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Date: 24 Aug 2012 21:41:33 -0000
From: Liilamaya@artec….
Subject: Materialism is not the Panacea


“Ke go tumi ele man ma’ta’te manorathe…” (PS 412)


O’ Divine Entity, on this auspicious morning You have come and stirred my consciousness. You have come on a mental chariot and divinely intoxicated my mind. O’ Baba, You are so gracious, please tell me Who You are. O’ Gracious One, please grace me by revealing Yourself fully.

O’ Supreme One, You have come moving along the path of effulgence. You have taken away everyone’s unit feelings and removed their personal desire. You satiated their heart and mind by pouring Your infinite cosmic bliss.

O’ Baba, You have reached me by moving long the path of melody and tune. Baba, by Your grace You have taken away everyone’s unit rhythm and infused everyone by pouring Your divine cadence. You have come to sing the divine song to everyone and satiate their heart.

Baba, with Your divine song You have inundated the entire universe; You are ever-gracious…


Baba’s following message is more pertinent for this present age.

Baba says, “Those who believe that the pursuit of crude matter is the path leading to the cessation of misery, and thus remain oblivious of Him, are entirely mistaken.” (Ananda Marga Ideology & Way of Life – 7)

In their confused state of mind, some ordinary human beings think that achieving some worldly status and collecting some material wealth will give them bliss and solve all their problems. But, in truth, by this course of action they only plunge themselves deeper and deeper into troubles and torments. This continues on and on until they finally understand the above guideline of Sadguru. That is why in Ananda Sutram it is said:

2-5 Tasminnupalabdhe parama’ trs’n’a’nivrttih.

[That (Brahma) having been attained, all thirst is permanently quenched.]

“Purport: There is in the living being a thirst for limitlessness. It is not possible for limited objects to quench one’s thirst. Brahma is the only limitless entity, and so establishment in Brahma’s bearing alone puts an end to all thirsts or cravings.” (Ananda Sutram)

Certainly most sadhakas are well aware about Baba’s above guidelines but because of being under the spell of avidya maya some forget them most of the time. We should all be vigilant and honest on this matter and do self-analysis regularly. Then, by His grace, we can keep on the proper path of true spirituality.


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