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Subject: Must Avoid This Financial Pitfall
Date: Sun 19 Aug 2012 16:38:25
From: Madhusudan Deva


“Nisha’r avsa’n halo, pu’rva’ka’she raun elo…” (P.S. 4614)


In the eastern horizon the crimson colour is clearly visible. The night has passed away; the black darkness has vanished. Now the rising sun is calling and telling everyone, ‘Open the closed doors and windows of your house. Open the door, open the door, open the door of your heart’.

Indeed the night has vanished. The bondage of dogma and narrowness has disappeared from the mind. That which was unrecognizable and unknown in the past due to the cloak of darkness, has become familiar and know in the presence of effulgence. All the expressions are part of my family feeling.

I can see now that all are brothers and sisters; whereas in the past I was thinking that they are distant – part of some other group. But now it is clear that everyone is mine. The dogmas of the mind have faded away. The birds of distant places are spreading their wings and coming close. The people who were distant in the past have become close, my own. Now in the advent of this crimson dawn, the darkness has faded away and the door of each and every house is open; each and every heart is open. There remains no dogma, no darkness, no bondage any more. A new era has come.

Now the human heart has gotten saturated with the divine love. All are feeling close to one another as kith and kin. The cimmerian darkness has faded away; Baba, by Your grace, the age of neo-humanism has come today…


Here is one special guideline to keep in mind.

Baba says, “For the celebration of a ceremony the arrangements of a social feast depends entirely on the desire and the financial position of the guardians concerned. Taking a loan or incurring a debt for this purpose is forbidden.” (Caryacarya – 1, p. 4)

This point is related with all kinds of social functions in our Ananda Marga. Because of their misundertanding, some are finding it difficult to follow this important rule. In that case people unnecessarily take loans, go into debt, and suffer terribly, even for the rest of their life.

And not just for social functions, some go into debt due to excessive, individual expenditure – and this goes wholly against our moral code.

Baba says, “It is often noticed that individuals incur debt because of their violating the principles of yama and niyama, especially due to their extravagance…To purchase, by incurring debt, serge where tweed will do, or gaberdine where serge will do, is surely against the principle of aparigraha.” (Guide to Human Conduct – How to Live in Society)

Going into debt due to indulgence then is strictly forbidden in our Marga.

Furthermore, in numerous discourses, Baba has given the specific mandate that living without any debt is the key to leading a happy life.

Unfortunately, this ailment, or social evil, of purchasing on credit or taking a loan is more or less present in each and every nook and corner of this globe – especially where capitalism is in vogue and materialism reigns supreme. Where people run after materials riches, there is debt.

For example some indulge in extravagantly dining with their friends in hotels or restaurants; some are sunk in purchasing automobiles or houses that are beyond their means; and countless other cases spend above and beyond what they can afford on a day-to-day basis- usually due to temptation. But this approach must be condemned: Taking loans and going into debt due to greed or indisciplined spending is not at all good.

So we should all bear this key guideline from Baba in mind.



In our Ananda Marga way of thinking, there are only a few occasions where one may take loans:

(1) In individual life after consulting with a revered acarya, unit secrtary or other responsible person(S) in the Marga. For instance, if one needs to buy a house then they must consult with their acarya or a responsible Ananda Margii. Only after rational review should that loan be taken.

(2) In business life, but only to expand production and not for any superficial reason or extravagance.

Baba says, “Economics teaches that loans taken for business investment should always be utilized for productive purposes, and should never be utilized in any unproductive venture.” (Proutist Economics)

Thus only under these stipulated conditions should one consider taking a loan – otherwise not.

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