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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 20:21:49 -0000
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Subject: Unruly Free Mixing between Males and Females?


“Esechile tumi pra’n’e mane, toma’y ceyechilum a’mi mor jiivane…” (PS 2341)


Baba, I had the deep yearning in my mind to have You close – to always keep You along with me in my life. Baba, You graced me and came in my heart
and mind, and inundated my whole existence with Your divine love.

Baba, You know how to love and with Your love You satiate the heart. Your love is incomparable. Except You nobody knows how to love. Baba, for the dry-desert heart, You are the effulgence of Love – Love Personified. You satiate the heart of the devotees with Your boundless love.

Baba, You go on immensely showering Your causeless grace without telling anyone. One need not ask anything from You. You shower Your grace
abundantly day and night, ceaselessly.

Baba, You are so gracious; You live in my heart. You do not remain distant. But due to my ignorance and the stains of my mind, I do not see You within.
Rather I think that You are distant and far, far away.

Baba, You have saturated my whole existence with Your divine being. Despite this cosmic truth, I do not always remember You; nor do I contemplate this eternal knowledge in my mind. Baba, my eyes are covered with the fog of spiritual ignorance so I do not feel and realise the divine truth that I am within You.

Baba, please grace me by always keeping me at Your lotus feet…


This following teaching is most appropriate for the present-day humanity.

Baba says, “It does not require the harnessing of any elaborate logic or reasoning to convince people that the final outcome of permissiveness is
not healthy. But it is also true that the result of free mixing in society, without self-control, is bad…Hence, along with the recognition of the freedom of the two sexes, a well-judged code of self-control will also have to be associated with their mutual mixing.” (Human Society – 1, p.35)

In His above teaching, Baba has given the dharmic code for how and when males and females may socialize.

Remembering that all females are the mothers of males, all women – irregardless of their age – are to be looked upon with utmost respect and reverence. At the same time males must be ever-ready to lend their physical strength to protect and uphold the prestige of women. These are some of the basic points.

Baba says, “Men and women are human beings having equal dignity. As the physical strength of women is less than that of men, the latter should always endeavour to save the prestige of women. As the mothers of men, women can claim this much as a right. Special attention should be paid to the comforts of women during festivals, at spiritual conferences, and on other occasions. (Caryacarya, Part 1: Social Relationship between Men and Women)

Needless to say loose gossiping between the sexes is not at all appreciated or supported by Baba’s teachings.

Baba says, ‘When necessary, men and women can mix together, sit next to one another and participate in meetings and conferences, but they should not engage in gossip as its results are not beneficial. It should be remembered that a woman’s friend is a woman and a man’s friend is a man. The more distant the relationship between men and women, the greater should be the courtesy maintained in mutual conversation and behaviour between them.” (Caryacarya, Part 1: Social Relationship between Men and Women)

Unfortunately still this loose or casual way of dealing is evident in various sectors of our AM society – and it seems to be spreading. Unmarried males & females are living together and carrying on relations and sometimes even producing children out of wedlock. And even at our retreats this looseness between the sexes is clearly evident. Even our Wt acaryas are guilty of this to some or more degree. They know who they are. Perhaps the worst aspect being that it is rampant amongst our youths – 13-18 year olds.

So all around this is a point of awareness. Because promiscuity is the undoing of any society. Now is the time we should rise to the occasion and step by step work to instill Baba’s dharmic guidelines on this important aspect of life. This will be beneficial to all – and provide a positive example for the society at large.


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