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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 20:06:11 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Mishra
Subject: Gay Wt’s


== GAY WT’S ==


“So if someone by birth has attraction for the same sex, they can be an Ananda Margii so long as they do not engage in sexual relations with the same sex. Because no matter what, that sexual interaction will not be for procreation. Those of the same sex cannot produce children. So if one has attraction for the same sex, they must refrain from sexual activity and divert the mind toward Parama Purusa. Just as unmarried margiis who have attraction for the opposite sex must refrain from sexual activity and goad their thought to the Supreme; or just as widowers or divorcees must overcome their attraction for the opposite sex and refrain from sexual activity by diverting their mind toward Parama Purusa; or just as those who take the vow to remain celibate refrain from sexual engagement by ensconcing their mind in dhyana sadhana. Because in Ananda Marga sex is not for enjoyment or bliss as materialists believe; rather, in our Ananda Marga, sex is only for procreation.” (Subject: Those Confused About Gay, posted: 7/29/12)

Unfortunately a few of our Dadas are not living up to this standard. Specifically, there are two Wts that come to mind: Dada R and Dada H.

(Note: Throughout this letter I will refer to them as Dada R & Dada H; those who want to know their full avadhuta names can read note 1 at the bottom of this letter.)


Here then are some of the points about Dada R & Dada H:

1) They themselves are gay lovers with each other. And as we all know, our wts and avadhutas are not to engage in sexual relations – of any kind. Baba has strictly forbidden this.

Baba says, “You will protect yourself from sexual weakness and luxury.” (WT Conduct Rules: Fourteen Points, pt #12)

So their homosexual dealings are a contravention of our Ananda Marga conduct rules. There is no doubt about it.

2) Recently, these two Dadas were caught red-handed while involved in homosexual activity in Patna; so they were temporarily sent back to WT training centre as punishment.

3) Not only are Dada R and Dada H gay lovers, but they are both suspected pedophiles, i.e. they are inclined towards young boys.


4) Recently, Dada Hariyuktananda (Note: This is not the Dada H being referred to in this letter) brought some of his children’s home boys to Ananda Nagar. While they were there, Dada R and Dada H took the charge of overseeing those small kids. They voluntarily took the duty to bath and stay with those young boys. Those two Dadas were spotted taking those young boys for bathing every day in a remote part of Ananda Nagar. They would stay with those young boys day-long, throughout all their activities: bathing, dressing, walking, talking, eating, playing etc. Our duty now is to interview those kids and find out if they were inappropriately touched or not. This matter must be addressed immediately.


5) Still today, both Dada R and Dada H are involved in, at minimum, three basic areas of sexual misconduct:
(a) Together they watch blue (naked) movies on their mobile;
(b) They are still involved in homosexual dealings with each other;
(c) They are both still suspected pedophiles.

6) Some readers may be wondering why Centre allows Dada R and Dada H to continue as Wts. The answer is straight-forward mathematics. It is simply a numbers game. Centre is in need of workers – i.e. almost anyone willing to wear the uniform. That is why Centre overlooks such blatant misconduct. On this matter, be sure to read note 2 that offers an overview of our Wt cadre.


7) As we know, most of our Wts are well-intentioned, pious sadhakas. Most want to serve Guru and spread His ideals. Dadas like R & H are mere bad apples amongst a good lot. They are aberrations. Nonetheless, such Dadas of loose character and suspected pedophiles will do much harm if they are not checked. A thorough examination and conduct review must be done of such acaryas.



In the above letter, Dada R refers to Ac Ragatiitananda Avt, and Dada H refers to Ac Hiteshananda Avt. These are the two avadhutas involved in all the aforementioned behaviours like homosexuality with each other, watching sex movies, and suspected acts of pedophilia.



Some may be wondering or even astonished by how such Dadas became Wts in the first place – but really it is not all that surprising. Whenever anyone in the regular society has a desire to do something good for humanity, then they might join our AM wt cadre – but that does not mean they are wholly free of other defects. It does not mean that they will lead a charmed and perfect existence. It means that somewhere in their mind they have the desire to do something great.

Think of it this way. So many from the general society enter the ranks of the police, military, or fire department. And once they join then they are bound to follow all related codes of conduct. Some follow and gain success; and some fall and are subject to disciplinary measures etc. That is the way it works. Just because they joined the police force or the fire department is no guarantee that their conduct will then perfectly reflect the code of discipline of the police or fire department. It only means that somewhere in their mind they had a desire to do that type of work. The police agents must follow their code of discipline; if they start engaging in robberies and committing theft, they will be disciplined and taken to task according to departmental rules and regulations.

Same is the case then with those who enter the ranks of Wt life. Our workers come from the general society; they are not second gods who descended from heaven. They are normal people trying to become godly; they are trying to become sadvipras – just like every Ananda Margii. Just because Dadas are in uniform does not mean that indeed they are already second gods – far from it. Our workers come from the general society and are by definition burdened by all kinds of dogmas and weaknesses. If any of our workers fall from the code of conduct and indulges in sexual dealings, then they will be charge-sheeted and disciplinary action will be taken. No doubt, many high-calibre people become AM monks and nuns. At the same time we must understand that not all are like that: Both good and bad people become Wts. That is the way it goes.

Furthermore, we cannot check this flow. There will always be an in-flow of people into AM: Some good and some bad. Any organisation will die if there is not a constant in-flux of new members. Accordingly, the standard of new members will vary. No matter how much pre-screening we attempt to do – always there will be a range: Good and bad. By Baba’s grace those of lesser quality can become stellar by adhering to Sixteen Points. That is also the beauty of our Ananda Marga. At the same time other workers will be prone to fall.

We should adjust our perspective accordingly. We should not think that every WT is by definition a divine being and veritable god. It is not like that. They are normal human beings who may sometimes fail – it happens. And when they do, then disciplinary measures are in order.

The main issue is that nowadays due to an overall shortage of workers and due to groupist politics, those at the helm are not reprimanding those involved in wrongdoing. This has two negative outcomes. First, those bad apples continue on in their degraded ways and cause a lot of harm; secondly, their behaviour reflects poorly on those good, dedicated Wts. So it is a double loss.

In conclusion, our workers come from the general society and represent a wide-range of goodness and badness. Depending upon how sincere they are in adhering to sadhana practices and AM conduct rules, the more (or less) their good qualities will shine forth. So we should always be ready and always be vigilant. Those not up to the standard must be pointed out and rectified. Then our Marga can grow strong and our acarya cadre will continually improve.


“Toma’re smariya’ supath dhariya’ kariya’ ya’bo a’mi toma’ri ka’j…” (P.S. 2181)


Baba remembering You, I will move on the righteous path. By this way I will go on serving You – fulfilling Your desire. O’ the dearmost Jewel of my mind, by Your grace always I will move towards You – forgetting the past, removing the staticity, and avoiding all sorts of dogma.

By Your grace, with the stroke of my feet, I will crush my selfishness. And, by Your grace, I will look towards everyone’s needs and requirements. I will engage myself in everyone’s service. Everyone’s happiness is my happiness. This very idea I will contemplate in a new way from today onwards.

Baba, by Your grace, and thinking about Your love, Your greatness, & ideating on You – I will become one with You. All my narrowness will be destroyed and my whole existence will be transformed into vastness, by Your grace.

Baba, with Your divine touch, my whole existence will be vibrated in ecstasy. You will graciously qualify me according to Your liking & I will be transformed into that. By this way, I will serve You according to Your desire. That is your special blessing…

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