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From: “Yuktatman Deva”
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Subject: Real Wealth: One Should Ponder, Assimilate, and Practice
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 21:59:34


Introduction: This following Prabhat Samgiita is the heart-felt expression of an above-average devotee:

“Bha’lo ba’si a’mi priya, ja’ni tumi bha’lo ba’so na’…” (1822)


Baba, even after knowing that You do not love me, still I love You. Why I love You, about that I cannot say – I do not know. Only this much I feel, that without loving You I cannot remain, I cannot survive. Without loving You, I feel unsatisfied.

The fragrant flower does not know why the black bee is strongly attracted to it. And the black bee does not know why the fragrance of the flower is calling that black bee. Similarly, in our relation, You do not understand my longing.

Baba, I have innumerable feelings of deep longing for You inside my heart – countless questions remain unanswered. Whatever little I do know about You, accordingly I go on thinking and ideating in that way. But I do not recognise You fully. So I am always searching to get You.

Baba, with clear-cut and straight language please make me understand why my heart knows no bounds and why I am always busy in searching for You. Baba, in this divine liila of Yours, please do not play games with my loving feeling towards You. Please grace me by satisfying my longing for You…



In this present era we should all consider this point on a daily basis as an important reminder for our devotional life.

Baba says, “Those who seek to attain the permanent cessation of afflictions in their lives, have no other way than to follow this path of sadhana. Imagine that a certain person had accumulated vast wealth due to his life long’s diligent labor. It may be that the person, in the days of his prosperity, was a central figure in the society. But at the end of his life he may suffered a wretched existence, bemoaning his losses in the arid desert of his heart. The reason is that the person had an insatiable thirst for material objects and never tried to identify his individual flow with the cosmic flow. On the other hand, a person living in a thatched hut may not forget Parama Purus’a even in the midst of abject poverty and never deviates from the goal of his life. Such a person’s life can never lose its charm. Every dust particle of this earth will seem to be as sweet as honey to him. Likewise, his existence will acquire the sweetness of honey.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy in Nutshell – 4, pg 290)


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