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From: Mohammed GHR
Date: Tue 11 Sep 2012 21:31:58
Subject: Re: So-Called Mahaprayan Came From Islam #3



~ Part 3 ~

(Note: This is the third letter in this series. Links the first-two letters on this topic have been pasted below. – Eds)



“Now compare both: The tomb worship in Ajmer and in Kolkata.

They (1) both have tomb worships; (2) both are 6-day programs of chanting and kiirtan; (3) both offer free shraddha food; (4) both are annual gatherings; (5) both entail requesting boons; and much more.

Plus in both observances, the worshipers think a great saint died. The dire irony of course is that one of these programs is related with a human being; and, humans do die. Whereas, the other – i.e. so-called mahaprayan – is related with Parama Purusa; and, Parama Purusa never dies.

So although Parama Purusa does not die, but those attending so-called mahaprayan think He has died. Thus, this point is similar in both programmes, since those at so-called mahaprayan feel He is gone forever.

The Muslim saint died and those followers think he died – so that is fine. With regards to Baba, the Parama Purusa incarnate, He did not die but so-called mahaprayan participants think He died. So from the participants’ perspective it is 100% same. Both are death ceremonies. Both are ceremonies where people mourn and cry.

Thus, the Islamic programme in Ajmer and the so-called mahaprayan programme in Tiljala are strikingly similar. The latter (Tiljala mahaprayan) is an exact copy of the former (Islamic tomb worship in Ajmer). ” (So-Called Mahaprayan Came From Islam, posted Sep 08, 2012)

Yes, that makes sense and I think they got inspiration to start their “mahaprayan” (MPD) program by copying the Sufi-Muslim dogma.


Here following is one new point.

The Muslim monk was called “Baba of Ajmer” or just plain “Baba” for short; and, they were paying reverence to their spiritual leader by making their tomb worship etc. By this way they attracted countless visitors and devotees – as well as lots of donations.

Seeing all this, Sarvatmanandji might have thought that if, “We create a tomb for our Baba that will also attract large numbers of margii devotees from around the globe and Tiljala / Kolkata will become the epicenter of AM. That will be best the best outcome for all in-charges & WTs of this event. That will be ongoing benefit for ages and ages.”

Sarvatmananda also may have thought it would “enhance our prestige in all kinds of ways.”

With this mind-set, the so-called mahaprayan program was born by copying the Islamic tomb worship dogma.

Again the Muslims call their leader “Baba”, give respect, and made a tomb worship program. The inventors of Mahaprayan thought that: “A similar methodology will be best suited for us. That is what we have to do.” That was decided in October of 1990.

They furthermore thought, “By this way, all out problems will be solved:
1. Tiljala will be the epicenter;
2. All our monetary struggles will be solved forever;
3. Our prestige will be unchallengeable; no place will have such a holy tomb like Kolkata.”

“This is an all around victory and a win-win situation.”

With this motive Dada Sarvatmananda ordered all to follow a program which he himself copied from the Islamic Sufi tradition. Now in Ananda Marga, that is what called: Mahaprayan Divas (MPD). Yet all along the “inspiration” behind this program came from
holy Muslim pilgrimage, i.e. “Baba of Ajmer.”

Sarvatmanandji also considered: “In the eastern part of India the people do not know so much about the Islamic tomb worship in Ajmer (Rajasthan), so most will not know that we copied it from them. They will think it will be a new idea and we will give it a Sanskrit name. And in due course it will be firmly established.”


Although I wrote all of the above, I feel happy because since I was born into an Islamic family – and then became margii later on – by this angle of vision I feel this is all fine.

After all, already many Hindu dogmas have been accepted in Ananda Marga, so bringing one from Islam is ok. You may think this tomb worship is dogma, but for me as margii from an Islamic background it is fine.

It is also good for pracar. At present, I am trying to convince my parents not to go anymore to Ajmer for Urs, rather they should come to Tiljala. At mahaprayan, they will not be surprised as it is quite similar to Islamic Tomb worship. This is a great way to introduce muslims into AM.



#1: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/09/so-called-mahaprayan-came-from-islam.html

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“Su’rya ut’heche, tamah na’shiya’che a’ka’sh heseche…” (P.S. #497)


Baba, by Your divine grace the crimson dawn is rising up. The cimmerian darkness has been wiped away. Now the colorful sky is smiling. The accumulated negativity and sins of hundreds of ages have vanished due to the dharmic vibration of Your divine effulgence.

Baba, in the ocean of effulgence, the tornado has come. All the staticity has vanished into the oblivion. O’ Parama Purusa-Effulgence Personified, the Controller of everything – by seeing Your liila, all the dark entities have hidden their faces. All the shadows of darkness have become lost in Your divine effulgence. The sky which was filled with blackness has now turned into a resplendent deep blue color.

Baba, You are the embodiment of dharma. By seeing Your divine effulgence, the negative forces have become scared. All the injustices, & all the negative dealings, & all the nasty conducts are trembling with fear. Baba, the new dawn is fast approaching; the darkness is fading away. The whole universe is smiling in Your crimson color. Baba, this grand transformation is happening due to Your divine grace. Baba, You are so gracious…

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