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Date: 25 Aug 2012 21:08:39 -0000
From: “Nandini”
Subject: WT Steals Public Funds #6



(Note: The first five (5) letters of this series was titled, “Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen”. Links to those letters have been appended below. For greater clarity the new title of this thread is: “Wt Steals Public Funds”. – Eds)

“Here the main idea is that the majority of what Didi Ananda Niitimaya collects, she diverts to her laokik family. Didi rarely uses those donations for Ananda Marga service projects. The bulk of those collected items are either sold for a profit or given to her birth family.” (From: Re: Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen #5; posted 8/17/12)


Just the other day, Didi Ananda Niitimaya emerged and declared on email to one and all that she is not guilty of any wrongdoing and that: “I will hang myself in front of public” if the allegations are true.

Little does she know that her claim of innocence is no different from one jackal that proclaims not to have eaten the cream in the kitchen, when the cream itself is all over its face.


In her public email of 22 Aug 2012, Didi Ananda Niitimaya writes glowingly of her brother-in-law:

“My brother in law is a A class officer in State Bank of India in Bhavanipatna, Kalahandi Dist.” (written by Didi Ananda Niitimaya, 22/08/12)

Such is the way in which this avadhutika speaks about her worldly relations and laokik family members.

However, Baba’s given mandate is:

“No relationship should exist with worldly family.” (32 Rules for Avadhutikas, point #9)

Yet Didi is openly telling all kinds of details about her laokik family to one and all on the email. Not only that, it is well known that she spends more time at her loakik and ancestral home than at her organisational posting. Didiji is the Medical Dpt Global in Ranchi, yet passes her days with her worldly family.

And when Didiji is doing “organisational work” then that time is spent sorting through donations intended for our universal human family, and diverting the best things to her laokik home. This is the common fact – you can confirm this with anyone in the Sambalpur area. They all know this Didiji is trustless. Didiji spends huge amounts of time in Ambika Nagar (Sambalpur) in the house of her brother-in-law, and everyone sees what she does, i.e. diverts edible oil, clothes, shoes, blankets, cash and more to her worldly family.


Even then Didi Ananda Niitimaya made a public denial of all this. Yet everyone knows that her main interest is for her laokik family, not society or the universal humanity. For wts, however, there should be but one family – the universal family, not any worldly family.

Baba says, “Householders have to care for two families whereas the renunciates have to care for only one. The householders’ two families are their own small family consisting of father, mother, brothers, sisters, husband or wife, sons, daughters, etc. and the larger human family, that is, the entire universe. The householders will have to maintain a balance between both these families…Sannyasins do not have a small family of their own – their family is the entire universe.” (A Few Problems Solved – 4, Let History be Rewritten)

In her manner, Didi Ananda Niitimaya is talking as if she herself is family person not a sannyasi. See here again what she has written.

“My brother in law is a A class officer in State Bank of India in Bhavanipatna, Kalahandi Dist.” (written by Didi Ananda Niitimaya, 22/08/12)

Indeed her thinking, speech, and outlook are just like a family person – not a sannyasi. In Didiji’s subconscious mind she does not believe that she has only one family – the universal family. Rather Didi Ananda Niitimaya is 100% sentimentally attached with her mundane, worldly family. Didi’s expression is itself proof that she wholeheartedly supports her worldly relations and willingly diverts funds to them.

She can deny this to her grave, but her status of mind is quite apparent. She is veritably wedded to her laokik relations. She can and will do anything and everything for them, at the cost of the sanctity of her wt ship. Such is her deep attachment for her laokik family. She is not a true Wt – not by any stretch of the imagination.


Finally, when asked about her public denial, one close person replied, “Didi Ananda Niitimaya’s denial is meaningless – this Didi has no shame – she can steal from under your nose and then deny it in front of your face – this is her way.”

