incident.


Please be aware of other schemes carried out by this didi. Here is one such tactic:

First, Didi Ananda Niitimaya sets aside her good chapels (sandals) and puts on old broken ones and goes to a margii’s house. Upon seeing the horrible condition of Didiji’s chapels, those margiis feel they must do something. In their heart they feel very badly that a respected avadhutika does not have proper shoes. The family is not aware of Didu’s corrupt manner. So they insist on taking Didi to the market for new chapels. And they purchase them for her – but all along Didi already had new chapels hidden in her storage place etc.

But her scheming does not end there.

Next Didi goes to another margii’s house – again wearing those old chapels!! This family also is heart-broken seeing Didi’s condition. So they give her money to purchase new chapels when she goes to the market. Didi accepts their financial contribution and readies to visit yet another margii family wearing those same old chapels.

In this way, Didi exploits the margiis sentiment and gathers a stock of both new chapels and money. What does she do with those new chapels and financial donations? Didi Ananda Niitimaya sends them to her laokik family. Or if she has collected a whole, big bag of chapels she will sell them on the street and send the money to her worldly relations.

Here the main idea is that the majority of what she collects, she diverts to her laokik family. Didi rarely uses those donations for Ananda Marga service projects. The bulk of those collected items are either sold for a profit or given to her birth family.


Even then, that is not all. Just like the tactic she uses with for the chapels, Didiji does a similar maneuver with her clothing and garments. She hides her good clothes and intentionally wears tattered and torn gowns when she visits margiis; margiis are moved by seeing the poor condition of her dress; and they give her money to order new clothes. Why do they give her money only and not new clothes? Because ready-made clothes for our Wts are not available in the store. The Wt uniform is not commonly made; those garments are not mass-produced and sold in stores. Rather they have to special order everything and have it made. By this way, in the name of buying new clothes, Didi Ananda Niitimaya collects funds – all of which she sends to her laokik family.

So this is the way Didi schemes – and sometimes she gets caught as well, but she has no such conscience to care.


Sometimes those margiis see Didi at DMS wearing those same old chapels and dress. They inquire about this. They say, “Didiji, why are you still wearning those old chapels – what happened to those new chapels that we bought for you?” Didi Ananda Niitimaya responds by, “Unfortunately, I lost those new chapels while traveling on the train.” This is one type of common excuse that she gives – but of course it is a lie.

Because the margiis understand the truth of the matter when they see Didi’s laokik family moving around DMS with the new chapels which they themselves had purchased for Didi. Needless to say, they feel betrayed and cheated. Because they donated their hard-earned money to someone they thought was wholeheartedly dedicated to Baba’s work. With that devotional sentiment they gave Didi money and new shoes etc. So when they see Didiji’s laokik family using those donated items, it is quite disheartening.

One family remarked, “Didiji came to our house twice for chapels. We got her new chapels on both occasions. Later on we saw her [Didi Ananda Niitimaya’s] laokik family wearing those shoes. We really feel as though we were violated – it is a distinct breach of trust.”

Even then, with her thick skin, Didi Ananda Niitimaya continues on her course – never caring what others think or say.


So this is the way Didi Ananda Niitimaya carries out her schemes and this is the way she gets caught as well. But she never feels shamed or repentant. Rather she does not care at all when margiis find out; only she looks for other unsuspecting margiis to befool next time. That is her mentality and modus operendii.



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