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Subject: Baba Story: Caring For Animals



In 1988, during a WT reporting session for Kolkata region, Baba pointed out one worker: “After drinking coconut water why did you throw the coconut shell on somebody who was also eating?”

The Wt was shocked to hear this and wondered how could this be.

Baba reminded him of the situation: “A few days ago you were drinking coconut water. When you were done, then you carelessly threw that heavy green coconut towards the side of the road without looking to see who was there. That heavy coconut fell on one dog that was eating beside the road. But you did not care that the dog was hurt. The dog ran away crying.”

Hearing Baba’s narration, the entire scene flashed in the mind of that wt and he felt felt ashamed for what he had done. Baba rebuked him and the dada’s punishment was to beg apology by touching the feet of all the wts present. Then he promised never to commit such a sin ever again and to be kind to all creatures.




As sadhakas, we must have love and affection for the entire creation. We should be careful and respectful towards all beings. We must not hurt others, whether they be a human being, animal or plant.


When one makes a mistake and feels repentance for their wrongdoing then Baba forgives their mistake because the person understands the problem and will not commit that same wrong in the future.

But when a person commits a mistake and (a) is unaware about their wrongdoing, or (b) thinks the mistake is justified because “I have a special status”, or (c) knows it is wrong but does it anyway as he thinks no one sees or knows about it, then in all those cases Baba will certainly point out, rebuke, or punish that person in order to rectify them.

The central idea is that if one has committed a mistake and has repentance then Baba forgives the matter.



Generally speaking, if a common person behaves in accordance with the accepted social norms they are not punished by society; however, they are creating samskaras and in due course will have to face the reaction.

For instance, if a person eats meat in a country where meat-eating is the norm, they will not be blamed or punished for their action by society, but they will have to face the repercussion and experience that samskara. So while the society will not hold them accountable, prakrti certainly will.

Similarly if a person engages in pre-marital sex when the whole society is doing the same, then once again that person will not be punished by society, but that individual will undergo the reaction of their misdeed.

It is just like when the white slave owners were abusing and torturing blacks in the US, then they were not punished by society because in that era slavery was legal, but certainly those slave masters created negative samskaras and had to undergo the reaction(s).

Here the point is that even though society accepts an action as acceptable or proper, that does not mean one will not have to undergo the reaction to that action. That person will have to face their samskaras – sooner or later. There is no escape.

We can also say that Ananda Margiis will experience (or burn) their samskaras far more quickly than non-margiis. Because in this very life every Ananda Margii is going to be granted mukti or moksa, by His grace. So in this life itself every Ananda Margii will have to undergo all their samskaras.

Story of Satyam’s Untimely Death

For instance, if any Ananda Margii (dada, didi or family person) eats meat then they are culpable by our AM standards and in addition they will invite all kinds of problems and suffering. Those following a sentient diet will get blood dysentery if they eat tamasik food like meat – and some may even die. I can never forget the story of Karuna Karan – the brother of Satyam. They lived together next to the Ranchi jagrti. One day, when he was 25 years of age, Karuna Karan attended a marriage reception and feast and he ate meat. In reaction, he suffered from terrible dysentery and ultimately met his tragic and untimely death. Our margii brother experienced the reaction very quickly; in contrast, many non-margiis ate meat at that reception and were totally fine. They had to wait to experience the reaction as their progress is very slow and they will be reborn again and again.

The whole situation can be likened to this analogy.

Urinating Dog Analogy

Suppose one dog enters your bedroom and urinates in one bowl or on the bed itself, then you will notice it immediately. But if that same dog urinates outside under the tree, then if will not be evident. Here the point is that if a sentient sadhaka of the Marga indulges in illicit or crude activities, then that will pollute their entire personality. And very quickly they will suffer the reaction. In contrast, if someone living a degrading existence does something bad – or if a drunkard has another drink – then they will certainly have to undergo the reaction, but it may occur over a long period of time – even lifetimes, as they are not on the spiritual path.

Must Burn All Samskaras In This Life

In this single lifetime, every Ananda Margii must exhaust all their samskaras – good and bad. For a sadhaka to plunge into lustful or illicit sexual dealings there is no benefit for humanity. It is purely selfish indulgence. Thus the sadhaka must undergo the negative reaction in the form of venereal disease, or other sexually transmitted diseases, or humiliation etc. There is no way to prolong or escape the reaction. Whereas non-margiis will experience the reaction – over time – in due course, over several lifetimes or more.

The point being that Ananda Margiis are the vanguards of a neo-humanistic social order. By Baba’s grace we have been blessed with all His teachings on dharma. So we cannot just abandon His guidelines and follow common social trends. The consequences for that will have to be experienced. Because in this very life, every Ananda Margii will have to exhaust all their samskaras and get moksa.

How It Relates With Above Story

In the above story, the dada was negligent in his dealing with one street dog. In India, street dogs are not treated well; everyone kicks them and pushes them around. Thus the dada’s action did not contravene the social norm of the day, but he did fail to live up to our AM code of neo-humanism. For that reason he had to undergo the reaction. Baba pointed out his misdeed and graciously removed that samskara.

No Ananda Margii can say or think that, “Well, this is done in the general society so I can also do that.” This is the wrong outlook. We always have to live up to our AM standard, not any other. This applies to each and every conduct rule and guideline. Otherwise we will have to undergo the reaction in this very life itself – whereas non-margiis committing those same acts will be reborn again and again – so they will face the reactions slowly over time.


“Toma’y a’ma’y pratham dekha’ kon se atiite…” (PS 1544)


Baba, You are so gracious, You and I first met long ago in the hoary past. But this intimate gathering of ours is not written about in the pages of history, nor in the books mathematics. It is not mentioned anywhere, nor is there any record of it. Only You and I know.

Baba, our closeness is not drawn in geometry, and it is not written in pen. Indeed, there is no brush mark or painting related with our first meeting anywhere in this expressed universe. Nay, there is no carving, sculpture, or drawing that describes our intimacy.

By Your infinite compassion, we are so close. Whenever I went away and got lost in the crudity of maya, You graciously lifted me with Your divine music and sweet rhythms and held me tightly in the deep recesses of Your heart. Baba, You never left me all alone. By Your causeless grace, I am in Your eternal shelter.

Baba, You are my eternal companion. I surrender to You– at Your lotus feet…

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