Let us remember that the aim here is to help Didi Ananda Niitimayaji improve. Our organisation needs committed cadres. So the goal then is for her to overcome her shortcomings and remain in the ranks, and not behave as a social deviant. It will be the best news if Didiji is able to make the shift.

Nandini Behara


The aforementioned case is not an isolated incident – many more Wts are involved in similar financial messes. Gradually news of these other cases will be presented for public knowledge and review. But, at the same time, we should all remember not all wholetimers are thieves. There are many great Dadas and Didis who are doing dharmic work. With their strong efforts, many aspects and wings of the organisation are moving ahead in a very positive manner. Really it is just a comparatively few number of cheating wts that are hiding under the virtue of those good wts. Step by step, each of these fraudulent wts needs to be uncovered for all to see. This will be done in a systematic fashion to help bring integrity and honesty back as the pillars of AMPS life.


We should all be critically aware of the WT conduct rules related with black money.

“No worker can keep unaccounted money (black money) with him.” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1a)

“Each worker will separately maintain the clear account of receipt and expenditure of his personal allowance and organizational money.” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1b)

And there are more rules…


(Note: The first five (5) letters of this series was titled, “Goenka’s Oil Was Stolen”. Links to those letters
have been appended below. For greater clarity the new title of this thread is: “Wt Steals Public Funds”. – Eds)

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“He vishvajit he sarvabhrt namo namo namo namo…” (PS 4935)


O’ Lord, You are omnipotent and omnipresent. O’ Vishvajit [1], O’ Sarvabhrt [2], with full reverence, I humbly pay my salutations to You again and again – thousands of times. Baba, O’ Virat [3], O’ Anupam [4], in Your divine way You go on swinging from the tiniest blade of grass up to Brahma the Creator – everywhere.

Baba, by Your grace You have sent me here on this earth to do Your work, to serve You, to please You – not just to waste my time in vain and lethargy. Baba, You have blessed me and sent me here so that each and every moment I should strengthen my vivek – so that by Your grace I can determine what is right and what is wrong, and follow the path of divinity. But that I did not do. O’ Baba, please be gracious and pardon me for this very blunder.

Baba, by Your grace I have understood why I have come onto this earth. And, by Your grace, I am searching You in the deep core of my heart. O’ my dearmost Icchamaya [5], I want to hold You in my lowly mind, eternally.

Baba, please be gracious and accept my prostration– sastaunga pranam…


[1] Vishvajit: This is one of the countless names of Parama Purusa. In this role He is executing His divine quality as ‘Controller of the Universe’.

[2] Sarvabhrt: Of His infinite attributions one of His heavenly characteristics is that of Supreme Helper. So it is in His role of Sarvhbhrt that He is the Helper of everyone– lovingly guiding all to progress in every sphere of life.

[3] Virat: Another of His innumerable epithets is that of Virat– the Greatest One who is absolutley boundless.

Baba says, “Anything big but having boundary lines is known as visha’la in Sanskrit; and anything big having no boundary lines is known as vira’t’a in Sanskrit. Parama Purus’a is vira’t’a, but this universe is visha’la, not vira’t’a.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 21, ‘Unit Spirit, Cosmic Spirit’)

[4] Anupam: In His role of Anupam He is the Incomparable One – He who is beyond all comparisons: Anupam tava caran’ phele.

Baba says, “When a bhakta begins to analyse Him, he finds that He is unique in gandha tanma’tra. He is extraordinary in rasa tanma’tra. He is unparalleled in ru’pa tanma’tra and He is exquisitely sweet in the softness of sparsha tanma’tra. Regarding shabda tanma’tra, the sound of His flute is beeyond our capacity to comprehend. Being overwhelmed by the musical resonance, devotees exclaim: Anupam tava caran’ phele.” (NKS, Disc 25)

[5] Icchmaya: (‘Iccha’ means ‘will power’; and ‘maya’ means ‘composed of’.) This is one of the names of Parama Purusa becuase He is made out of His own desire to create Himself. And accordingly He does whatever He wants.

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